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Total Yellowstone
Buffalo Killed
Since 1985
(past counts)

Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Bison Art, Poetry, & Thoughts
by Buffalo Field Campaign Volunteers
Buffalo Field Campaign has had over 2,500 volunteers come to the Yellowstone Area and help document the slaughter of the Yellowstone Buffalo. Here are some of the art and thoughts BFC has collected over the years. Please send us your thoughts (buffaloatwildrockies.org) and we would be glad to post them. Thanks to all who have contributed.

WHO WEARS THE PANTS IN MONTANA? Wild bison and the Orwellian state, by Kathleen Stachowski 02/11

Josh Osher letter to Dr. Rankin, Montana State Veterinarian 4/10/07

EARTH IN MOTION  by Monica RavenHeart March 2007, What the bison are teaching us

This Summer, Don't Forget About the Buffalo by Dru Dixon 6/01/06

Letter to the Editor by Monica RavenHeart Livingston Enterprise 3/27/06

Song- White Buffalo by the Pole Cats

Vote Against the Slaughter: Boycott Montana Beef by Scott Frazier, 2/27/06

A poem
by Roman Sanchez 1/17/06

Dr Janez Drnovsek about vegetarianism and animal rights January 2006

Prairie dog and buffalo- by Diane Morton, 12/19/05

Lessons Learned From Wild Bison by Kathleen Stachowski, 6/24/05

Honoring Mothers, Human and Wild by Kathleen Stachowski 5/05/05

The Passing of the Buffalo by Japhy Ryder Sanchez, age 8 1/2 4/29/05

Fear and Loathing in Montana by John Potter 4/28/05

Letter to Governor Schweitzer by Vicky Millspaugh 4/27/05

Reflections from the Field- Roman Sanchez 4/26/05

Earth Day 4/22/05 in Honor of Phil Morton 1945-2003

February 23, 2005 by Natalie Schafrath

Earth Continuum - Ongoing by Natalie Schafrath

Why am I here by Roman Sanchez

A Hopeful Spring Story from Yellowstone by Roman Sanchez

Buffalo by Lynda "Spiritdove" Imburgia

Deadly Cycles of Yellowstoned Buffalo by Gael Muramoto

Horse Butte Free State by Rain Wolf

I Walk Across this Land by Skyhawk

Just Yesterday by Anita Martin

Letter form Dave Colavito

Letter from Dee

Letter from Marilyn Dinger- 4/1/05

Letter from John Katz

Letter from Jason Johnson

Letter from Kristin M.

Letter from Michelle Melton

Letter to President Bill Clinton- From Rosalie Little Thunder, Lakota

Macedonian Newspaper Story 1997

Osiyo, I do very much love the Buffalo by Delores Ward

Porcupine Feeling the Spikes of Capitol Hill Quill by Blue T

Rosalie Little Thunder responds to the Church Unviversal Triumphant

The Sacred Buffalo & Native Americans by Rosalie Little Thunder

Tatanka by ErthAvengr

Tatanka (Bull Buffalo) by Del "Abe" Jones

Buffalo Field Campaign West Yellowstone Montana
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