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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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6/23/04- Cubin backs bison slaughter by Jim Stanford, jhZone

5/06/04- Poll Reveals Widespread Opposition to Slaughter of Yellowstone Bison, Humane Society of the United States

4/02/04- Park prepares bison vaccination plan, By Jennifer McKee, Billings Gazette

4/01/04- Bozeman Daily Chronicle Op Ed by Paul Griffin

3/27/04- Battling Brucellosis: Park Officials pin their hopes on Bison vaccination program, by MIKE STARK, Billings Gazette

3/27/04- Management saps wildness from Yellowstone's Bison- Billings Gazette Op Ed, by Greg Gordon

3/26/04- Buffalo Kill To Control Disease Questioned Environmental Groups Dispute Risk to Cattle By Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post Staff Writer

3/25/04- Buffalo on public land should be managed as wildlife
Bozeman Daily Chronicle Op Ed by Joe Gutkoski

3/24/04- Poison gas kills five bison in Yellowstone
By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer

3/24/04- No room to roam for bison In Yellowstone National Park,
rangers round up a national icon in controversial slaughter program.

Jackson Hole News & Guide, By Rebecca Huntington

3/23/04- Urge agencies to stop bison slaughter
By Gail Richardson, Op Ed- Bozeman Daily Chronicle

3/23/04- Another 50 bison sent to slaughter
By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer

3/19/04- Spend bison slaughter money on real solution
by Glenn Hockett, Op Ed- Bozeman Daily Chronicle

3/18/04- Purchase of CUT land never meant to solve bison/cattle issue by Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer

3/18/04- Yellowstone bison to be sent to slaughter without testing
Associated Press

3/17/04- More bison test positive, sent to slaughter
Associated Press

3/17/04- Bison capture facility filling up By Scott McMillion
Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer

3/17/04- More bison test positive, sent to slaughter
Associated Press, Billings Gazette

3/17/04- Some Yellowstone Bison Test for Brucellosis Las Vegas Sun,
Associated Press

3/16/04- More than 150 bison captured near park boundary
By Nick Gevock, Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer

3/16/04- Park Service should be ashamed of bison treatment
by Jennifer Nitz, Op Ed- Bozeman Daily Chronicle

3/14/04- It's all a haze By Nadia White, Casper Star-Tribune staff writer

3/13/04- Boris the Bison Makes 200-Mile Migration, Associated Press, Washington Post

3/10/04- Bison have nowhere left to roam Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition by Dan Whipple

3/10/04- Eight more bison killed near Gardiner By Nick Gevock,
Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer

3/10/04- Church needs to live up to bison range commitments
by Marlene Renwyck, Op Ed- Bozeman Daily Chronicle

3/06/04- Rangers haze bison away from park boundary
Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff

3/05/04- Another 21 park bison shipped to slaughter
By Scott McMilllion, Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer

3/05/04- Letter to Editor - Helena Independent Record - Helena, MT
by Virginia Greninger

3/04/04- More than one-third of bison captured sent to slaughter
By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer

3/03/04- Refuge bison numbers balloon, Jackson herd grows unchecked as researchers study feeding
Jackson Hole News & Guide, By Rebecca Huntington

3/02/04- Bison meat donated to tribes, food banks
By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

3/01/04- Yellowstone Bison Captured for Slaughter Inside Park
Environmental News Service

2/26/04- Nearly 90 bison captured this winter
By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

2/25/04- Dozens of Yellowstone bison trapped, tested for brucellosis
By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle Staff Writer

2/25/04-Bison captured in park headed for slaughter
By Mike Stark, Billings Gazette Staff

2/24/04- Officials hold 33 bison at facility near Gardiner
Casper Star Tribune, Associated Press

2/24/04- Conflict whipsaws Yellowstone
EDITORIAL, Great Falls Tribune

2/24/04- Corralled bison get tests today
By Mike Stark, Billings Gazette Staff

2/18/04- Wandering bison captured for testing, By Mike Stark,
Billings Gazette

2/18/04- Where the American bison roams, Peter Davenport
The Advocate, Stamford Connecticut

2/15/04- Brucellosis management inconsistent By Becky Bohrer, Associated Press

2/10/04- Yellowstone bison to get brucellosis shots for first time
Associated Press, Billings Gazette

2/08/04- Buffalo soldiers: Local group determined to protect Yellowstone bison By John O'Connell - Journal Writer, Idaho State Journal

2/06/04- Montana prepares for roaming buffalo By Becky Bohrer, Associated Press, Billings Gazette

1/31/04- Horse Butte neighbors support bison preservation
By Karrie Taggart OpEd- Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Where the buffalo roam, By Michael Futch, Staff writer
Fayettville Observer, North Carolina

1/29/04- Bison on the move: Annual migration to park borders taking shape, By SCOTT McMILLION, Chronicle Staff Writer, The Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/27/04- Disease Outbreak Intensifies Debate on Feeding of Elk
By JIM ROBBINS, New York Times

1/26/04- Hunting best solution to park bison dilemma
Op-Ed, Rick Barta, Shepherd, Billings Gazette

- Teton winter wonderland, Story by Elizabeth Armstrong Herald Photographer, The Daily Herald, Everett, Washington

1/25/04- Tribes given voice on brucellosis committee, By JEFF GEARINO, Southwest Wyoming bureau, Star Tribune, Casper, Wyoming

1/24/04- As tribal bison herd gets larger, food supply dwindles
By MIKE STARK, Of The Gazette Staff, Billings Gazette

1/23/04- Chronology of Wyoming brucellosis cases- By The Associated Press, Star Tribune, Casper, Wyoming

1/22/04- YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK: Protect bison, the symbols of our national parks- BY MICHAEL MARKARIAN, Commentator, Pioneer Press, St. Paul, Minnesota

1/18/04- Bill to ban slaughter of bison advances
By SCOTT McMILLION, Bozeman Chronicle Staff Writer,

1/16/04- Thorne: 2010 may be overly optimistic erradication goal-
Star Tribune, Casper Wyoming

1/15/04- Brucellosis task force faces criticism-
By JOAN HAINES, For the Bozeman Chronicle

12/10/03- U.S. proposes plan to vaccinate bison; By MIKE STARK; Billings Gazette

12/10/03- Plan for managing wandering Yellowstone bison spelled out; Bozeman Daily Chronicle

12/09/03- Westerners need to lighten up about native wildlife;
By Joshua Osher; Opinion; Bozeman Daily Chronicle

12/09/03- New brucellosis case found in Wyoming
By JOAN BARRON; Casper-Star Tribune

12/03/03- State officials hammer out details for bison hunt
By SCOTT McMILLION; Bozeman Daily Chronicle

11/26/03- Wandering bull bison killed near Yellowstone;
By Mike Stark; Billings Gazette Wyoming Bureau

8/15/03- Up in Arms: Residents Angry Over Horse Butte Hazing
Op-Ed by Karrie Taggart, West Yellowstone News

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