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9/06/06- Celebrating Montana's Native Bison, Dan Brister, Buffalo Field Campaign, Montana Public Radio Commentary

8/31/06- Montana Farm Bureau Federation, Brucellosis Control, John Youngberg, Montana Public Radio Commentary

6/19/06- Livestock groups turn up opposition to Schweitzer's bison plans, AP, Billings Gazette

6/19/06- Painted buffalo set to stampede, By David Warner, West Yellowstone News

6/18/06- Park plan aims to limit development at Stephens Creek,
By Becky Bohrer, Billings Gazette

6/15/06- Let Buffalo Roam, Infoshop News

6/13/06- Brucellosis committee meets in Jackson, Wyo., Helena Independent Record

6/10/06- Gov. Schweitzer wants cattle grazing halted to reduce brucellosis risk, Helena Independent Record

6/09/06- Memo raises wildlife concerns, By Brodie Farquhar, Jackson Hole Star-Tribune

6/09/06- Stockmen leery of Schweitzer bison plan, Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

6/08/06- Tentative regulations for bison hunt advance, By Susan Gallagher, AP, Billings Gazette

6/06/06- Judge allows Wyoming Stock Growers into elk feeding lawsuit, Billings Gazette

6/03/06- Live! Built to Spill: June 3 / Big Easy (BFC Benefit), Idaho Statesman

6/01/06- Where the Buffalo Roam is a Sore Topic in Montana, Planet Ark

5/26/06- Agency wants more bison licenses, By Becky Bohrer, AP, Casper Star Tribune

5/24/06- Montana gov eyes changes in bison management, By Becky Bohrer, AP, Casper Star Tribune

5/24/06- In Wyoming, Charges and Countercharges Fly Over Elk, By Todd Wilkinson, NewWest.Net

5/24/06- There are only 4,200 wild buffalo left in this country, Letter to the Editor, Kalamazoo Gazette

5/23/06- With More Bison Sent to Slaughter, Schweitzer Calls for Summit, By Dana Green, NewWest.Net

5/23/06- Expanded bison hunt in works, By Becky Bohrer, AP, Helena Independent Record

5/23/06- 899 bison captured outside Yellowstone Park this winter, Controversial plan aimed at keeping brucellosis at bay, By Becky Bohrer, AP, Rocky Mountain News

5/23/06- It's time to break the cycle, solve bison problem, Opinion, Great Falls Tribune

5/20/06- Cattle interests buffalo media, Letter to the Editor, Casper Star Tribune

5/17/06- DOL bison hazing in full swing near park's western edge, By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

5/17/06- Positive brucellosis test indicates exposure, not infection
Letter to the Editor, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

5/16/06- Officials seek input on last winter's bison hunt, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

5/11/06- Brucellosis conceals chronic threat, Casper Star-Tribune

5/10/06- Let's get consistent on brucellosis policies, OUR OPINION- Bozeman Daily Chronicle

5/08/06- CytoGenix and USDA to collaborate in developing a synDNA(TM) vaccine against costly livestock disease, Genetic Engineering News

5/07/06- Feds aim for more wildlife control, By Brodie Farquhar
Star-Tribune correspondent

5/06/06- Game department declines request to close 3 elk feedground, AP, Billings Gazette

5/05/06- Vets scold Game and Fish, By Brodie Farquhar, Jackson Hole Star-Tribune

5/04/06- 'Diseased' not correct term for tested bison, Letter to the Editor, Billings Gazette

5/02/06- Agency lays out elk options, By Jeff Gearino, Caspet Star Tribune

5/02/06- Panel decides elk numbers OK in Wyoming, By Jeff Gearino, Casper Star-Tribune

5/01/06- Pure bison make a comeback, By Frances Backhouse, High Country News

4/30/06- Don't fall for the agency spin on brucellosis testing, Letter to the Editor, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

4/28/06- Tests find less brucellosis in Montana elk, By Becky Bohrer, AP, Casper Star Tribune

4/27/06- Test results overstated brucellosis rate in elk, By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

4/24/06- Bison to roam Siberia again, 30 Canadian animals flown to Yakutsk Project has taken a decade to organize, By Michael Mainville, Toronto Star

4/24/06- Tests show 44 percent of slaughtered bison had brucellosis, By Becky Boher, AP, Billings Gazette

4/21/06- Scientists hand Canada blueprint for mass cull of bison, By Dawn Walton, Toronto Globe and Mail

4/20/06- Buffalo makes comeback in Idaho, By Debbie Bryce, Idaho State Journal

4/20/06- Governor backs elk feedgrounds, AP, Billings Gazette

4/19/06- LTE: Governor would have hunters take over bison slaughter, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

4/19/06- More brucellosis on feedgrounds, Casper Star Tribune

4/18/06- Park officials release captured bison, By Mike Stark, Billings Gazette

4/14/06- CWC: Chronic Wasting Disease, By Richard Anderson, Planet Jackson Hole

4/14/06- Governor talks up new bison plan with area land owners, By David Warner, West Yellowstone News

4/13/06- Bison held near park's border to be released, By Mike Stark, Billings Gazette

4/13/06- Schweitzer explains bison management plan to ranchers, AP, Billings Gazette

4/13/06- Governor presents bison plan to West Yellowstone landowners, By Ted Sullivan, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

4/12/06- Restoration must begin with a free herd, Letter to the Editor, Missoulian

4/09/06- Schweitzer should seek solution through mediation, Letter to the Editor, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

4/09/06- Tourism tops $2 billion, By Peter Johnson, Great Falls Tribune

4/06/06- GAO: Yellowstone, Teton costs outpace funding
Interior Department says national parks enjoy record budgets
By Nolle Straub, Billings Gazette

Spring 2006- Out of Bounds, By Scott Kirkwood, National Parks Conservation Associaton

4/06/06- Game and Fish plans elk hunt changes, By Whitney Royster, Casper Star-Tribune

4/06/06- Canada studies cull of its largest bison herd, By Scott Haggett, Reuters National

4/05/06- History shines light on brucellosis' risk to people
Talk at MSU to explore how disease created controversy in state
By Mary Pickett, Billings Gazette

4/02/06- Wolves feast on winter-kill, By Mike Stark, (Billings Gazette), Casper Star-Tribune

4/01/06- Wolves feasting on winter-killed bison and elk in Yellowstone By Mike Stark - Billings Gazette

3/31/06- Drive Safely: No matter what the signs say, West Yellowstone News

3/31/06- Wyoming to reconsider elk population goals, AP, Billings Gazette

3/30/06- Brucellosis Disease in Montana and Wyoming Bison, KFYR-TV News, Bismark, North Dakota

3/29/06- State to give away 4+ tons of elk meat, AP, Billings Gazette

3/28/06- 4 bison shot outside park, Billings Gazette

3/28/06- Four bison shot well outside park, Total number of park bison killed this year reaches 942, By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

3/27/06- Letter to the Editor by Monica RavenHeart Livingston Enterprise

3/26/06- Bison Plan, Schweitzer has idea to keep cattle disease-free, save money, By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

3/26/06- Letter: Barrett ignoring sound bison management, Billings Gazette

3/25/06- Montana loses patience,kills 33 bison, By Jean Klobnak-Ball, Planet Jackson Hole

3/23/06- Ranchers question brucellosis fight, By Whitney Royster, Casper Star Tribune

3/23/06- 300 bison to be held for weeks, By Mike Stark, Billings Gazette

3/23/06- YNP officials plan to hold 300 bison 2-3 weeks, By Becky Bohrer, AP

3/23/06- Turner organization disputes bison connection, By The Associated Press Casper Star Tribune.Net

3/22/06- Elk on cattle ranch will lead to testing for disease, State veterinarian backs away from quarantine demand, seeks schedule for brucellosis screens. By Rebecca Huntington Jackson Hole News & Guide

3/20/06- Buffalo roam, Letter to the Editor, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

3/19/06- American Prairie hoping to expand bison population, AP, Missoulian

3/18/06- Secure no-brucellosis status by removing cattle, governor suggests, AP, Billings Gazette

3/18/06- Schweitzer: Look at buying out leases, AP, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

3/17/06- Ranch troubles highlight feedground debate, By Whitney Royster, Casper Star Tribune

3/16/06- More bison caught, shipped off, By Becky Bohrer, Billings Gazette

3/15/06- Authorities capture more bison outside of Yellowstone,
By Becky Bohrer, Billings Gazette

3/15/06- State vet orders brucellosis testing on ranch north of Jackson, AP, Billings Gazette

3/13/06- Elk-cattle incident reveals division, By Cat Urbigkit, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

3/12/06- Groups hope to expand bison population in Montana, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

3/09/06- The Killing Fields, By Hal Herring, Missoula Independent

3/09/06- Land deal will protect 1,500 acres in upper Madison Valley, AP, Helena Independent Record

3/06/06- Yellowstone Bison Numbers Down Sharply, By Becky Bohrer, AP, Jackson News Tribune

03/06- Sacred Cows, Audubon Magazine- Grazing on public lands yields less than five percent of the nation's beef but monopolizes 252 million of its acres. Even so, ranchers are gunning for the one law that can save fish, wildlife, and their own industry.

2/22/06- World Talk Radio, American Indian Movement Today, Radio Interview with the Buffalo Field Campaign

2/20/06- Bison facility closed again, Billings Gazette

2/19/06- Slaughtered YNP bison near JH herd total, Planet Jackson Hole

2/18/06- Better bison plan, Letter to the Editor, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

2/18/06- Former FWP official pleads not guilty to illegal bison shooting, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

2/18/06- 2 bison hunters plead not guilty of violations, Billings Gazette

2/18/06- Nez Perce youth reclaim bison hunting tradition; first in 140 years, Aberdeen News

2/17/06- Officials capture 17 percent of Yellowstone bison, By Mike Stark, Billings Gazette

2/17/06- Connections (Radio interview with BFC) on KGNU Independent Radio Boulder/Denver- just put in February 17th in the drop down box, it was on at 8:30am

2/17/06- Roundup, slaughter of approx. 800 bison costs $181K, Billings Gazette

2/17/06- Trap catches more elk, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

2/17/06- Urgent call for volunteers to help defend the Last Wild Buffalo in The U.S., San Francisco Indy Media

2/16/06- 935 Yellowstone bison rounded up this year, 753 have been shipped to slaughter; population was estimated at 4,900, Billings Gazette

2/15/06- Lawsuit targets test-and-slaughter, By Whitney Royster, Casper Star Tribune

2/15/06- Bull bison killed after mingling with cattle; two dozen cattle to be tested, Helena Independent Record

2/15/06- More bison captured at park; total so far tops 900, Casper Star Tribune

2/15/06- Bull bison killed after mingling with cattle; two dozen cattle to be tested, By Becky Bohrer, AP, Helena Independent Record

2/15/06- Sheep take residence in research area, State workers say bighorns won't mingle with nearby bison, By Mike Stark, Billings Gazette

2/14/06- Montana bison hunt stirs emotional debate, By Nicholas Riccardi, Los Angeles Times (Jackson Hole Star Tribune)

2/14/06- Environmental groups sue to stop elk slaughter
By Scott McMillon, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

2/14/06- More park bison sent to slaughter, Billings Gazette

2/14/06- Bison slaughter sets record, By Becky Bohrer, AP, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

2/14/06- Wyoming’s Elk Face Unnecessary Slaughter, Action aimed at preventing chronic wasting disease epidemic, Earth Justice

2/11/06- 193 bison corralled at facility, By Becky Bohrer, AP, Billings Gazette

2/11/06- More bison captured near Gardiner, By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

2/11/06- Bison capture facility reopens, By Becky Bohrer, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

2/11/06- Letter: Hunters can control wild bison population, Billings Gazette

2/11/06- Letter to the Editor, Bison inconsistencies, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

2/10/06- Official: Bison count hits high, By Becky Bohrer, Billings Gazette

2/09/06- Governor opts to release bison, Billings Gazette

2/08/06- Bison hunt halted on west side of park, Helena Independent Record

2/08/06- Managing the herd, Bison hunt could shape expectations, Montana Standard

2/08/06- Bison captured near West Yellowstone, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

2/08/06- Schweitzer takes first snowmobile trip through park, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

2/07/06- Move Cattle, Letter to the Editor, Helena Independent Record

2/07/06- Results from bison killed in Yellowstone test positive for brucellosis, Billings Gazette

2/06/06- The Killing Fields by Hal Herring, High Country News

2/06/06- Bison hunt nears close, officials calling it a success, Casper Star Tribune

2/05/06- Moving In for the Kill With Montana's Buffalo Hunters, LA Times

2/05/06- Nez Perce bison hunt reclaims a tradition, Idaho Statesmen

2/04/06- State officials thinking about expanding bison hunt, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

2/04/06- Bloated bureaucracy, Opinion, Glen Hockett, Gallatin Wildlife Association, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

2/03/06- We cannot lose focus on managing buffalo like wildlife, Letter to the Editor, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

2/02/06- Idaho tribe to hunt bison near Yellowstone, Seattle Post Intelligencer

2/01/06- 120 elk tested for brucellosis, Billings Gazette

2/01/06- Forty-one elk go to slaughter, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

2/01/06- State recognizes tribal hunt, Billings Gazette

2/01/06- CUT ranch is the only group that can stop bison killing, Letter to the Editor, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/31/06- State OKs Nez Perce bison hunt, Billings Gazette

1/31/06- State captures 250 elk, Jacksonholenet.com

1/31/06- Bison rancher finds irony in slaughter, Billings Gazette

1/30/06- Game & Fish: Test and slaughter postponed (elk), Casper Star Tribune.Net

1/30/06- Guest Opinion: Practical solutions for managing wild bison, Amy McNamara, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Billings Gazette

1/30/06- Gazette Opinion: Make some room for bison north of Yellowstone, Billings Gazette

1/30/06- Yellowstone closing capture facility, for now, Billings Gazette

1/30/06- Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer offers solution to the Yellowstone Bison Slaughter, Read articles and listen to a radio interview

1/29/06- Solutions hard to find in Yellowstone bison controversy, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/29/06- Brucellosis testing, elk slaughter to start, Billings Gazette

1/29/06- Voice of the Reader (3 Bison letters), Billings Gazette

1/29/06- Management of historic Montana ranch outlined as grizzly bear habitat, Helena Independent Record

1/28/06- Bison solutions, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/28/06- Officials want buffalo to stay in the park, Canton Daily Ledger, Illinois

1/27/06- Interagency Bison Capture Facility at Stephens Creek Closed, Press Release, Yellowstone National Park

1/27/06- Bison incident on Hebgen Lake makes for long, weary day, West Yellowstone News

1/27/06- Schweitzer: from growth to mad cow to bison management, Missoulian.com

1/27/06- Agency readies to trap elk, Casper Star Tribune.Net

1/27/06- Environmentalists oppose elk-trapping proposal, Billings Gazette

1/27/06- Montana again clear of chronic wasting disease, Billings Gazette

1/27/06- CUT should treat bison with respect and share its land, Letter to the Editor, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/26/06- Interview with Dan Brister Project Manager for the Buffalo Field Campaign on Best Friends.org

1/26/06- Documentary celebrates state's wildlife success, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/26/06- Agencies need to amend bison plan to avoid slaughters, Letter to the Editor, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/26/06- Hunted and hazed, Missoula Independent

1/26/06- Governor says school funding has limits, Daily Interlake, Northwest Montana

1/24/06- Schweitzer wants changes to Yellowstone bison management plan, Billings Gazette

1/24/06- There has to be a better way to deal with park bison, LTE, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/24/06- Our opinion: Hunt hasn't exactly fixed the bison problem, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/24/06- State to look anew at buffalo planning, Billings Gazette

1/23/06- Ranchers face brucellosis hurdles: Loss of disease-free status will be costly, Idaho State Journal

1/22/06- Voice of the reader, (3 letters), Billings Gazette

1/21/06- Bison wranglers continue work, capture another 82, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/20/06- More room to roam is best option for managing bison, LTE, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/20/06- Idaho loses brucellosis-free status, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/20/06- Park bison slaughtered at Idaho abattoir, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/19/06- More Yellowstone bison captured, sent to slaughter, Billings Gazette

1/19/06- Montana's buffalo policies resulting in callous cruelty, LTE, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/19/06- 46 more bison off to slaughter, Billings Gazette

1/18/06- Bison shipments to slaughter continue; debate does, too, AP, Billings Gazette

1/18/05- More than 500 park bison captured, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/18/06- Access to habitat, hunting needed to control buffalo, LTE, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/18/06- Wyo should phase-out feedgrounds, Casper Star Tribune

1/18/06- Bison roundup tests capacity, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

1/17/06- More bison captured at Yellowstone; some calves sent to quarantine, Billings Gazette

1/17/06- Agents round up 200 more bison for slaughter, Billings Gazette

1/17/06- Officials call bison hunt a success, AP, Missoulian

1/15/06- Yellowstone bison, Reader's Alley (LTE), Helena Independent Record

1/14/06- Another 50 bison near park sent to slaughter, Billings Gazette

1/13/06- Montana Public Radio, Evening Edition Story on the Bison fallen through the ice on Lake Hebgen (2:47mp3- 3.1MB)

1/13/06- Bison fall through ice on Hebgen Lake, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/13/06- Bison hazing goes awry: 14 animals fall through ice, Billings Gazette

1/12/06- Park Service rounds up bison, Bozman Daily Chronicle

1/12/06- Park bison to be killed, Billings Gazette

1/11/06- Park Service captures some Yellowstone bison, AP, Billings Gazette

1/11/06- What happens after 'disease-free' buffalo are caught?, Letter to the Editor, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/10/06- Elder: Proper respect missing in buffalo kill, Montana hunt still stirring controversy, Sam Lewin, Native American Times

1/10/06- Bison hunt to be halted temporarily, By Becky Bohrer, AP, Billings Gazette

1/09/06- UW researchers target brucellosis, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

1/09/06- Wildlife biologist to lead seminar on bison, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/08/06- Idaho Loses its Brucellosis Free Status, By Bill Schneider, NewWest.Net

1/08/06- Montana Cattlemen's Association Passes Strong Resolutions, Cattlenetwork.com

1/05/06- How dare we recover endangerd grizzlies just to kill them, Letter to the Editor, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/05/06- Controversy Stalks Hunters in Montana's Bison Season, By Kathy Witkowsky, Voice of America

01/06- The Elk Feed Ground Conundrum, by Daryl L. Hunter, Upper Valley Free Press

12/30/05- State’s buffalo deserve our protection, By Paul Richards, Montana Standard

12/24/05- Brucellosis threat pours money into state, Our Readers Speak, Montana Standard

12/23/05- DOT: Reduced speed limit on Highway 191 only a temporary change, West Yellowstone News

12/23/05- Hunters want herd to survive, thrive, Letter to the Editor, Missoulian

12/23/05- Feds likely to revoke brucellosis free-status for Idaho, AP, Aberdeen News, SD

12/17/05- When Bison Grieve: Notes from Montana's "Fair-Chase" Hunt, By K. Stachowski, Citizen Journalist, NewWest.Net

12/16/05- Brucellosis appears in Idaho cattle, By Cat Urbigkit, Jackson Hole Star-Tribune

12/15/05- Bison advocates meet press, visit governor, Missoulian

12/15/05- Officials: Expand bison project, Casper Star Tribune

12/15/05- Flash in the Pan, How to eat a buffalo, by Chef Boy Ari, Missoula Independent

12/15/05- Bison herd in the cross hairs at Yellowstone, by Lisa Church, Salt Lake Tribune

12/13/05- Officials find new bison quarantine facility, By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

12/12/05- G&F prepares for test-and-slaughter project, By Jeff Gearino, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

12/12/05- Elk trap built at Wyoming state-run feedground, AP, Missoulian

12/11/05- When Bison Grieve: Notes From Montana's Fair-Chase Hunt, by K. Stachowski, SF Bay Area Indymedia

12/08/05- Snouts of death, by Skylar Browning, Missoula Independent

12/06/05- Bison hunt going well, officials say, By Mike Stark, Billings Gazette

12/06/05- End bison Hunt, Letter to the Editor, Helena Independent Record

12/03/05- Forum on bison hunt planned, Billings Gazette

12/01/05- Hunt nothing more than slaughter, Letter to the Editor, Missoulian

11/30/05- Save roadless areas to save wildlife, Letter to the Editor, Missoulian

11/30/05- Official: FWP won't reissue licenses refused by tribes, AP, Helena Independent Record

11/29/05- Bison killed in first major hazing of season, By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

11/28/05- Its all about the grass, Letter to the Editor, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

11/27/05- Voice of the reader, Montana DOL uses hunters for dirty work, Billings Gazette

11/25/05- Voice of the reader, What buffalo hunters pay is tiny part of cost, Billings Gazette

11/24/05- View to a kill, by Brooke Hewes, Missoula Independent

11/24/05- Bison hunt like 'normal big game hunt', AP, Great Falls Tribune

11/23/05- Bison hunt restarts after 15 year ban, ITN - Independent Television Network, Britain

11/21/05- The Humane Society of the United States Urges Governor Schweitzer to Cancel Buffalo Hunt, Press Release


11/20/05- Opinion, Voice of the Reader (2 comments), Billings Gazette

11/20/05- Hunt gives buffalo reason to roam, By Rich Tosches, Denver Post

11/18/05- Blood Sport- The world is watching Montana's bison hunt, By George Ochenski, Missoula Independent

11/18/05- Why This Is News In Poland, Kathleen Stachowski serves on the Board of Directors for Buffalo Field Campaign; she writes from Lolo, Montana

11/17/05- Ames teen to join movement to stop buffalo 'slaughter'
By Luke Jennett, Special to The Tribune, Ames, Iowa

11/17/05- Scouting, media work, By Jim Mann, The Daily Inter Lake, Kalispell, Montana

11/16/05- Belgrade hunter bags bison, By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

11/15/05- Montana Bison Hunt, The Onion

11/15/05- Montana Public Radio Evening Edition- Hunt Feature
(mp3- 7:53)

11/15/05- Bison opener gets attention By Jim Mann, The Daily Inter Lake, Northwest Montana

11/15/05- Montana Bison Hunt, Two Bison Killed on Opening Day, By Brooke Hewes, NewWest.Net

11/15/05- First bison taken in Montana's bison hunt, By Becky Bohrer, Associated Press

11/15/05- First bison hunt in 15 years starts today, By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

11/15/05- Buffalo Field Campaign to document hunt
By Mike Stark And Mark HEenckel- Billings Gazette

11/15/05- Humane Groups Ask Governor to Call Off Bison Hunt

11/11/05- BISON HUNT 101 By K. Stachowski, Citizen Journalist, NewWest.Net

11/11/05- Bison range founded, By Sonja Lee, Great Falls Tribune

11/11/05- Poll: Montanans support bison hunt, wolf delisting, By Matt Gouras, Associated Press Writer, Helena Independent Record

11/10/05- Felon Gets License for Mont. Bison Hunt By Matt Gouras
The Associated Press, Washington Post

11/10/05- Helena felon won tag to kill bison, Associated Press, Billings Gazette

11/08/05- Disease spread raises worry, By Brodie Farquhar, Casper Star-Tribune

11/07/05- Class prepares hunters for bison season, By Becky Bohrer of the Associated Press, Missoulian

11/06/05- Bison Hunt to Begin Outside Yellowston, By Becky Bohrer
The Associated Press, Washington Post

11/06/05- Study: More room for bison wouldn't result in fewer bison deaths, By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

10/27/05- The Elk Problem, By Bill Schneider, NewWest.Net

10/24/05- Bison hunters set sights on easy pickings in Yellowstone park , Cull aimed at curbing cattle disease but protesters say beasts just stand and watch , Jamie Wilson Washington, Guardian Unlimited, United Kingdom

10/23/05- Despite $13M land deal, Yellowstone's bison find no room to roam, The Associated Press, USA Today

10/23/05- Feds: Brucellosis in dogs no big deal, By Gil Brady, Planet Jackson Hole, Wyoming

10/20/05- Conservation groups receive buffalo from Wind Cave Park,
Wayne Ortman, Associated Press, Witchita Eagle, Kansas

10/17/05- Critics decry plan to hunt Yellowstone's straying bison
By Jim Robbins, The New York Times via the Register Guard, Eugene, Oregon

10/13/05- Soldier gets lucky in bison drawing after governor enters name, By Susan Gallagher, Associated Press

10/12/05- Three from Billings get bison licenses, By Mark Henckel, Billings Gazette

10/12/05- 24 win drawing for hunting bison, Associated Press, Billing Gazette

10/07/05- Bison may return to reservation, By Brodie Farquhar, Star-Tribune correspondent

10/05/05- Like Shooting A Big Couch, by Bill Schneider, NewWest

10/04/05- Thousands apply for 24 Montana bison hunting licenses
By Becky Bohrer, AP, Seattle Times

9/30/05- From fact to fiction, By Rena Delbridge, Casper Star-Tribune

9/29/05- Agencies claim successes in bison plan review, By Becky Bohrer, AP, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

9/28/05- Number of bison in park hits 4,900, By Becky Bohrer, AP, Rocky Mountain News

9/27/05- Possible canine link ignored in brucellosis battle, by Gil Brady, Planet Jackson Hole

9/27/05- Bison applications are due Sept. 30, Great Falls Tribune

9/16/05- Gazette opinion: Bison hunt a small tool to limit herd, Billings Gazette

9/16/05- Bison numbers swell, prompt management concerns
By Becky Bohrer, AP, Helena Independent Record

9/16/05- Montana approves limited bison hunt, By Becky Bohrer, AP, Rocky Mountain News

9/15/05- Drawing a bead on bison, By John S. Adams, Missoula Independent

9/09/05- FWP Commission gives bison hunt thumbs up
, By Mark Henckel, Billings Gazette

Bison hunt gets go-ahead, By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Chronicle

9/4/05- Bison hunt regulations on table, Associated Press

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