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Yellowstone Bison Action Alert 05/30/07

8/2/07- CUT land deal no bargain for wild bison, New West - Unfiltered

8/2/07- Letter to the Editor: Protect wild bison, bury brucellosis myth, Billings Gazette (MT)

7/30/07- Were bison one of globalization's first victims?, Times Record News (TX)

7/28/07- Tentative bison deal struck in Montana, Guardian UK

7/27/07- Letter to the Editor: Build a better fence, West Yellowstone News (MT)

7/27/07- Letter to the Editor - An unacceptable way to "manage" bison, West Yellowstone News (MT)

7/22/07 - Letter to the Editor: Brucellosis problem just needs a good fence, Billings Gazette (MT)

7/20/07- Panel rejects brucellosis plan, Casper Star Tribune (WY)

7/20/07- Brucellosis buffer zone shot down, Bozeman Daily Chronicle (MT)

7/19/07 - New York congressman advocates Schweitzer plan in U.S. House,
Newsday (NY)

06/03/07- Golden Pen Award: Right a wrong, preserve wild bison, Billings Gazette

06/03/07- Letter to the Editor, Bison wrong target for DOL slaughter, Billings Gazette

06/02/07- Park Service, state reach bison management agreement, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

06/02/07- Montana, Under Pressure, to Take Bison Back to Yellowstone, New York Times

06/02/07- Facing slaughter, the bison that battled back from extinction, London Times

06/02/07- Renewed hazing of bison produces results, Horseback riders and a helicopter push animals into Yellowstone, Billings Gazette

06/02/07- Officials agree to spare bison that had been condemned to slaughter, Great Falls Tribune

06/01/07- Change of Heart, West Yellowstone News

06/01/07- Governor mulls bison-loss offer, Billings Gazette

06/01/07- GYC offers plan to avoid bison slaughter, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

06/01/07- BFC’s Ken Cole at Montana Livestock Board meeting, Western Watersheds Project

06/01/07- Letter to the Editor, Buffalo Skull on Montana's new quarters has significance, West Yellowstone News

06/01/07- Letter to the Editor, What a bunch of hypocrites we have in this community!!!!!, West Yellowstone News

05/07- Yellowstone Buffalo Headed to the Slaughterhouse, The Clean Nest Line, Patagonia Blog

05/31/07- Bison to get one more hazing attempt, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/31/07- Delegation not rushing to back brucellosis 'buffer zone', Billings Gazette

05/31/07- Bison slaughter postponed, Billings Gazette

05/30/07- (Download mp3, 11:08, 12.7MB) National Public Radio, Montana Evening Edition- Interview with Tom Roffe, Brucellosis Specialist, with the U.S. Fish, & Wildlife Service

05/30/07- State vet details plan to slaughter up to 300 bison, Billings Gazette

05/30/07- State to capture, kill 300 bison, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/30/07- Worst brucellosis fears unrealized, Subsequent tests of two Bridger herds are negative, Billings Gazette

05/29/07- (Download mp3, 4:17, 3MB) National Public Radio, Montana Evening Edition- Montana Board of Livestock is ordering the slaughter of some 300 bison near West Yellowstone in hopes of preventing brucellosis infection in area cattle.

05/26/07- Loss of herd to brucellosis test leaves couple reeling, 'It's just a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach,' Bridger rancher says, Billings Gazette

05/25/07- Hundreds of Yellowstone bison 'sent home', The Prairie Star

05/25/07- Bison pushed farther into park, Billings Gazette

05/24/07- Copter assists hazing of bison, Billings Gazette

05/23/07- Rancher's cows free of brucellosis so far, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/23/07- Emigrant ranch cattle are free of brucellosis, Billings Gazette

05/23/07- Unraveling brucellosis source isn't simple matter, Billings Gazette

05/23/07- United States Cattleman Association Urges USDA & Interior Department To Implement Wildlife Brucellosis Control, cattlenetwork.com

05/22/07- Paradise Valley herd undergoes brucellosis tests, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/21/07- Brucellosis probe shifts to cattle herds north of Yellowstone, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/20/07- Disease appears in Mont. cattle, Casper Star Tribune

05/19/07- Brucellosis confirmed in Montana herd, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/19/07- State's brucellosis-free status at risk, Billings Gazette

05/19/07- Diseased cows worry Montana, Rocky Mountain News

05/18/07- Guest Column by Stephany J. Seay - Buffalo Field Campaign, West Yellowstone News

05/18/07- Seven Montana Cows from One Herd Have Tested Positive for Brucellosis, State of Montana Press Release

05/15/07- Resistance and the Recent BFC Arrests Outside Yellowstone, Portland Independent Media Center

05/15/07- Letter to the Editor: Longtime conservative says save the bison, West Yellowstone News

05/15/07- Top livestock job filled after five-month vacancy, Billings Gazette

05/15/07- Bison get final push into Yellowstone; laggards face slaughter, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/14/07- R-CALF: Members Approve 2 Animal Health Resolutions (R-CALF USA supports mandatory Brucellosis testing of bison in the Yellowstone Ecosystem), Cattle Network

05/12/07- Group says refuges in crisis nationwide, Missoulian

05/12/07- Police arrest Yellowstone bison advocates, Casper Star Tribune

05/11/07- Local Papers Spin BFC Arrests, As Expected, IndyBay

05/11/07- Bison advocate charged with felony, Billings Gazette

05/11/07- Activists arrested during bison hazing operations, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/11/07- Bison activists arrested in West Yellowstone, Jackson Hole News & Guide

05/10/07- Two arrested during bison hazing, Billings Gazette

05/10/07- A few words on a beautiful soul injured and arrested documenting Yellowstone bison struggle, Magic of Yellowstone by Jim MacDonald

05/10/07- Successfully nontraditional: Mother researches bison herd DNA, Missoulian

05/05/07- Letter to the Editor: Letter to Schwitzer, Baucus and Tester, West Yellowstone News

05/05/07- Letter to the Editor: DOL hazing undermines tourism business, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/04/07- FWP to hold public meetings on the 2006 bison hunt, West Yellowstone News

05/02/07- Group unveils bison Web site, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/01/07- Bison outside Yellowstone facing slaughter, Glenwood Springs Post Independent

04/30/07- Yellowstone Bison Habitat Web Site Launched, NewWest.Net

04/30/07- Montana Stock Growers Association secures brucellosis funding, The Prairie Star

04/29/07- Free-Roaming Human: Cross-Canada on Foot for Wild Bison, The Bullsheet

04/27/07- Disease divides fed agencies, Casper Star Tribune

04/25/07- Ugly feud now threatens Bison Range, Missoulian

04/24/07- Officials worry brucellosis rule could affect ranchers, Billings Gazette

04/18/07- Letter to the Editor: Control oriented cruelty of bison hazing must stop, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

04/16/07- Back to the future with switchgrass, The Voice of Agriculture

04/15/07- National parks put elk and bison on the menu, Kansas City Star

04/15/07- Yellowstone and snowmobiles, Hartford Courant

04/15/07- Feds reduce bison work force, Casper Star Tribune

04/14/07- Cowboy mentality dominates bison slaughter, Portland IndyMedia

04/13/07- Crews haze bison into Yellowstone, Casper Star Tribune

04/13/07- Letter to the Editor, West Yellowstone News

04/12/07- FWS to cut Bison Range staff, The Missoulian

04/07- Yellowstone buffalo battles, Outside Bozeman, Spring 2007

03/30/07- Oh give me a home, West Yellowstone News

03/28/07- Montana stockgrower testifies on Yellowstone National Park bison oversight, High Plains/Midwest Ag Journal

03/28/07- Letter to the Editor: Maybe congressman would like some bison of his own, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

03/28/07- Livestock appointee gets scrutiny, Billings Gazette

03/26/07- Seeing eye-to-eye on bison?, West Yellowstone News

03/25/07- Elk feeding ends early, Ontario Argus Observer

03/21/07- Montanans bristle at congressional bison hearing, Helena Independent Record

03/21/07- Gazette Opinion: Park bison dispute migrates to Congress, Billings Gazette

03/21/07- State, church close to deal on bison, Great Falls Tribune

03/21/07- Hearing addresses bison management, Billings Gazette

03/20/07- How to manage park bison?, Casper Star Tribune

03/20/07- Democrats in Congress want to stop bison slaughter, Great Falls Tribune

03/20/07- Congress looks at solutions to Yellowstone bison debate, New West

03/19/07- Deal on bison travel close; Park herd would have safe passage through CUT, Billings Gazette

03/19/07- Yellowstone late winter bison estimate released, High Plains / Midwest Ag Journal

03/15/07- Why the buffalo roam, TIME Magazine

02/28/07- Interview with a BFC Volunteer, February 2007

02/14/07- Montana wary of Nez Perce hunting, Billings Gazette

02/14/07- Nez Perce Tribe to limit hunting to elk, buffalo, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/13/07- Bison Nation: A Way To See Value Of Local Food, NewWest.Net

02/12/07- Elk disease rate drops, Casper StarTribune.Net

02/10/07- LETTER: Hunting nonsense, by Scott Frasier, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/09/07- Brucellosis less prevalent in new study, Billings Gazette

02/02/07- Letter: Double Standards, West Yellowstone News

02/02/07- Bison vs. Montana, West Yellowstone News

02/01/07- Conflicting bison groups converge at meeting
Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/01/07- Final plan for Jackson Hole elk, bison released, Missoulian

01/31/07- LETTER:  Shame on anyone who doesn't oppose the buffalo 'hunt', Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/30/07- Montana quarter takes the spotlight, Helena Independent Record

01/30/07- Helena man can keep illegally killed bison
Island Park News

01/30/07- Bison advocates urge end to seasonal hunt,
Bison supporters met in Helena on the same day state and federal officials celebrated the new Montana quarter, which features a bison skull on its back
, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/29/07- Monday Matters: Buffalo hunting and candy desks, Montana Standard

01/28/07- Wyoming State veterinarian resigns, Billings Gazette

01/28/07- Letting more buffalo roam, Denver Post

01/27/07- Bison illegally killed in West Yellowstone, Jackson Hole News and Guide

01/27/07- FWP reports waste in tribal buffalo kills, Billings Gazette

01/27/07- Distinct Bison Herds Roam Yellowstone, Science News, University of Montana

01/26/07- Two bison killed on Horse Butte, West Yellowstone News

01/26/07- Feds review dispute over bison range, Billings Gazette

01/25/07- Hunter charged in bison case, Billings Gazette

01/24/07- Hunter accused of killing bison on private land
By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/21/07- Tribe plans to kill 50-70 buffalo, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

01/21/07- Let Native Americans hunt with primitive weapons, LTE, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/20/07- Tribe backs off planned hunt near Yellowstone, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/19/07- Foiled again: Elk avoid trap in Sublette feedground, Casper Star Tribune

01/18/07- Bison management plan topic of workshop, Billings Gazette

01/17/07- Feeding begins on National Elk Refuge, Planet Jackson Hole

01/16/07- Montana quarter, featuring bison skull to be released Jan. 29, Great Falls Tribune

01/15/07- Group: Less feed would spread bison, Billings Gazette

01/15/07- Nez Perce tribe asserting Yellowstone hunting rights
Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/15/07- Nez Perce bison hunt gets off to slow start, Helena Independent Record

01/14/07- Group: Let bison spread out, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

01/13/07- 41 bison hazed back into park, Billings Gazette

01/09/07- Strands of Undesirable DNA Roam With Buffalo
Jim Robbins, NewYork Times

01/06/07- First stage of bison shuffling finished / First stage of new bison management complete, Billings Gazette

01/06/07- Feedgrounds get temporary permit, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

01/06/07- Livingston man joins FWP commission, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/06/07- 'Holistic' bison strategy off to good start in ND
Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/05/07- Biologist: Bison hurt elk refuge, Bozeman Chronicle

01/04/07- Few bison available to hunters so far, AP, Montana Forum

01/04/07- LTE - Survivors of Bison slaughter would be better off killed, Bozeman Chronicle

12/30/06- Feds reverse decision to end tribal role in bison range
Bozeman Chronicle

12/21/06- LTE: Bison quarantine facility is nothing but a bad idea
Bozeman Daily Chronicle

12/18/06- Cattlemen defend disease surveillance, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

12/18/06- Brucellosis rate increases among elk in Wyoming's Buffalo Valley, Missoulian

12/17/06- Preserving park bison gene pool a tough job, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

12/16/06- Hook and Bullet: A New Old Movement Is Rising Again, NewWest

12/15/06- Governor, Mead blast brucellosis proposal, Jackson Hole News & Guide

12/15/06- R-CALF Wants Brucellosis Eradication In Yellowstone, NewWest

12/08/06- "To everything there is a season . .", A time to dispute, and a time just to talk, West Yellowstone News

12/01/06- Bison briefly escape quarantine facility, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

12/01/06- Sportsmen offer hay for elk, Billings Gazette

11/30/06- Bison caught after escaping quarantine facility, Bozeman Chronicle

11/30/06- The Real Reason National Park Visitation Has Declined, NewWest.Net

11/29/06- Swan Song Bill To Allow Guns In Yellowstone Introduced By Sen. Allen, NewWest.Net

11/29/06- State bison hunt uneventful so far, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

11/27/06- State's big-game season comes to close for another year, Billings Gazette

11/27/06- Native American Indian musicians make many kinds of music, Native American Art News

11/27/06- Rammell's elk disease free and genetically pure, almost
New West

11/26/06- Private interests kill public herd, Letter to the Editor, Casper Star Tribune

11/25/06- Dale Koelzer Obituary, Bozeman Chronicle

11/25/06- What's a Wild Bison Worth? Bison World News - blog

11/24/06- Extinction or redemption for our last wild buffalo, National Native News

11/22/06- WINTER-USE DEBATE GOES ON, Effects of increased traffic worries some, By Scott McMillion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

11/22/06- OUR OPINION, Viability of all wildlife depends on all hunters cooperating, Nobody is suggesting that state government meddle in tribal hunting rights, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

11/22/06- Bison: What’s the Value Per Head? NewWest.Net

11/21/06- New federal winer use study won't change Yellowstone, New West

11/21/06- Federal government changing bison management, WHO-TV.com

11/21/06- Tribe seeks full management of Bison Range, Great Falls Tribune

11/21/06- Parks sled debate revs up, Jackson Hole News & Guide

11/18/06- Guest Opinion: When it comes to managing bison, Montana needs help from hunters, Billings Gazette

11/17/06- Salish-Kootenai to hunt bison near Yellowstone National Park, Casper Star Tribune

11/16/06- After pulling trigger, work begins - Bison hunters offer insight, Billing Gazette

11/16/06- State concerned about bison gut piles left by hunters, Blog

11/16/06- Tribes hunt bison under treaty rights, Billings Gazette

11/16/06- Forest seeks renewal of elk feeding programs, Billings Gazette

11/16/06- Bison hunt: One is more than enough (Wyoming hunt), Wyoming News.Com

11/16/06- Tiffany's Montana Adventure (Yell. bison hunt), Montana Tiffany Blog

11/16/06- Bison season has low-key but successful start, Billings Gazette

11/15/06- Two bison killed on opening day of Montana hunt, Great Falls Tribune

11/15/06- Bison hunt brews controversy, KULR-8, Billings Channel 8

11/15/06- Tracking disease after the kill - Hunters play key role in surviellance of wildlife bacteria, ailments, Jackson Hole News and Guide

11/15/06- Bison hunters take aim today, Havre Daily News

11/15/06- Salish-Kootenai to hunt bison near Yellowstone National Park, LA Times

11/13/06- The bison of Custer and Wind Cave national parks, Kalanu blogspot

11/13/06- NASA data helps predict bison travels, Billings Gazette

11/13/06- Tracking the hunt: Volunteers to film hunters, not interfere, Billings Gazette

11/13/06- Bouncing back - Government policy thins herd, but park bison numbers still up, Billings Gazette

11/13/06- Montana expands hunt for Yellostone bison, New York Times

11/12/06- Bison hunters put under microscope, Belgrade man who shot 1st bison last year recalls, Billings Gazette

11/12/06- Despite problems, last year's bison hunters satisfied,
Even citation couldn't dampen bison hunt, Billings Gazette

11/12/06- The Second Season: Number of bison hunting permits increased to 140, State officials want bison to be treated like wildlife, not nuisance animals, Billings Gazette

11/12/06- Other states do bison hunts differently, Montana permits are the cheapest of 4 states with hunts, Billings Gazette

11/12/06- Hebgen Lake Lodge: now and then (BFC Head Quarters), West Yellowstone News

11/11/06- G&F to expand elk slaughter, Jackson Hole News & Guide

11/09/06- No radical new wind in Yellowstone (how elections will affect bison & Yellowstone) Blogspot - Jim's Eclectic World

11/06/06- NASA Snow Data Helps Maintain Nation's Largest, Oldest Bison Herd, Red Orbit

11/06/06- The Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act, Columbia University (Slide Show)

10/31/06- Diseases affecting Yellowstone wildlife, Montana Forum

9/06/06- Celebrating Montana's Native Bison, Dan Brister, Buffalo Field Campaign, Montana Public Radio Commentary

8/31/06- Montana Farm Bureau Federation, Brucellosis Control, John Youngberg, Montana Public Radio Commentary

8/09/06- Where Buffalo Roam, Letter to the Editor, New York Sun

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