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News Articles 2007/2008
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Please note Newspapers are categorized by Field Season- Approximately September through August. For more information please contact: bfc-media"at"wildrockies.org

7/31/08- BIA bison roundup leads to lawsuit, Billings Gazette

7/30/08- The elk vaccination follies, New West

7/30/08- Bison advocates aim to seed West with new herds (ADVOCATES?), Associated Press (Matt Brown)

7/30/08- Bison advocates try to reseed herds in West, Waco Tribune

7/30/08- Anthrax kills 25 bison on Turner's ranch, KPAX-TV, Missoula

7/30/08- 25 Ted Turner bison die of anthrax, Billings Gazette (McKee)

7/30/08- Anthrax kills 25 bison on Turner's Flying D Ranch, Bozeman Daily Chronicle (Karin Ronnow)

7/27/08- Greater Yellowstone: Brucellosis outbreak tied to elk, The Missoulian (McKee again)

7/25/08- Vet: Elk likely source of Montana livestock disease, Casper Star Tribune (Matt Brown)

7/25/08- Feedgrounds under Fire, Jackson Hole News & Guide

7/24/08- DNA testing points to elk as likely source of brucellosis, MT Department of Livestock Press Release

7/24/08- State vet: Brucellosis came from elk, Helena Independent Record (McKee - she is in the industry's front pocket)

7/24/08- DNA: elk likely source of Montana livestock disease, KPAX-TV, Missoula

7/23/08- Featured cattle breed: beefalo, CattleNetwork

7/21/08- Yellowstone's leader says brucellosis has no place in future, Helena Independent Record (McKee)

7/18/08- LTE: Reader says Stockgrowers owe producers apology (Excellent!), The Prairie Star

7/18/08- LTE: Bureauucrats put negligence in writing (Robert Hoskins), Casper Star Tribune

7/18/08- Correction: Elk threat story, Associated Press

7/17/08- SuperTag winners announced, Helena Independent Record

7/15/08- Wilderness for wild Gallatin Range, New West - George Wuerthner

7/14/08- Montana Farm Bureau, Stockgrowers present brucellosis management plan, The Prairie Star

7/11/08- Agriculture groups seek livestock disease fix, Forbes (AP story)

7/10/08- Montana brucellosis investigation drawing to a close, Northern Ag Network

7/10/08- Wyoming will be first with Yellowstone commemorative quarter, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

7/09/08- Wood bison: giant blast from the past, Anchorage Daily News

7/09/08- Ancient artifacts cling to river, Mankato Free Press (Minnesota)

7/07/08- Yellowstone elks under suspicion of disease source, eFluxMedia

7/07/08- Brucellosis outbreak could result in culling of Yellowstone elks, The Med Guru (India)

7/07/08- Brucellosis disease in elks persists near Yellowstone, ENews 2.0 (England)

7/07/08- Opinion: We must work together, quickly, on brucellosis problem, Great Falls Tribune

7/06/08- Focus on elk as disease persists near Yellowstone, Associated Press (Matt Brown)

7/06/08- Letter: Brucellosis management has utterly failed (Robert Hoskins!), Billings Gazette

7/06/08- Letter: Letter on brucellosis was misleading, Billings Gazette

7/06/08- Letter: Split-state solution would help producers, Billings Gazette

7/04/08- State veterinarians discuss brucellosis concerns, control, Capital Press - The West's Ag Website

7/03/08- 'Split-state' could have been in place if everyone had been on board, The Prairie Star (Montana's Ag News)

7/03/08- Op-Ed: Cattlemen: Stick to what you know (Michael Scott), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

7/06/08- Letter: Brucellosis management has utterly failed, Billings Gazette

7/01/08- State vets plan to eliminate brucellosis in Yellowstone bison, KULR-TV, Billings

7/01/08- Chronicle Opinion: Yellowstone is a park, not a zoo, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

6/30/08- Federal brucellosis policy is unrealistic, Casper Star Tribune

6/30/08- Outbreak renews brucellosis debate, KPAX-TV, Missoula

6/30/08- Boy injured by Yellowstone bison, Star Valley Independent (WY)

6/29/08- Letter: Policy degrades healthy gene pool (Robert Hoskins!), Casper Star Tribune

6/29/08- Letter: Hunters, trappers drive agenda (Kathleen Stachowski!), Missoulian

6/28/08- Boy, 12, injured by Yellowstone bison, Jackson Hole News and Guide

6/27/08- Bison injures boy posing for photos at Yellowstone, Associated Press

6/27/08- Hoping for best for Bison Range, Daily InterLake

6/25/08- Brucellosis prompts meeting of Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Seattle Post Intelligencer

6/24/08- Wyoming may lose brucellosis free status, The Lingle Guide (WY)

6/24/08- Cattle group calls for elk, bison reductions in Yellowstone, KXMC, Minot, ND

6/24/08- Cattle group's brucellosis proposal draws fire, Billings Gazette (Brown, AP)

6/24/08- Yellowstone bison, elk reduction urged, Desert News (Utah)

6/23/08- USCA calls for long-term brucellosis eradication within Greater Yellowstone Area, Cattle Network

6/23/08- Cattle group calls for elk, bison reductions in Yellowstone, KPAX-TV, Missoula

6/23/08- Cattlemen want to reduce YNP's bison, elk numbers (with video), KPAX-TV, Missoula

6/22/08- Solving the brucellosis problem, Great Falls Tribune

6/22/08- Perspective: Solutions to feedground problems aren't easy, Casper Star Tribune

6/20/08- Aborted elk calf found outside park tests positive for brucellosis, The Prairie Star

6/20/08- Montana Stockgrowers disagree that split-state would have worked, The Prairie Star

6/20/08- National Bison Range: CSKT, FWS sign pact, Missoulian

6/30/08- Brucellosis policy is unrealistic, Casper Star Tribune

6/29/08- Letter: Policy degrades healthy gene pool, Casper Star Tribune

6/19/08- Mexican cattle weren't the source of outbreak, they say (BFC mention), Billings Gazette (McKee ~ her daddy must be a 4th generation rancher.... )

6/19/08- State takes action on brucellosis testing after positive cow found in Montana, Farm & Ranch Guide

6/19/08- Breaking News: FWS, Tribes ink Bison Range management pact, The Missoulian

6/19/08- Op-Ed: Myths add to brucellosis blame game (Nadia White, UM professor of journalism), The Missoulian

6/19/08- Tribes, gov't will share management of Bison Range, San Diego Union-Tribune

6/19/08- TenderBison joins the Winn Meat company roster of fine proteins
(Yellowstone, conservation mention), The Earth Times

6/18/08- Mexico not behind Montana's brucellosis outbreak (BFC mention), Billings Gazette (AP)

6/18/08- Officials begin digging into brucellosis case, Billings Gazette (AP)

6/18/08- Nebraska Dept. of Ag issues import order for Montana cattle and bison, CattleNetwork.com

6/18/08- Blackfeet tribe begins a buffalo project for economic development, Glacier Reporter

6/14/08- A letter from the Governor, West Yellowstone News

6/14/08- Montana loses its brucellosis-free status, Brownfield ~ Ag News for America

6/14/08- How bad is it?, News Talk KBLG 910AM, Billings

6/13/08- Buffalo Allies calls upon Governor to withdraw from IBMP, West Yellowstone News

6/13/08- More restrictions ordered for cattle, Great Falls Tribune, Across the Big Sky

6/12/08- Udder failure: The politics behind Montana's brucellosis discovery, Missoula Independent

6/12/08- Second brucellosis case will cost cattle industry millions, Casper Star-Tribune

6/12/08- Ranchers and conservationists at odds as bison herd numbers plunge, Christian Science Monitor / Flathead Beacon

6/12/08- Brucellosis Free Status, ABC Montana

6/12/08- ** WINNER!!! **, Debunking brucellosis myths, New West (Bill Schneider)

6/12/08- Montana bison hunt quotas likely staying the same (video footage)
Montana's News Station

6/12/08- Wyoming may have new brucellosis case, Casper Star Tribune

6/12/08- Ochenski: Udder failure: The politics behind Montana's brucellosis discovery, Missoula Independent

6/12/08- Commissioners back proposed bison hunt, KXMC - Minot, ND

6/12/08- Buffalo Allies of Bozeman call on Schweitzer to withdraw from IBMP, New West Unfiltered

6/11/08- Second brucellosis case will cost cattle industry millions (BFC quoted), Casper Star Tribune (McKee)

6/11/08- Cattle industry losses could reach millions, Billings Gazette (Tom Lutey)

6/11/08- To late - this time - for split-state brucellosis status, Great Falls Tribune

6/11/08- Brucellosis free status, ABC Montana ~ Missoula

6/11/08- Giant buffalo sculpture cast in Billings, Billings Gazette

6/11/08- Rancher of infected cow considers slaughtering herd (BFC quoted), Billings Gazette (McKee)

6/11/08- Ranchers and conservationists at odds as bison herd numbers plunge, Flathead Beacon

6/11/08- 'Black cloud' for Montana, Casper Star Tribune (McKee)

6/11/08- Can valley elk live without winter feed?, Jackson Hole News & Guide (Hatch)

6/10/08- State loses brucellosis-free status, Belgrade News

6/10/08- Montana finds brucellosis case, Feedstuffs ~ The Weekly Newspaper for Agribusiness

6/09/08- Montana to lose brucellosis free status, KULR8, Billings MT

6/09/08- Sick cow costs Montana its brucellosis-free status, New West

6/09/08- Montana to lose its status as brucellosis-free, Billings Gazette

6/09/08- Montana cow tests positive for brucellosis, Associated Press (Brown)

6/08/08- Letter: DOL bison policy ignores disease facts, Billings Gazette

6/06/08- Letter: Bison should not be managed as livestock, West Yellowstone News

6/06/08- How not to save the bison, Plenty Magazine

6/05/08- Letter: Federal agencies should revamp bison protections, Howard County Times (Maryland)

6/05/08- Ted Turner, Big Sky Weekly

6/04/08- Suit opposes elk feeding in Wyoming, New York Times (Robbins)

6/04/08- Greens sue to close elk refuge, Wyoming business report

6/04/08- Groups seek to restore health of elk refuge herds, The Earth Times

6/04/08- Group wants to halt elk feeding program, United Press International

6/04/08- Refuge feeding fought in suit, Jackson Hole News & Guide (Hatch)

6/04/08- Suit seeks to stop elk feeding on Wyoming refuge, Associated Press (Brown)

6/04/08- Conservation groups protest against elk feeding, ENews

June 2008 (PDF) - Harper's Magazine - "They Shoot Buffalo, Don't They?" by Chris Ketcham, Journalist Chris Ketchum spent a few weeks with BFC in the field last spring, working on a story for Harper's Magazine and, finally, his story is out! We'd love to share it with you, but Harper's online magazine is subscription only, so we cannot provide a link. But please be sure to pick up a copy of the June issue of Harper's Magazine and share it with the people you know. Thousands of Americans read Harper's and are bound to learn about the insane mismanagement of America's last wild bison population.

5/30/08- In Montana, bison plan paused (BFC quoted), Christian Science Monitor (T.Wilkinson)

5/30/08- Crews haze bison back into park, Casper Star Tribune

5/30/08- Bison hazed off private property, back into Yellowstone, Montana's News Station

5/30/08- MDOL takes bison home, DOL press release

5/29/08- Bison to be hazed into Yellowstone as ranchers go to court, San Diego Union Tribune (AP, Matt Brown)

5/29/08- Montana Stockgrowers Association upset over bison management, KPAX-TV, Missoula

5/28/08- Ranchers sue over bison management, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

5/28/08- Bison to be hazed into Yellowstone as ranchers go to court, San Diego Union Tribune

5/28/08- An unfortunate opportunity: BFC sees inside a bison trap, Earth First! Journal Online

5/23/08- Bison "plowed into" by NPS vehicle, BLOG: J.R. in Yellowstone ~ National Park Ranger Summer 200, NOTE: I did contact Al Nash about this incident, wanting details and suggesting a lowered speed limit and that the Park issue press releases to inform the public of bison on the roads. Canada already does this. I've gotten non-answers from Al thus far, big surprise.

5/22/08- Nine more Yellowstone bison sent to slaughter, Montana's News Station

5/22/08- BFC director enters 2007-2008 bison migration season on probation, Animal People

5/21/08- "Open Letter to Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and Yellowstone Superintendent Suzanne Lewis" by Robert Hoskins, West Yellowstone News

5/21/08- Them on Us: Bison hunt; rich teachers; expensive homes, Planet Jackson Hole

5/20/08- Feature Photo: Bison let loose, Billings Gazette

5/19/08- Bison heading back to summer ranges, Montana's News Station

5/18/08- Staff Opinion: Bison hazing is not the answer (AMAZING!), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

5/18/08- To save a species ~ Bison Range turns 100, Daily InterLake

5/18/08- Bison hazing underway near West Yellowstone, West Yellowstone News

5/15/08- Buffalo Allies of Bozeman is founded to take action against slaughter and harassment of wild buffalo, PressReleases.com

5/15/08- Wildlife & Conservation groups call on Governor to implement emergency actions, Common Dreams ~ News Center

5/15/08- Environmental groups slam bison hazing plan, The Salt Lake Tribune

5/15/08- Hazing Underway / Groups want Yellowstone bison hazing stopped, Montana's News Station

5/15/08- Groups: Stop hazing bison near Yellowstone, Jackson Hole News & Guide

5/13/08- Bison advocates hold rally on the capitol lawn in Montana, New West ~ Unfiltered

5/13/08- Hazing of bison to begin in West Yellowstone, Montana's News Station

5/13/08- New group takes a grassroots approach toward advocacy of buffalo in the Yellowstone area (BFC mention), PR-Inside

5/10/08- Tribes allowed elk refuge bison hunt, Jackson Hole News & Guide

5/07/08- FWP to consider Yellowstone bison grazing agreement, Local News 8 ~ Idaho

5/07/08- Letter: there's no reason not to let bison roam (Geoffrey Stephens), Billings Gazette

5/07/08- Letter: bison plan offers hope for improvement (George Bumann), Billings Gazette

5/06/08- Sloppy reporting from the Billings Gazette (bison meat donation to food banks), BFC Blog

5/04/08- Letter: increase in bison risks overgrazing (Robert Hurly. This guy is a real winner), Billings Gazette

5/04/08- Letter: bison agreement is step toward rationality (Mark Waite), Billings Gazette

5/01/08- Meet Mike Mease, Buffalo Field Campaign, 4&20 Blackbirds ~ A journal of Montana politics and culture

5/01/08- Letter: Agreement on bison is sign of progress (Carolyn Duckworth), Billings Gazette

4/30/08- Bison Can Thrive Again, Science Daily

4/30/08- Half the buffalo. All the problems, NRDC blog (Louisa Wilcox)

4/29/08- Bison could make comeback, Live Science

4/29/08- Yellowstone Bison Population Halved, United Press International

4/29/08- Yellowstone Bison Slaughter Halted, Meat Distributed to Food Banks, New West

4/28/08- Where the Buffalo Roam -- And Die, CNN ~ Planet in Peril

4/28/08- The Buffalo Fight Back, Indian Country Today

4/28/08- Officials Halt Bison Slaughter, Casper Star Tribune (by Brett French of the Billings Gazette)

4/28/08- Opinion: Bison conservation takes step in right direction (Tim Aldrich, NWF), Great Falls Tribune

4/25/08- Billings, MT food bank buys 3,200 pounds of bison meat, Trading Markets

4/25/08- Montana Food Bank Network Buys Bison Meat, Associated Press

4/23/08- People for the Buffalo, Jackson Hole News & Guide

4/23/08- Does mountain bison still roam Yellowstone, Jackson Hole News & Guide

4/23/08- Why native Yellowstone bison stay in the park (Bob "Action" Jackson influence), Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)

4/23/08- Royal Teton Ranch deal critical for Yellowstone Bison, New West (Hank Fischer, guest writer)

4/23/08- Buffalo Allies of Bozeman - meeting notes 4/23, Buffalo Allies of Bozeman
NOTE: This group was started to, in part, support BFC. Our friends Glenn and Joe are part of the group.

4/20/08- Trying to make sense of the bison problem (BFC mention), Amazon.com - Janet Capple's Amazon Blog

4/19/08- With dems running Montana, Yellowstone bison die off (BFC mention), Daily Kos

4/19/08- 2,400 park bison dead (BFC quoted), Jackson Hole News & Guide (Cory Hatch)

4/18/08- Yellowstone bison deal opens new access to land (BFC quoted), Associated Press (Matt Brown)

4/18/08- Op-Ed: The sorry myth of brucellosis (Robert Hoskins!), New York Times

4/18/08- 1,436 to 2,300 wild buffalo left, Yellowstone Online (Jim Macdonald)

4/18/08- Deal opens corridor to bison (BFC quoted), Jackson Hole News & Guide (Cory Hatch)

4/18/08- Yellowstone bison agreement provides additional habitat (BFC quoted), New West (Lucia Stewart)

4/18/08- Bison cattle agreement (BFC quoted), KULR - Billings (with video - yeah Mike!!)

4/18/08- Letters - In response to "Time to CUT a deal" (Hunter, Glenn, Robert!), Missoula Independent

4/17/08- Yellowstone bison deal opens new access to land (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle (AP, Brown)

4/17/08- Yellowstone bison deal opens new access to land, KPAX-Missoula (AP edited)

4/17/08- "Historic" Deal with Church bad deal for wild bison (BFC release), New West Unfiltered

4/17/08- Buffalo enhance Alberta's lore, Calgary Herald

4/16/08- Change in bison policy comes slowly (Rosalie!!), Billings Gazette (Brett French)

4/16/08- American Indians honor spirit of bison, Helena Independent Record (AP, Brown)

4/16/08- Bison deal expected as church sells cattle, KULR-Billings

4/16/08- Buffalo Requiem: Indian ceremony honors slaughtered bison (BFC quoted / Gazette video & photos), Billings Gazette (Brett French)

4/16/08- Prayer ceremony for Yellowstone buffalo: What a blustery wind can evoke (BFC mention), New West Unfiltered (Jim Macdonald)

4/15/08- American Indians honor the spirit of dead Yellowstone bison, Montana News Stations

4/15/08- URGENT! PLEASE pray and take action!, The Wild Pomegranate

4/15/08- Letter: Letter writer's ignorance of cattle facts appalling, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

4/14/08- Yellowstone feeding bison multiplies next year's problem, Media Newswire (PEER press release)

4/13/08- Letter: Let's put an end to bison slaughter, Billings Gazette

4/12/08- Op-Ed: Current bison policy should be abandoned (Chris Naumann, co-owner, Barrell Mounaineering), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

4/12/08- Indian chief to lead bison ceremony (BFC mention), Billings Gazette

4/12/08- NRDC proposes way out of needless buffalo slaughter (BFC mention, quotes), Yuba.net

4/11/08- Groups upset over bison slaughter at Yellowstone (BFC quoted), Red Orbit (Dallas, TX)

4/11/08- Spiritual ceremony planned for bison (BFC mention), Billings Gazette

4/11/08- Emergency petition urges end to Yellowstone bison killing (BFC quoted, photos, links), Environment News Service

4/11/08- Groups: Stop the bison slaughter (BFC quoted), Jackson Hole News & Guide (Cory Hatch)

4/11/08- Groups decry Yellowstone bison slaughter (BFC quoted), Yahoo! News (AP Story, Matt Brown)

4/11/08- Activists seek halt to bison slaughter (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

4/11/08- Gazette Opinion: Get bison plan on faster track, Billings Gazette

4/11/08- Pregnant bison kept penned up (BFC quoted), Billings Gazette (Brett French)

4/11/08- Groups step up in attempt to stem bison kills (BFC quoted), Billings Gazette (AP, Brown)

4/10/08- Bison Advocates Propose a way out of needless buffalo slaughter; stay out of calving grounds (BFC mention), Individual.com

4/10/08- Letting the buffalo roam (Defenders alert), Gather.com (blog)

4/10/08- Emergency rule sought to stop Park Service Slaughter of wild bison in Yellowstone NP (BFC quoted)
FOX Business

4/10/08- Bison slaughter moratorium sought (BFC quoted), The Union-Tribune (San Diego)

4/10/08- Bison Advocates Propose a Way out of Needless BUffalo Slaughter (BFC, GWA, NRDC release)
New West Unfiltered

4/10/08- Groups decry Yellowstone bison slaughter (BFC quoted), The State (South Carolina)

4/10/08- Emergency petition filed to stop Yellowstone bison slaughter (BFC mention), KPAX - Missoula

4/10/08- Groups decry Yellowstone bison slaughter (BFC quoted), Associated Press (Brown)

4/10/08- Emergency rule sought to stop Park Service Slaughter of wild bison in Yellowstone (AWI/BFC release), The Earth Times

4/10/08- Bison slaughter moratorium sough, Great Falls Tribune (AP, Brown)

4/10/08- Yellowstone bison and the fate of the Royal Teton Ranch, New West (Nolt)

4/10/08- Bison calving season starts in Yellowstone, KPAX - Missoula

4/10/08- Bozeman activist group meeting notes (BFC links, mention of 4/15 Gathering), Bozeman Activist

4/09/08- Brucellosis fears hamper Yellowstone bison plan, Nature News

4/09/08- Yellowstone bison, KULR-8, Billings

4/09/08- Park places priority on pregnant bison, Jackson Hole News & Guide (Hatch)

4/09/08- Peace Talks: Interview with BFC, Indybay / Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1 FM

4/08/08- Our Opinion: Bison plan total failure that needs fixing, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

4/08/08- Why the Buffalo can't roam (BFC quoted), High Country News

4/08/08- Arvol Looking Horse on Native America Calling, Native America Calling - KUNM-FM 89.9, Albuquerque

4/08/08- Letter: Slaughtering bison isn't necessary (Kathleen! BFC mention), Chicago Tribune

4/08/08- Cattlemen learn what is being done to promote beef, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

4/08/08- Bison management reaction (BFC quoted), KULR-TV, Billings

4/08/08- Our Opinion: Bison plan total failure that needs fixing, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

4/08/08- Why the Buffalo can't roam (BFC quoted), High Country News

4/08/08- Arvol Looking Horse on Native America Calling, Native America Calling - KUNM-FM 89.9, Albuquerque

4/08/08- Letter: Slaughtering bison isn't necessary (Kathleen! BFC mention), Chicago Tribune

4/08/08- Cattlemen learn what is being done to promote beef, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

4/08/08- Releasing the Buffalo Spirits Ceremony (BFC/SGF release), Kiwi Highlander (blog)

4/08/08- Oh, give me a home (BFC mention, link), Hang in there Babywear (blog)

4/08/08- Bison management reaction (BFC quoted), KULR-TV, Billings

4/07/08- Yellowstone feeding bison multiplies next year's problem, Common Dreams - PEER press release

4/06/08- Bison management under fire (BFC quoted), KULR-TV, Billings

4/05/08- GAO report: Yellowstone bison management plan failing, West Yellowstone News

4/04/08- Letter: Cows, cowboys and cattle ranchers are obsolete (Jay Moor - AWESOME!), West Yellowstone News

4/04/08- Why do Yellowstone's bison pose such a problem, Great Falls Tribune

4/03/08- Bison protesters arrested in Yellowstone, West Yellowstone News

4/03/08- Federal report faults bison slaughter, Bozeman Daily Chronicle
*TEXT pasted below

4/03/08- GAO: Bison slaughter unnecessary, wasteful, Yellowstone Insider

4/03/08- Yellowstone bison slaughter critized, Montana's News Station

4/03/08- GAO says Yellowstone bison management comes up short, Feedstuffs (MN ag paper)

4/03/08- Take Action: Tell the Park Service to save Yellowstone's buffalo, not slaughter them, Care2 petition

4/02/08- Letter: That letter was meant to be a joke, wasn't it? (response to awesome LTE by Jay Moor), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

4/02/08- Report faults bison slaughter program, Associate Press (Matt Brown)

4/02/08- Bison slaughter program faulted in new GAO report, KRDO-TV, Colorado Springs

4/02/08- Bison: Can't leave park, can't escape slaughter, Common Dreams ~ Defenders of Wildlife press release

3/31/08- The slaughter of bison outside Yellowstone, The Mountain Culture

3/30/08- Bison numbers, KULR-TV, Billings

3/28/08- Letter: Cowboys, cattle ranchers should find new work, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

3/28/08- Yellowstone bison herd reduced to 3,000 animals, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

3/28/08- Bison protesters arrested in Yellowstone - Mammoth Visitors Temporarily Closed (BFC mention, quotes), West Yellowstone News

3/28/08- Park bison count falls, Billings Gazette

3/28/08- Why the buffalo can't roam, Chicago Tribune

3/28/08- Where the buffalo are afraid to roam (BFC mention), Michaelann Land (blog)

3/27/08- Letter: Not all bison pleas based on emotion, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

3/27/08- Bison activists arrested (BFC mention), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

3/27/08- Two women protest bison slaughter (BFC mention), Billings Gazette

3/27/08- Women protesting bison slaughter arrested (BFC mention), The Missoulian (Gazette piece)

3/27/08- Bozeman residents come out for the buffalo and plan next organizing steps, New West Unfiltered

3/27/08- Bison numbers down, Local News 8 - Idaho Falls, ID

3/26/08- Yellowstone protesters jailed (BFC mention; story w/ video), Montana's News Station

3/26/08- Two women protest bison slaughter in Yellowstone National Park (BFC press release), Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News

3/26/08- Bison protesters arrested at Yellowstone National Park (BFC mention), KXMC (Minot, ND)

3/26/08- More bison sent to slaughter, Billings Gazette

3/25/08- Chronicle Opinion: Bison plan is failing on many fronts, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

3/24/08- Montanans divided over bison slaughter, NPR - All Things Considered

3/24/08- Yellowstone: where the buffalo no longer roam, Yellowstone Insider

3/24/08- Yellowstone bison being shipped to slaughter, GYC Blog - Amy McNamara

3/23/08- Latest 'deal' won't stop park bison slaughter, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

3/23/08- Letter: Failing to protect Yellowstone's bison (Stephany), Billing Gazette

3/23/08- Bozeman activists come out for buffalo (BFC mention, links), Bozeman Activist Central

3/22/08- Thinning Yellowstone's bison herd - OR - Anger over the culling of Yellowstone's bison, New York Times

3/22/08- Yellowstone's wild bison herds culled, St. Petersburg Times (FL)

3/21/08- Record number of Yellowstone bison killed this winter (BFC quoted), Great Falls Tribune

3/21/08- Yellowstone bison deaths at 1,192; 37 calves spared, Local News 8 - Idaho Falls, ID

3/21/08- Letter: We have entered the largest scale bison slaughter since the 19th century (BFC / Darrell), West Yellowstone News

3/20/08- Letter: Yellowstone park no longer wild, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

3/20/08- Quarantine deal reached for park bison, Bozeman Daily Chronicle
*TEXT pasted below

3/20/08- Conservationist: Federal agencies reneg on bison plan, The Havre Daily News

3/20/08- Yellowstone bison slaughter (BFC mention, links), American Herds (blogspot)

3/20/08- BFC Special Alert! Largest wild bison slaughter since 19th century (BFC links, etc), The Green Archive (blog)

3/19/08- Bison slaughter, funding woes and landowner demands at Horse Butte, New West (David Nolt)

3/19/08- Some buffalo to be returned to park, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

3/19/08- Park to start holding bison for spring release, Jackson Hole News & Guide

3/19/08- Coming of spring could slow killing of Yellowstone bison, Seattle Times

3/18/08- Number of bison killed sets record (BFC quoted), Billings Gazette (Stark)

3/18/08- Gazette Opinion: Reduce slaughter; get bison plan moving, Billings Gazette

3/18/08- Letter: Land is not a renewable resource, Bozeman Chronicle

3/16/08- Letter: Buffalo should be kept in park during winter, Billings Gazette

3/15/08- Yellowstone bison kill passes 1,000 mark (BFC quoted), Jackson Hole News & Guide

3/15/08- Yellowstone to set record bison slaughter today (BFC Update), Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News

3/15/08- Letter: Let us see the stars, The Capital-Journal (Canada)

3/14/08- Yellowstone bison slaughter approaches all-time high (BFC quoted), High Plains Journal (Midwest Ag / AP story)

3/14/08- Letter: Dear Pat Flowers (Katie Flynn), West Yellowstone News

3/13/08- Letter: A simple solution to bison slaughter (Glenn Hockett), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

3/13/08- Bison slaughter nears record, KULR-TV, Billings

3/13/08- Westerners to hold monthly meeting ("Buffalo along the Border"), Billings Gazette

3/11/08- Update: National Park Service has slaughtered 715 wild buffalo in Yellowstone and plant to slaughter 110 more (BFC mention, links), Peace Talks with George Cadman

3/09/08- Park Service should get its toxic house in order, Casper/Jackson Hole Star Tribune (Perspective: Dave Skinner)

3/08/08- Yellowstone park bison being killed at record pace (BFC quoted), Billings Gazette (AP, Matt Brown)

3/08/08- Take stand against buffalo mistreatment (Anne Marie Caspter, BFC volunteer), Poughkeepsie Journal (NY)

3/08/08- Wyoming briefs: Bison capture nears record high, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

3/07/08- The True Cost of Brucellosis (Robert Hoskins), New West

3/06/08- Buffalo Field Campaign: Bison advocates and landowners call for changed management, Trading Charts News

3/06/08- Where the buffalo cannot roam... (BFC mention), Big Shot Bob blog

3/05/08- Activists try to stop bison hazing (BFC quoted), Billings Gazette (Stark)

3/05/08- Yellowstone bison killed to protect nonexistent cattle (BFC/EJ release), Environment News Service

3/05/08- 62 more park bison sent to slaughter, Billings Gazette

3/04/08- Groups seek more room for bison to roam (BFC/EJ release), United Press International

3/04/08- Yellowstone area landowners: leave the buffalo alone (BFC/Earth Justice press release), Common Dreams

3/04/08- Two Nez Perce cited for park hunting, Bozeman Daily Chronicle (McMillion)

3/03/08- More park bison shipped to slaughter, Billings Gazette

3/03/08- Yellowstone bison hazed; 12 more captured, Reiten TV, KXMB, Bismark, ND

3/02/08- Tribal bison hunt ends today, Jackson Hole Star Tribune (AP, Matt Brown)

3/02/08- Park bison capture total nears 700, Jackson Hole Star Tribune (AP, Matt Brown)

3/01/08- Guest Opinion: Win-win solutions for bison management (Glenn Hockett), Billings Gazette

3/01/08- Why is Yellowstone destroying its bison herd (Bob Jackson), Counter Punch

3/08- Does Brent Plater only care about a species once it's endangered (Jim McDonald; BFC mention, photos), Brent Plater Unleashed

2/29/08- Letter: Make room for bison in Yellowstone area (Joe Gutkoski), Billings Gazette

2/29/08- Tribal bison hunt to end Sunday, KPAX-TV, Missoula

2/29/08- More bison sent to slaughter, Billings Gazette

2/28/08- Fish, Wildlife & Parks offers scoping period on bison hunt, New West (Nolt)

2/28/08- 100 more Yellowstone bison captured; total tops 600, Great Falls Tribune (AP, Matt Brown)

2/28/08- Nez Perce want to expand Montana bison hunt, KPAX-TV, Missoula

2/28/08- Nez Perce, FWP clash over hunt for bison, Billings Gazette (Stark)

2/28/08- Letter: Many bison taken from Gardiner, none by hunters, Billings Gazette

2/27/08- Montana FWP looks to revamp bison hunt (AP), Local News Station Channel 8, Idaho Falls, ID

2/26/08- Yellowstone ready to kill about 180 more bison (BFC quoted), L.A. Times

2/26/08- Letter: State bison policy doesn't make sense (Ann Stovall), Billings Gazette

2/26/08- Bison slaughter could approach '04-'05 figure (BFC quoted), Jackson Hole Star Tribune

2/25/08- West Yellowstone bison protestor to be removed (BFC quoted), Billings Gazette (Stark)

2/20/08- More bison from park go to slaughter, Billings Gazette (Stark)

2/19/08- Over 130 wild buffalo slaughtered in Yellowstone with 145 more... (BFC press release, link to interview), Free the Media

2/15/08- (MP3 Download 31mb, 3:03'30) Interview with Buffalo Field Campaign Co-founder Mike Mease on The Peter B. Collins Radio Show, Based in San Francisco the show covers the West Coast.

2/12/08- Bison removed for slaughter (BFC quoted), Billings Gazette (Stark)

2/12/08- 37 Yellowstone bison shipped to slaughter, Montana's News Station (AP)

2/11/08- 37 bison sent to slaughter from park (BFC quoted), Jackson Hole News & Guide

2/11/08- Yellowstone NP slaughters 37 wild American bison (BFC press release), New West Unfiltered

2/11/08- Officials anticipate busy season after state bison hunt, Bozeman Daily Chronicle (McMillion)

2/11/08- Buffalo Field Campaign Week of Action, Buffaloed (Ken Cole blog)

2/11/08- Yellowstone puts 53 bison on death row (BFC quoted), Island Park News

2/11/08- Buffalo advocates announce "Week of Action" (BFC mention, links), Island Park News

2/08/08- Yellowstone NP captures 53 of America's last wild bison (BFC press release), New West Unfiltered

2/08/08- FWP suspends state bison hunt near Gardiner, Bozeman Daily Chronicle (McMillion)

2/08/08- Bison hunt to resume Saturday afternoon, Montana's News Station

2/08/08- Bison captured outside of Yellowstone, Montana's News Station

2/08/08- Bison hunt near Gardiner resumes, Montana News Station

2/07/08- Evolution of a hunt (BFC quoted - pro hunt, but excellent about the campaign), Great Falls Tribune

2/07/08- Agencies temporarily suspend bison hunt in Gardiner (BFC pressure made this happen), AP / KXMB - ND

2/06/08- Brucellosis nearly eradicated in commercial herds, Bozeman Daily Chronicle (AP)

2/05/08- Animal Health: State's cattle disease-free (Texas regains b-free status), Lubbock Online

2/05/08- Feds note brucellosis progress, Casper Star Tribune

2/04/08- Cattle disease nearly eradicated, Associated Press

2/03/08- Hey Park Service! Don't Bulldoze Yellowstone Buffalo..., The Magic of Yellowstone (Jim Macdonald BLOG)

1/31/08- Mountain High (BFC/buffalo mention), Missoula Independent

1/29/08- Montana Stockgrowers Association Uneasy after Board of Livestock Listening Session, The Prairie Star

1/30/08- Team of UO cartographers create Yellowstone atlas (Bison movements), Oregon Daily Emerald

1/29/08- Yellowstone's Roaming Bison Herd: Who's Gotcher Back, Homeschool Rangers (National Park Adventures Blog)

1/28/08- Send a bison valentine to your sweetie and help Yellowstone's herds (BFC Special Alert), National Parks Traveler

1/27/08- WY starts feeding elk in Gros Ventre area, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/24/08- Park Service deceiving world about threats to park bison (AWI/BFC), New West Unfiltered

1/20/08- Letter: Shooting bison disrespectful (Jen Nitz!), Billings Gazette

1/11/08- Letter: Make no mistake: DOL wants to rid the state of all bison (Stephany), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/10/08- We face a dilemma: too many bison, too little room, Great Falls Tribune

1/09/08- Moving bison (with video), The Salt Lake Tribune

1/08/08- Where do you draw the line? (Yellowstone bison mention), High Country News (Todd Wilkenson)

1/07/08- Big bison population could force conflicts, Bozeman Daily Chronicle (McMillion)

1/07/08- Montana bison hunt expanding (BFC mention, video?), Montana News Station

1/06/08- Yellowstone officials: bison conflicts could increase, San Diego Union-Tribune

1/04/08- Winter conflicts with bison could increase (BFC quoted), Jackson Hole News & Guide

1/04/08- Sacred buffalo, holy cow: the struggle for the western range, Juxtaposure (Blog - Eric?)

02/08- The Next Great Hunt (excellent article), Plenty Magazine

12/30/07- Groups rap park threats report (BFC quoted), Casper Star Tribune

12/30/07- Yellowstone threat report called supervicial, myopic, (BLOG) B Bar Blog

12/29/07- Guest Opinion: Public, private property lost to brucellosis policy (Glenn Hockett! YEAH!), Billings Gazette

12/27/07- Yellowstone buffalo slaughter history, (BLOG) memes.org

12/27/07- Sun Ranch Slates 11,000 Acres for Conservation Easement, New West

12/27/07- Species, visitor effects still key issues at park, Billings Gazette

12/27/07- Focus shifts to feeding on National Elk Refuge, Jackson Hole News & Guide

12/23/07- Trial bison vaccinations could start this winter, Jackson Hole News & Guide

12/22/07- Guest Opinion: Brucellosis policy must protect ranchers, Billings Gazette

12/21/07- American Indians rediscovering the long-revered bison, The Seattle Times

12/20/07- Bison hunt starting slow (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

12/20/07- Budget measure includes more than $111 million for Montana projects, Helena Independent Record

12/20/07- Redfields consider fertilizing hay crop, The Prairie Star

12/19/07- This Winter: More attacks being planned against wild buffalo of YNP, XMLWatcher

12/19/07- Where do the buffalo and elk still roam?, Business Wire / World Wildlife Fund press release

12/19/07- Interior department revives bison range talks, Indian Country Today

12/19/07- G&F plan considers vaccination of bison, Jackson Hole News & Guide

12/08/07- Official seeks to end Bison Range conflict, Missoulian

12/07/07- Interior issues new marching orders for Bison Range deal, YubaNet.com

12/07/07- Carbon sink on the range?, Living Earth

12/06/07- State and federal agencies predict busy winter for bison management, New West

12/06/07- Interior directs Bison Range to be handed over to Tribe, YubaNet.com

11/29/07- Butting Heads: Politics of race and environment clash at Bison Range, Missoula Independent

11/29/07- The Next Great Hunt (excellent piece on bison restoration and genetic integrity),
Plenty Magazine, Dec-Jan 2008 issue

11/27/07- Meeting on park bison planned, Billings Gazette

11/27/07- Interagency partners to hold bison discussion in Bozeman, Times News (ID)

11/27/07- Guest Opinion: Cattle industry not the only consideration in brucellosis debate (EXCELLENT!), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

11/19/07- Schweitzer says he's dropping bison plan (AP), Billings Gazette

11/18/07- Governor: No split-state status for brucellosis, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

11/16/07- Guest Opinion: Outdated approach used to fight brucellosis (Dr. Woerner - EXCELLENT!!!), Billings Gazette

11/14/07- Wood Buffalo National Park bison alert, Slave River Journal (Alberta)

11/10/07- Horse Butte land sale may give bison safe haven, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

11/09/07- To the Editor:  Private Property Rights (Ann Stovall!), West Yellowstone News

11/09/07- Board rejects disease split, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

11/08/07- Department of Livestock rejects split state for brucellosis management, New West

11/07/07- Livestock board rejects brucellosis management zones, Helena Independent Record

11/07/07- Panelists nix split zone for cattle, Billings Gazette

11/07/07- Madison valley landowners get tough with Montana DOL, New West

11/02/07- Brucellosis summit held in Great Falls, Montana's News Station

11/01/07- Mountain High: BFC License Plate Effort, Missoula Independent

11/1/07- Two tribes say they have right to hunt bison near park, Billings Gazette (Matt Brown)

10/23/07- Bison Management: Radio Interview (BFC & Gallatin Wildlife Association), Home Ground w/ Brian Kahn Yellowstone Public Radio (MP3, 28:34, 32.6MB)

10/15/07- Yellowstone Park bison population approaches record, Billings Gazette

10/15/07- Where the buffalo roamed, Casper Star Tribune

10/16/07- Bison rebound in Yellowstone Park, Associated Press

10/16/07- Yellowstone bison numbers on the upswing, Bozeman Chronicle

10/16/07- Yellowstone park bison numbers up 17 percent, Jackson Hole News & Guide

10/16/07- Bison bounce back, Washington Post

10/17/07- Native bond to Yellowstone's buffalo, Mother Jones

10/17/07- Majestic Yellowstone bison receive Native American prayers, Native American Times

10/17/07- Bison hunt tags drawn, Montana news stations

10/16/07- Bison rebound in Yellowstone Park AP, Matt Brown

10/16/07- Yellowstone bison numbers on the upswing, Bozeman Chronicle

10/16/07- Yellowstone park bison numbers up 17 percent, Jackson Hole News & Guide

10/10/07- Bison advocate convicted of obstructing peace officer while filming hazing, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

08/21/07- Brucellosis: Radio Interview (Montana Livestock Association & Montana Cattleman's Association), Home Ground w/ Brian Kahn Yellowstone Public Radio (MP3, 28:41, 32.7MB)

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