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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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News Articles 2009
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Please note Newspapers are categorized by Field Season- Approximately September through August. For more information please contact: bfc-media"at"wildrockies.org

9/19/09- Advances in battle against brucellosis, Minister hails new tool based on DNA technology, Farming Life

9/18/09- Turner wants quarantined bison, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

9/01/09- USDA: No known brucellosis infections in U.S. cattle, JAVMA News

8/12/09- Experts: Hazing, Not Slaughter, Should Be Centerpiece of Yellowstone Bison Strategy, Yellowstone Insider

8/05/09- Horse Butte controversy spills into court, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

8/04/09- Stockgrowers sue over Horse Butte bison, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

5/30/09- Plan to move quarantined bison to Wyo. stalls, North Dakota News

5/11/09- Wild Bison Harassed Again on Public Land, New West Unfiltered

5/07/09- Wild bison could be heading to Island Park, Island Park News

5/07/09- Governors fight disease plan, Billings Gazette

5/01/09- LETTER: A "Buffalo Hippie" Speaks (Stephany), West Yellowstone News

5/01/09- Study: Grazing threatens US wildlife habitat, Billings Gazette

4/30/09- Brucellosis action to take effect May 15; Testing may be required in seven counties, DOL Press Release

4/21/09- Bloody weekend claims 15 bison (BFC quoted; best story on the incidents), West Yellowstone News

4/21/09- LETTER: Bison hard to see at night (Lobo, BFC volunteer), West Yellowstone News

4/17/09- Wyoming brucellosis group examines federal proposal, Billings Gazette

4/16/09- Weekend collisions kill 15 Yellowstone bison (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

4/14/09- Brucellosis group to hold forum on federal plan, Billings Gazette

4/03/09- OUR O P I N I O N: Shipping of bison to Wyoming a milestone, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

4/02/09- Bison application deadline is May 1, Billings Gazette

3/31/09- Spared from slaughter, bison will move to Wyoming, Native American Times

3/27/09- Yellowstone reports few bison deaths this winter (BFC quoted), Jackson Hole News & Guide

3/26/09- Yellowstone surveys bison numbers, KULR-TV, Billings

3/18/09- Letter: Tribal leader just wants 'free buffalo', Billing Gazette

3/15/09- Feds: Wolves near Jackson free of brucellosis, Billings Gazette

3/12/09- The brucellosis argument falls apart (BFC Update from the Field), New West Unfiltered

3/12/09- Wyoming delegation opposes budget bill with own pork (brucellosis mention), Billings Gazette

3/12/09- Elk feeding areas kept shut down, Billings Gazette

3/07/09- Letter: Brucellosis study must be completed (Doc Woerner), Billings Gazette

3/05/09- Montana Outdoors: SB217 bad legislation with a bad aim (elk), Billings Gazette

3/05/09- Elk Foundation: Hunt Wolves, Great Falls Tribune

3/04/09- Lakota Elder to speak at School of Law on bison slaughter (Rosalie Little Thunder!), UNM Today

2/28/09- Relocation of quarantined bison hits roadblock, Billings Gazette

2/23/09- Senate looks to limit bison range, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

2/08/09- Bison staying in Yellowstone this winter, Helena Independent Record

2/06/09- Lawmakers shoot down new bison plan, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

2/06/09- Horse Butte homeowners head to Helena, West Yellowstone News

2/05/09- New bison plan rejected, Billings Gazette

2/03/09- Vet urges ranchers to adopt brucellosis plan, Billings Gazette

1/31/09- Guest Opinion: Control of range, not brucellosis, at heart of bison oppositon (BFC op-ed), Billings Gazette

1/31/09- Guest Opinion: Expanding bison range wrong way to manage brucellosis (MT Stockgrowers), Billings Gazette

1/29/09- Bill aims to return state's bison to wild in state (BFC quoted), Great Falls Tribune

1/27/09- Are bison wildlife or livestock (Bill Schneider), New West

1/21/09- Buffalo Allies of Bozeman urges passage of Montana HB253, New West Unfiltered

1/15/09- Elk in the crosshairs, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/14/09- Bison capture facility reauthorized, Billings Gazette

1/14/09- Montana releases plan to regain brucellosis-free status, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/13/09- Study: Chance of brucellosis transmission posed by roaming bison is low, Trib.com ~ Wyoming's News Source

1/12/09- Study of disease risk suggests ways to avoid slaughter of Yellowstone bison, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Vets oppose Yellowstone disease "hot zone", Helena Independent Record (AP, longer version)

1/09/09- LTE: Here's something you can do for the bison (Karrie Taggert), West Yellowstone News

1/07/09- Buffalo rally in Helena: Success of a small action inside a big problem (Jim Macdonald; BFC mention), New West Unfiltered

1/07/09- Ranchers oppose bison relocation, Drovers ~ Cattle Network

1/07/09- Ranchers oppose bison relocation, News from Indian Country

1/06/09- Swearing-in Ceremony includes bit of history (BFC mention), Billings Gazette

1/06/09- Ranchers oppose Yellowstone bison relocation, Jackson Hole Star Tribune

1/05/09- Op-ed - Montana Stockgrowers: Time to share with buffalo, Louisa Wilcox, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/05/09- Bison groups protest at inauguration (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

1/05/09- Montana under new management (BFC mention), The Missoulian

1/05/09- Wild Bison Advocates to Hold Rally in Helena (BFC press release), Individual.com ~ It's News to You

1/04/09- Ranchers oppose bison relocation, Billings Gazette

1/04/09- Bison activists plan march, rally (BFC mention), Helena Independent Record

1/04/09- Bison activists plan march, rally, Billings Gazette

1/03/09- Bison backers to march in Helena (BFC mention), Montana's News Station

1/03/09- Bison activists plan march, rally (BFC mention), KPAX-TV, Missoula

1/02/09- Wild Bison Advocates to Hold Rally in Helena (BFC press release), Buffalo Allies of Bozeman

1/02/09- Future of Horse Butte bison in question (BFC quoted). West Yellowstone News

1/02/09- Ten years ago in West Yellowstone (BFC mention), West Yellowstone News

1/01/09- EDITORIAL: Bison-tolerant policies don't increase threat to ranchers (EXCELLENT!!!), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

12/27/08- Mammoths grazed in prehistoric Joshua Tree (bison mention), Hi-Desert Star

12/26/08- Thank you for helping us protect the buffalo (BFC Holiday Update from the Field), News from Indian Country

12/25/08- Cattle industry aims to stop park bison from roaming, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

12/25/08- Court asked to stop bison arrangement, Billings Gazette (AP)

12/25/08- Montana: Lawsuit over roaming bison, New York Times (edited AP story)

12/24/08- Cattle industry seeks to stop bison from roaming, Forbes (AP, Matt Brown)

12/23/08- LTE: Little long-term hope for bison under DOL purview, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

12/23/08- Yellowstone bison get small reprieve
(GYC), Wyoming Business Report

12/23/08- Forest Service OKs bison fence north of park, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

12/21/08- Bison are back, but can they survive, National Public Radio

12/18/08- Elk foundation brings stakeholders to the table, HuntingLife.Com (Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation)

12/18/08- FWP Commission Approves Corridor to Nowhere (BFC Update from the Field), BFC Blog

12/18/08- State, federal governments loosen their rules on Yellowstone bison (BFC quoted), Great Falls Tribune

12/18/08- Montana, federal govt loosen rules on Yellowstone bison, Google / Associated Press (Matt Brown)

12/18/08- Bison get new access (BFC quoted), Jackson Hole News & Guide

12/17/08- Montana, federal gov't loosen rules on Yellowstone bison, KPAX-TV, Missoula (AP, edited)

12/17/08- Yellowstone, bison to be featured on postage stamp, Montana News Station / Associated Press

12/16/08- Land Board OKs $3.3M Royal Teton Ranch agreement, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

12/16/08- Land Board OKs $3.3M Royal Teton Ranch agreement, Forbes

12/16/08- Governor tightens budged proposal (brucellosis mention), Helena Independent Record

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