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News Articles 2009/2010
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Please note Newspapers are categorized by Field Season- Approximately September through August. For more information please contact: bfc-media"at"wildrockies.org

06/15/10- Many skeptical of bison vaccination program, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

06/15/10- Crowd skeptical of bison vaccination program, CBS 4 Denver

06/15/10- Rancher still quarantining herd after brucellosis (Rigby, ID), Cattle Network

06/15/10- Wild bison moved from Yellowstone to bison burger ranch (BFC mention, link to lawsuit), Thomas Paine's Corner (blog)

06/14/10- Brucellosis and Listeria cases (Delaware), Delaware Health and Social Services

06/11/10- Bison in a bubble: Do cattle deserve stronger health protections than people?
, NRDC blog

06/10/10- Wild bison pushed deeper into Yellowstone, Columbia Daily Tribune

06/09/10- Wyoming Briefs: Bison hazing deadline extends, Star Tribune

06/09/10- Brucellosis spreading, Ag Info Net

06/08/10- Hazing continues near West Yellowstone (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

06/08/10- Yellowstone bison pushed back into park, CBS 4 Denver

06/07/10- Chronicle Editorial: Bison air-rifle brucellosis vaccination is waste of effort, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

06/05/10- Walt Cook coordinates brucellosis research within UW, other universities, University of Wyoming

06/05/10- Needless hazing of Yellowstone bison made for a busy spring, NRDC blog

06/04/10- LETTER: Save our wildlife (Suan McClure, West Yellowstone News

06/04/10- Colonel Charles likes it here (BFC mention), West Yellowstone News

06/04/10- LETTER: Do cows benefit the commnity? (Ann Stovall), West Yellowstone News

06/04/10- LETTER: Don't harass the bison! (Brenda Lloyd), West Yellowstone News

06/04/10- Yellowstone seeks public input on bison vaccination proposal, West Yellowstone News

06/04/10- Yellowstone quarter unveiled, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

06/04/10- Hazing Yellowstone bison: a photo essay, NRDC blog

06/03/10- Yellowstone quarter launched, Wyoming Business Report

06/02/10- Yellowstone proposes shooting bison with brucellosis vaccine (BFC quoted), Ag Weekly

06/01/10- Hazed and confused: Yellowstone bison caught in gridlock (BFC mention, photo), High Country News

06/01/10- Experiment aims to return wild bison to open range (BFC quoted),
San Luis Obispo (LA Times piece)

06/01/10- Montana stockgrowers lose legal bid to haze and slaughter bison,
Environmental News Service

06/01/10- Yellowstone holding even to launch new Old Faithful, bison quarter,
KBZK Bozeman

05/31/10- LETTER: Hazing in Yellowstone disturbs more than just the buffalo (Jen Nitz), Helena Independent Record

05/29/10- Yellowstone proposes shooting bison with vaccine (BFC quoted), Star Tribune

05/29/10- Yellowstone proposes shooting bison with vaccine (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/29/10- Unique approach (BFC quoted), Star Tribune

05/28/10- Yellowstone proposes shooting bison with vaccine (BFC quoted), Flathead Beacon

05/28/10- Judge protects free-roaming bison near Yellowstone, LA Times (blog)

05/28/10- 2 B.C. farms quarantined after tests for brucellosis, The Vancouver Sun

05/28/10- Yellowstone seeks public input on bison vaccination proposal, Yellowstone National Park

05/28/10- Yellowstone proposes shooting bison with vaccine, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/28/10- Stockgrowers pleas over bison management dismissed, Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Ruling ATTACHED (PDF)

05/28/10- Judge tosses Montana ranchers' suit over bison, Courthouse News Service

05/28/10- LETTER: Livestock interests trump safety (Jen Nitz), West Yellowstone News

05 /27/10- Bison: Probing research (BFC quoted), Missoula Independent

05/24/10- Hazy results: Officials disagree on whether program to keep park's bison from spreading brucellois has been successful, The Missoulian

05/23/10- Buffaloed by brucellosis, Helena Independent Record

05/23/10- Interagency Bison Management Plan draws mixed reviews, Helena Independent Record

05/22/10- Disputed deal puts Yellowstone bison on Ted Turner's range (BFC quoted), New York Times

05/22/10- On Turner's ranch, Montana mulls future of bison, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/22/10- Yellowstone bison now Ted Turner's (mention of lawsuit), Herald Tribune (NY Times)

05/21/10- Experiment aims to return wild bison to open range (BFC quoted, video w/ BFC interview)
LA Times

05/21/10- New BFC Videos (A Volunteer's experience & On the Road with BFC), Beles Video Izle

5/20/10- Bison hazing triggers locked horns, conflict, Part 2 of 3 (BFC quoted), Powell Tribune

5/18/10- Plight of the bison, Part 1 of 3 (BFC quoted, NOTE: I did send Gib a correction on my misquote)
Powell Tribune

05/18/10- Major bison haze underway, West Yellowstone News

05/17/10- Buffalo Hazing (GYC video NOTE: also there's a post about National Park Service's First Assistant Director of American Indian Relations, Gerard Baker, Mandan-Hidatsa), Native American Netroots News-Update

05/17/10- Bison hazing is cruel and unnecessary (excerpt from HIR's "Hazed & Confused, w/ complete BFC Update w/ photos), Infoshop News

05/17/10- Benefiting Buffalo (Jackson Browne benefit for BFC!, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/14/10- Hazed & Confused (BFC quoted. Eve was out with us, NRDC and GWA and saw yesterday's haze at Duck Creek), Helena Independent Record

05/14/10- Yellowstone bison roundup in full swing (BFC quoted. Fairly decent article from AP for a change)
Billings Gazette

05/13/10- Emergency area closure for The Narrows at Hebgen Lake, Gallatin National Forest
NOTE: GO BFC! Peter's footage of the beginning of the helicopter haze documented a grizzly being caught up in it. BFC alled GNF and a month-long closure was immediately issued. The bear was feasting on a buffalo carcass!

05/12/10- Yellowstone bison hazing planned this week (BFC quoted), Idaho Statesman

05/12/10- Buffalo haze 2010: Firsthand witness account of Monday's haze, New West Unfiltered

05/11/10- Why buffalo can't roam (BFC mention, many bison advocates quoted), OnEarth

05/10/10- Livestock agents kill 2 bison near Yellowstone National Park (BFC mention), KBCK - CBS Bozeman, Montana

05/09/10- State livestock agents will try to haze 400 bison back into Yellowstone (BFC quoted), The Missoulian

05/07/10- Two Yellowstone bison killed after testing goes bad, Yellowstone Insider

05/05/10- Return of the hunt, Las Vegas Sun

05/03/10- LETTER: Livestock industry fails to accept responsibility (Stephany), Billings Gazette

05/03/10- LETTER: Cattle not worth the hell industry heaps on wildlife (Stephany), Bozeman Daily Chronicle
** TEXT pasted below. NOTE: The Chronicle edited out mentions of BFC and GWA.

05/03/10- Eliminating brucellosis may not be possible, Casper Star Tribune

05/02/10- GAZETTE OPINION: Ups and downs (Yellowstone buffalo mention), Billings Gazette

05/02/10- OUR OPINION: Feeding grounds should be phased out, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/02/10- LETTER: Bison management plan not working out well, Billings Gazette

04/30/10- LETTER: The IBMP and buffalo management, West Yellowstone News

04/29/10- New brucellosis "hot spots" found in Yellowstone area, KVAL.com, Eugene, OR (AP story)

04/23/10- Reviews & Ratings: Buffalo Field Campaign, Great Non-Profits
** This is really, really cool!!!

04/23/10- ND cattle feeder will have to import Canadian cattle tested (brucellosis mention), Farm & Ranch Guides

04/22/10- Brucellosis: Legislator aims at elk, Missoula Independent

04/20/10- Feds fight to keep names of ranchers with grazing permits secret, The Data Mine

03/11/10- LETTER: Stolen bison (BFC), Missoula Independent

03/08/10- LETTER: Why should we believe FWP's bison claims? (BFC), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

03/06/10- LETTER: False ultimatum used to support bison plan, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

03/05/10- Conservationists unveil plans to restore bison to North American plains, Guardian, UK

03/04/10- Can wild bison repopulate the plains? (with video), New York Times

03/03/10- Restoring America's wild bison to their home on the range, Environmental News Service

03/02/10- Bison population needs land to grow: study
, CBC News

03/02/10- Bison on the move from Henry Mountains to Book Cliffs, StandardNet

03/02/10- Shoshone-Bannock Tribes take 4 bison in hunt, Local News 8 - Idaho

03/02/10- Bringing bison back to North American landscapes, R & D Magazine

03/02/10- Canada needs to step in to save remaining wild bison, Canoe ~ Canada

03/02/10- Tribes take 4 bison in ceremonial refuge hunt, Jackson Hole Daily

03/02/10- Alaska moves ahead with bison restoration, Juneau Empire

03/01/10- Bringing bison back to North America (IUCN Report), Surfbirds News

03/01/10- USDA to boost wildlife habitat, trim cropland, Reuters

02/28/10- The Buffalo Wars, by Susan L. Nasr, B.A., Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

02/28/10- Montana bison find home with Turner, The News Tribune

02/27/10- OPINION: Turner gave bison badly needed home
(Greater Yellowstone Coalition), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/27/10- Quarantined brucellosis-free bison to be relocated, The Prairie Star

02/25/10- Bison take 'baby steps' toward wider range to roam (BFC quoted), USA Today

02/25/10- Writers on the Range: Helping the Herd (GYC), Missoula Independent

02/24/10- Why Yellowstone bison do not belong on Ted Turner's Ranch (BFC video), Vimeo

02/24/10- State vet pushes for brucellosis vaccines, Billings Gazette

02/23/10- Wyoming state park selling 7 bison, Billings Gazette

02/21/10- Chronicle Editorial: Bison policy flawed at best (excellent!), Bozemana Daily Chronicle

02/21/10- The killing fields (BFC mention, links), Mountain Time

02/20/10- We belong here, Good Shield video!, Google

02/19/10- First of Yellowstone bison moved to Turner, Native Times

02/18/10- Bison moved to Turner ranch (Summer quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/18/10- Bulk of bison moved to Turner ranch, Helena Independent Record

02/18/10- Bison burglar: Turner deal sets dangerous precedent for state, Missoula Independent ~ Writers on the Range

02/18/10- Bison killed in annual bison range round up, Common Dreams (PEER press release)

02/17/10- Park bison move from quarantine to Turner ranch
, Billings Gazette

02/17/10- Bison moved to Turner ranch, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/17/10- Follow-up: Ted Turner wins bison bid, About.com ~ National & State Parks

02/17/10- Wildlife officials say bison to be moved to Turner ranch, Missoulian

02/17/10- First of Yellowstone bison moved to Turner ranch, CNBC

02/17/10- Wildlife officials say bison to be moved, Helena Independent Record

02/16/10- Cows or condos: A false choice between public lands ranching and sprawl, New West

02/16/10- One Y'stone bison shot in winter hunt, Helena Independent Record

02/15/10- 1 bison shot in winter hunt; exodus still possible, Fox 12 Idaho - KTRV-TV

02/14/10- Meetings on official calfhood vaccination, The Prairie Star

02/14/10- Wildlife transmission of disease to cattle, humans still a concern for industry
, The Prairie Star

02/12/10- DOL looks to stem bison migration, West Yellowstone New

02/12/10- FWP approves relocation of 88 quarantined bison to Turner Ranch, West Yellowstone News

02/11/10- Those are our buffalo, pardner, High Country News ~ Writers on the Range

02/10/10- National Elk Refuge to begin feeding Friday, Local News 8 (E.ID, W.WY)

02/09/10- No buffalo to roam Guernsey State Park, Buernsey Gazette

02/09/10- Privatizing Yellowstone bison, Native America Calling - KUNM FM

02/09/10- Editorial: No simple answers to bison deal, Helena Independent Record

02/08/10- DOL looks at stemming bison migration out of Yellowstone, Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News

02/08/10- 4 Budget cuts that save U.S. taxpayers $280 million... (IBMP mention), Animal Tourism.co

02/06/10- Yellowstone bison going to Turner, Grand Forks Herald (subscription)

02/03/10- Yellowstone bison to be loaned to Ted Turner, CNN

02/03/10- IBMP "Public" Meeting Agenda Items and Handouts:

02/03/10- Bison going to Turner, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/03/10- LETTER: Brucellosis fears unfounded (Kathleen, BFC volunteer), Casper Star Tribune

02/02/10- Bison translocation EA final decision notice, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

02/01/10- Former MT lawmaker tapped as Salazar adviser, Seattle Post

01/30/10- Robert Hoskins' response to Carolyn Duckworth's LTE, Helena Indepedent Record

01/29/10- LETTER: Yellowstone bison plan acceptable, not perfect (Carolyn Duckworth), Helena Independent Record

01/29/10- Where should the buffalo roam?, Jamestown Sun (North Dakota)

01/18/10- Ted Turner's bid for Yellowstone Park bison stokes wildlife debate, Billings Gazette

01/17/10- Turner's bid for park bison stokes wildlife debate, Washington Post

01/17/10- LETTER: Western Watersheds takes on entrenched oligarchy (George Weurther - YEAH!), Billings Gazett

01/17/10- Bison after brucellosis: Bison are losing their stigma as a diseased species, but many hurdles remain for their return to the prairie (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chroniclee

01/16/10- Bison, brucellosis and the road to recovery (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/14/10- FWP generating new bison plan, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/14/10- Montana livestock, wildlife leaders plain joint meeting today, Billings Gazette

01/12/10- Ted Turner's bid to house Yellowstone bison draws protest, L.A. Times blog

01/10/10- OPINION: Giving bison to Turner isn't legal (Buffalo Field Campaign), Casper Star-Tribune

01/10/10- Oh give me a home: bison relocation controversy, Treehugger - A Discovery Company

01/10/10- Wildlife group explains position (GWA), Casper Star-Tribune

01/10/10- Longtime Breaks advocate supports grazing, Billings Gazette

01/10/10- USA: Animal rights get it wrong again (BFC quoted), Meat Trade News Daily

01/10/10- 2010 poised to be "Year of the Buffalo" according to National Bison Association, High Plains Journal

01/10/10- Schweitzer: lobbyists ignore ranchers interests, High Plains Journal

01/08/10- Ted Turner and Native Americans in row over fate of Yellowstone bison (BFC quoted), Telegraph - UK

01/08/10- Turner bid for Yellowstone bison draws protest, New York Times

01/07/10- Activists call for bison on state lands (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/07/10- LETTER: Bison should be on public lands (BFC volunteer), Casper Star-Tribune

01/07/10- Ted Turner's bid to get Park bison panned, ABC News

01/06/10- State vet: 'crystal clear,' bison are brucellosis free, The Torrington Telegram

01/06/10- On the comeback trail (Turner, bison ranching), Billings Business
Notable quote: "Turner's bison are trucked to Rocky Mountain Natural Meats for slaughter, reversing the traditional migration
paths that wild bison followed for centuries," Miller said.

01/06/10- Bison hunt kills 140; take down 46 percent, Jackson Hole News & Guide

01/05/10- Elk begin moving to refuge, Billings Gazette

12/26/09- Guest Opinion: Gallatin Natioanl Forest presents gift to Yellowstone bison (Matt Skoglund), Billings Gazette

12/25/09- Wildlife reserves stir concern among ranchers, Great Falls Tribune

12/25/09- Jackson bison herd harvest down from last year, Local News 8 (ID/WY)

12/24/09- National Forest closes Horse Butte to grazing, West Yellowstone News

12/23/09- Yellowstone bison conservation program on hold, Associated Press

12/23/09- Meeting on bison plan rescheduled, Billings Gazette

12/20/09- Ranchers wary of group's effort to create wildlife reserve bigger than Yellowstone, Billings Gazette

12/20/09- Mammals may be nearly half way toward mass extinction, Science Daily

12/18/09- Cattlemen's Capitol Concerns: Animal health, livestock regulation (brucellosis mention), Cattle Network

12/16/09- FWP seeks comment on Turner ranch proposal, Helena Independent Record

12/15/09- ND to revisit restrictions on Minn. cattle imports, Associated Press

12/15/09- Brucellosis - a few facts and history (Yell. bison mention), Liberty County Times

12/14/09- Idaho state vet comments on brucellosis discovery, Northern Ag Network

12/13/09- Plight of the Buffalo, Guacamole Fund (press release: sent 12/1, in Google search 12/13)

12/12/09- Schweitzer: Lobbyists ignore ranchers' interests, Flathead Beacon

12/12/09- Governor addresses Stockgrowers meeting, Montana's News Station

12/12/09- LETTER: Bison have potential (James Marples) (EXCELLENT! About Quarantined buffalo), Salina Journal

12/12/09- UW, WGFD seek to unravel elk brucellosis mystery, Prairie Star

12/11/09- Schweitzer tells livestock group that lobbyists have stalled help, Missoulian
*LETTERS NEEDED! Schweitzer proudly spoke these words to the MCA, so they know he's definitely representing their interests: "No governor in Montana history has sent more bison to slaughter than this governor," Schweitzer said.

12/11/09- Governor jabs stockgrowers for lack of support, Billings Gazette

12/11/09- Schweitzer to address livestock group, Billings Gazette

12/11/09- Bison again to roam Guernsey State Park, The Torrington Tellegram (WY)

12/10/09- Gallatin National Forest closes grazing area, Billings Gazette

12/09/09- National Forest closes Horse Butte grazing (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

12/09/09- R-CALF: USDA's new bovine brucellosis plan flawed, Cattle Network

12/09/09- LETTER: Hidden agenda on bison relocation? (Jim Bailey), Helena Independent Record

12/09/09- Ted Turner gets OK for Yellowstone bison on ranch, News from Indian Country

12/08/09- Second brucellosis case found in Idaho cattle herd, Capital Press

12/07/09- Yellowstone bison to billaire Turner's ranch, Backpacker Magazine

12/07/09- The homeless herd: Why is Ted Turner getting these buffalo?, Huffington Post (blog)

12/06/09- Bison and more make prairie pilgrimage a delight, Kansas City Star

12/06/09- Schweitzer to address critics at Montana Stockgrowers Association convention, Missoulian

12/06/09- Catalina's buffalo (BFC quoted), Lone Star Ranch (blog) / Reprint of L.A. Times article

12/04/09- Bison dispute subject of documentary ("Buffalo Battle" / partial BFC release), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

12/04/09- Television show highlights Yellowstone bison controversy ("Buffalo Battle" / BFC release), Native American Times

12/03/09- USCA executive VP fights for cow/calf producers, Farm & Ranch Guide

12/03/09- Homeless on the Range, One Earth

12/03/09- Battle over Yellowstone bison featured in new TV show, West Yellowstone News

12/03/09- New one-hour special covers Yellowstone bison conflict, About.com: National & State Parks

12/03/09- Ted Turner gets OK for Yellowstone bison on ranch, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

12/02/09- Buffalo Battle premieres on TV, Jackson Hole Weekly

12/02/09- TV show highlights Yellowstone bison controversy, Bay Area Indy-Media

12/02/09- Buffalo Battle Documentary, Wind Snow Water: Lance Koudele's blogspot

12/02/09- Bacterial disease brucellosis found in Idaho cow, Associated Press

12/01/09- Letter: Give wild bison home on Montana public lands, Billings Gazette

12/01/09- Buffalo Battle: About the Show, Planet Green

12/01/09- Livestock disease found in eastern Idaho cow, Atlanta Business News AJC.com

12/01/09- Brucellosis surfaces again in eastern Idaho, Casper Star Tribune

12/01/09- Livestock disease found in eastern Idaho cow, Townhall.com

12/01/09- Second brucellosis case found in Idaho cattle herd, Capital Press

11/11/09- Yellowstone bison could go to Turner's Montana ranch, Casper Star Tribune (full version of AP story)

11/11/09- USA: Brucellosis threat from infected elk, VetsWeb

11/11/09- State, feds want to ship Yellowstone bison to Turner's ranch, Missoulian

11/04/09- LETTER: Fight brucellosis with habitat acquisition (Jo Gutkoski!!), Billings Gazette

11/04/09- Wind Cave bison translocation restocks Mexican preserve, National Parks Traveler (blog)

11/03/09- Bison roam the Kansas plains for first time in nearly 140 years, EcoWorld

11/03/09- Wind Cave bison going to Mexico, Victoria Advocate

11/03/09- American buffalo gold proof coin sales open strong, Coin Update News

11/02/09- Bison return to native prairie in Kansas, The Nature Conservancy

10/29/09- Biologists fight to save rare bison bloodlines, Rapid City Journal

10/29/09- Bison proposals due Monday, Helena Independent Record

10/29/09- Home for quarantined Yellowstone bison sought, PennLive.com

09/16/09- Ranchers criticize plans for bison herds at BLM meeting, Great Falls Tribune

09/11/09- Yellowstone's Summer 2009 Bison Population Estimate Released, Yellowstone National Park Press Release (Estimate PDF)

09/10/09- New Report Shows Yellowstone Healthy But Facing Challenges, Yellowstone National Park Press Release (Report PDF)

09/2009- Yellowstone’s Bison population booming, Wildlife Extra News

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