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Please note Newspapers are categorized by Field Season- Approximately September through August. For more information please contact: bfc-media"at"wildrockies.org

07/14/11- Yellowstone bison pay price for poor decisions, Great Falls Tribune

06/28/11- Board seeks comment on cattle boundaries, Helena Independent Record

06/21/11- Buffalo Soldiers (BFC feature), Planet Jackson Hole (Benjamin Bombard)

06/21/11- Governor tells federal land managers issues remain (bison mention), Westport News

06/21/11- Livestock department to look for brucellosis in more places, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

06/20/11- Schweitzer says state is skeptical of Obama conservation plan (Yell bison mention), The Republic

06/19/11- Buffalo Field Campaign on Facebook, Facebook

06/18/11- OP-ED: The future is worth the fight (Alliance for the Wild Rockies), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

06/18/11- Wind Cave home to rare genetically pure bison, Rapid City Journal

06/16/11- New judge selected to oversee bison case, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

06/12/11- Buffalo shaped the culture of Kansas, Kansas.com

06/10/11- Road trip USA: Bison roam free in the Badlands (Yellowstone mention, overall conservation) Summit County Citizens Voice

06/09/11- Bison: On the pill (BFC quoted), Missoula Independent

06/09/11- HUMOR: YNP Concerned about competing Yello-Stone Natural Park built, right across the street, The Onion

06/09/11- 350 bison hazed back into Yellowstone (BFC quoted), KAJ-18 - Kalispell

06/09/11- LETTER: Bison in trouble, The Spokesman Review

06/07/11- Judge tosses TRO request over helicopter bison hazing, Helena Independent Record

06/06/11- BFC Press Release: Wild Bison Stolen from Yellowstone, The Wildlife News

06/04/11- OP-ED: Montana's wild bison deserve our honor, appreciation (BFC), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

06/02/11- LETTER: Sterile bison will not benefit anyone (Elizabeth Robertson, BFC office coordinator) Bozeman Daily Chronicle

06/03/11- Bison study to use sterilization to thwart disease (BFC quoted), Billings Gazette

06/03/11- Yellowstone bison an uncertain future (BFC quoted), Explore Big Sky

06/02/11- Buffalo battle: It's time to stop the slaughter, halt the hazing, Missoula Independent - George Ochenski

06/02/11- About 350 bison pushed into park during first day of hazing (Ed Millspaugh quoted!), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

06/02/11- LETTER: Sterile bison in Yellowstone will not benefit anyone (BFC), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

06/01/11- Op-ED: Montana's wild buffalo deserve our honor, appreciation (BFC), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

06/01/11- 350 bison hazed back into Yellowstone (BFC quoted - interesting spelling of Darrell's name! link to BFC)
KXLF - Butte & KBZK - Bozeman- With Video: http://www.kxlf.com/player/?video_id=8049 (BFC's Darrell Geist interviewed)

06/01/11- Press Release: Bison hazing could impact travel along Yellowstone's Western entrance road, Yellowstone National Park

06/01/11- Bison hazing could disrupt travel, KXLF - Butte

06/01/11- Bison haze begins today, environmental group pushes to block use of helicopters (Ann Stovall quoted!), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

06/01/11- 350 bison driven into Yellowstone from Montana to make way for grazing cattle, The Republic

06/01/11- Bison drive into park starts near West Yellowstone, Idaho Press-Tribune

05/28/11- Letter: Protect Bison (from a BFC supporter), Wichita Eagle (Kansas)

05/27/11- Hundreds of bison released back into park (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/27/11- Dennis Rehberg's sloppy homework (BFC mention - for your amusement, of course!), Montana Cowgirl Blog

05/26/11- Press Release: Yellowstone closes Stephens Creek bison capture facility, Yellowstone National Park

05/26/11- Yellowstone bison capture facility closed, Billings Gazette

05/26/11- Last of penned Yellowstone bison released from corrals, Billings Gazette

05/25/11- State wants new judge in bison case, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/25/11- Yellowstone bison, BC-MT Montana News Digest

05/24/11- Environmental groups seek to block hazing flights, Helena Independent Record

05/19/11- Lawsuit: Hazing bison with helicopters harmful to grizzly bears, Missoulian

05/18/11- After winter of change, bison meetings conclude, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/18/11- Bison management meeting wraps up in Bozeman (BFC quoted, interviewed), NBC Montana

05/18/11- Bison management meeting held in Bozeman (BFC interviewed), KBZK - Bozeman

05/18/11- Agencies, tribes hash out bison management at Bozeman meeting, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/18/11- Officials detail free-roaming bison plan; court order looms, Helena Independent Record (AP)

05/18/11- Parks Canada marks 100 years (bison restoration), CBC News - Canada

05/17/11- Changes for bison weighed, but court order looms, Times Union (AP)

05/16/11- Yellowstone bison get more room to roam, High Country News (subscription only)

05/15/11- LETTER: Agencies cooperating to harm bison (Scott Hoeinghausen), Billings Gazette

05/13/11- Judge halts rules that let bison roam freely, Beaumont Enterprise (TX)

05/13/11- Wilderness group puts state, feds on notice over bison, Helena Independent Record

05/12/11- Use of helicopter to drive park bison challenged, Local News 8 - Eastern Idaho/Western WY

05/12/11- OP-ED: We must reign in fears, attitudes over roaming bison (Karrie Taggart), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

05/12/11- Park Couny judge halts bison changes, Billings Gazette

05/12/11- Judge halts rule that let bison roam freely, Flathead Beacon

05/12/11- Use of helicopter to drive park bison back challenged, Casper Star Tribune

05/12/11- Environmentalists say use of helicopter to drive bison back into Yellowstone could harm grizzlies, Daily Reporter

05/11/11- Yellowstone releasing bison from Stephens Creek trap, Billings Gazette

05/11/11- Judge halts rules that allow bison to roam freely, Casper Star Tribune

05/10/11- Park releasing bison, Jackson Hole News & Guide

05/09/11- Deep snow puts bison plan on hold, KFBB (Great Falls)

05/09/11- State, feds plan to drive bison into Yellowstone, Helena Independent Record

05/09/11- Montana, feds plan to drive bison into Yellowstone, Salt Lake Tribune

05/08/11- Montana tribes ready for historic return of buffalo, Yahoo! News

05/07/11- Group blames hazing for bison calf's death (BFC quoted), Jackson Hole News & Guide

05/07/11- State sued for letting YNP bison roam, Helena Independent Record

05/06/11- Bison 'managers' kill calf (BFC press release), Island Park News

05/06/11- LETTER: Roaming buffalo are beautiful, not trouble (Scott Hoeninghausen), Livingston Enterprise

05/06/11- Yellowstone's east entrance opens to snow-covered interior, Billings Gazette

05/05/11- Regulating Montana bison: Are they wildlife or livestock?, New West

05/04/11- Yellowstone hopes to release bison back into park for summer, KBZK - Bozeman (2nd running, longer version)

05/03/11- Bison deaths reviewed by county attorney, Livingston Enterprise

05/03/11- Yellowstone hopes to release bison back into park for summer, KBZK - Bozeman

05/03/11- Brucellosis battle a long-term fight, Powell Tribune

05/01/11- Police Reports - Bison in town, West Yellowstone News

04/29/11- Congressmen urge change in Yellowstone bison plan, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

04/29/11- Work begins on sequencing bison genome, High Plains Journal

04/28/11- Chronicle Opinion: Bison issue needs real solution, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

04/28/11- Congressmen urge change in Yellowstone bison plan, Wall Street Journal (YEAH!)

04/28/11- NPS needs to control disease, Cody Enterprise

04/28/11- Powell area to be included in brucellosis surveillance zone, Powell Tribune

04/28/11- Members of Congress: Scrap the IBMP, Yellowstone Insider

04/27/11- Preparing for bison in the Gardiner Basin, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

04/27/11- Bison's kindred spirit to rise on Mother's Day (BFC quoted), New West (Todd Wilkinson)

04/27/11- Prosecutor to make call on Gardiner bison shooter, Billings Gazette

04/27/11- Yellowstone bison killer: It was self defense, Yellowstone Insider

04/26/11- Long winter complicates bison, elk management, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

04/25/11- Yellowstone to release 25 captured bison into park, Billings Gazette

04/24/11- LETTER: Don't go backward, Billings Gazette

04/24/11- Buffalo cruise through town (2 of these bulls were molested by APHIS that morning), West Yellowstone News

04/24/11- Schweitzer's bison solution should protect Park County, Great Falls Tribune

04/24/11- Fairview history: Brit sportsman leads Yellowstone valley hunt, Sidney Hearald Leader

04/24/11- On a trip to South Dakota to view the bison (Why are people so AFRAID of buffalo???), The Republic

04/23/11- Wyoming tightens cattle ID rule for brucellosis zones, High Plains Journal

04/22/11- Governor asks Legislature to change bison proposal, The Republic

March/April, Where the buffalo roam (Yellowstone buffalo mention), Mother Jones

04/22/11- Montana probes killing of Yellowstone buffalo (BFC quoted, photos), Fox News 8 - Cleveland / Reuters

04/22/11- Hunt for the Yellowstone bison serial killer (BFC quoted, photos), Daily Mail (UK)

04/22/11- Schweitzer asks for changes to bison relocation bill, Billings Gazette

04/22/11- Assignment Earth: New rules for Yellowstone bison (BFC interviewed, footage used), Mother Nature Network

04/22/11- Documentary of bison to air on PBS ("Facing the Storm"), Billings Gazette

04/22/11- Two roaming Yellowstone bison killed near Gardiner (BFC links), Yellowstone Insider

04/22/11- Agencies, tribes endorse plan for bison to roam, News from Indian Country

04/21/11- Yellowstone officials weigh slaughter of up to 100 bison, but say that's now unlikely, Great Falls Tribune

04/21/11- Wandering bison causing trouble in Gardiner (NOTE: there's video of Bill Hoppe)
Brett French

04/21/11- Bison haters attack roam-free policy (BFC quotes, photos), Island Park News

04/18/11- Park County officials want roaming bison from YNP reined in, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

04/18/11- Legal challenges to Yellowstone bison accord possible, Yellowstone Insider (blog)

04/17/11- Beartooth treasures: Researchers finding artifacts revealed by melting ice fields, Billings Gazette

04/15/11- Big turnout for bison management group open house (BFC interviewed), NBC Montana

04/15/11- In wake of bison meeting, county considers lawsuit, Livingston Enterprise

04/15/11- Brucellosis bill nears passage, Livingston Enterprise

04/15/11- Agreement to let bison roam Gardiner Basin finalized (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

04/15/11- Agencies, tribes endorse plan for bison to roam, Billings Gazette

04/15/11- Today's Idaho Ag News: David Sparks: Ian Liar Barton (Brucellosis & Buffalo), AgInfo

04/14/11- Interior to be sued to force bison protections (WWP mention), Rapid City Journal

04/14/11- Wood bison issue draws diverse backers, Anchorage Daily News

04/13/11- USFWS initiates 'flex' plan for Wolves in Wyoming (interesting buffalo comparison), New West

04/09/11- Holding pattern: Plan to let park bison roam Gardiner Basin still stuck in limbo, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

04/09/11- Guest Opinion: Support found for Montana bison hunting grounds (Kit Fischer), Billings Gazette

04/09/11- Bison cooperators to discuss changes in Gardiner area on April 14, Billings Gazette

04/09/11- Guest Opinion: Wild bison threaten Montana agricultural industry (Pat Anderson), Billings Gazette

04/08/11- LETTER: BFC is an important voice for wild bison (Peter Bogusko), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

04/08/11- Finally, Yellowstone bison herd gets room to roam, Salt Lake Tribune

04/06/11- Agreement to let Yellowstone bison roam in southern Montana, where hunting would increase, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

04/05/11- LETTER: BFC fights for the oppressed buffalo, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

04/04/11- LETTER: Buffalo important part of our heritage (Doc Woerner), Billings Gazette

04/02/11- Indian tribes seek return of buffalo, Austin American Statesman

04/02/11- Denver's municipal bison herd evolving back to ancestry, gaining value, Daily Reporter

03/31/11- Step up to save America's wild bison (BFC generated LTE sent by supporter), Blue Springs Examiner

03/31/11- LETTER: Yellowstone bison need room to roam (BFC), Animal People Magazine

03/31/11- Do bison threaten Alaskans?, Alaska Dispatch

03/30/11- Yellowstone wildlife chief honored, Billings Gazette

03/29/11- Buffalo Field Campaign: On-the-ground Activism, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

03/29/11- The donor dance: how green groups get their funding (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

03/28/11- Obituary: barb abramo, West Yellowstone News

03/28/11- Double trouble for man who struck a bison with a BMW, West Yellowstone News

03/27/11- Seeing green (BFC mention), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

03/27/11- Beyond Yellowstone's boundaries: Featuring GYC, Bozeman Daily Chronicle
NOTE: The Chronicle is doing a similar story about BFC and went out in the field with patrols in Gardiner.

03/27/11- No home on Montana range - Ranchers resist Indians' plans to take park buffalo, Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

03/26/11- Indian tribes in Montana prepare way for the return of wild bison (BFC quoted), Washington Post

03/26/11- Freed bison spur probe (BFC quoted), Jackson Hole News and Guide

03/26/11- Indian tribes prepare way for buffalo's return (BFC quoted), Huffington Post

03/25/11- More bison captured trying to leave Yellowstone National Park, The Republic

03/25/11- Where the buffalo roam, Al Jazeera

03/25/11- Bringing back bison: Returning an American icon, Live Science

03/20/11- Bison with exposure to brucellosis escape after someone opens gate, The Republic

03/20/11- Bison once more walking on the genetically wild side, Salt Lake Tribune

03/19/11- Op-Ed: Let tribes restore wild, healthy bison to Montana, Billings Gazete

03/18/11- In holding pens, room is running out for Yellowstone bison (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

03/17/11- Yellowstone bison get more room to roam in Montana (BFC quoted), Washington Examiner (AP)

03/16/11- Schweitzer pushes bison culls, park chief balks, News from Indian Country

03/15/11- Gov. Schweitzer says he'll veto bans on moving disease-free bison onto state lands, Billings Gazette

03/15/11- Bitterroot elk test negative for brucellosis, KPAX-Missoula

03/11/11- Yellowstone bison saved from slaughter, but still starving (WWP, BFC mention, links), National Animal Rescue - The Examiner

03/11/11- Emergency injunction denied (BFC, WWP mention), Helena Independent Record

03/11/11- Judge refuses to grant injunction on bison killing, Helena Independent Record

03/10/11- Park pens more bison, Jackson Hole News & Guide

03/10/11- Montana, federal agencies negotiating 'buffer zone for bison, Canadian Business

03/09/11- Montana, feds negotiating areas for buffalo to roam, Billings Gazette

03/09/11- Bill aims to classify bison as livestock, KXLH - Helena

03/08/11- Governor supports thinning of Yellowstone bison herd, Ravalli Republic

03/08/11- Brucellosis survelliance zone may expand, Billings Gazette

03/08/11- States draw line against Yellowstone brucellosis, Food Safety News

03/07/11- YNP superintendent to meet with Schweitzer on bison issue, KXLF - Butte

03/07/11- LETTER: Living with bison (George Nell), Helena Independent Record

03/05/11- After more than a century, tribes hunt bison again, Richmond Times-Dispatch

03/03/11- Should bison be treated as wildlife?, The Daily News

03/03/11- Editorial Board: Bison talk is move toward better solution, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

03/03/11- Idaho tribe probing claim of waste in bison hunt, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

03/03/11- Radio Interview with Buffalo Field Campaign, WBAP/PRI - First Voices Indigenous Radio, Tiokasin GhostHorse

03/02/11- Idaho tribe investigating claims of waste during Montana bison hunt near Yellowstone, The Republic

03/02/11- Colorado wants more ID for Yellowstone-area cattle, NewsFirst5.com

03/01/11- OP-ED: Practical solutions needed to solve bison management, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/28/11- U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service: Bison protection not warranted, Environmental News Service

02/27/11- Oregon tribes from Umatilla reservation return to Yellowstone for first bison hunt in century, Google

02/27/11- Legislature's bills aim to rein in free-roaming bison, Missoulian

02/26/11- Back to Tradition, Bringing home the bison, NPR
NOTE: This story leaves out entirely the situation of the buffalo. Please consider submitting comments to help shed light on the dire straights the buffalo are in. It is quick and easy to register.

02/25/11- New Yellowstone chief says bison a priority, Casper Star Tribune

02/25/11- The bison slaughter continues (Hal Herring), Field & Stream (blog)

02/25/11- Should bison be treated as wildlife (BFC mention), Daily Interlake

02/25/11- Release: Initital testing reveals exposure to brucellosis in elk in Ruby Valley, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
NOTE: For elk, FWP takes the time to mention that sero-positive results do not mean infection, nor do they mean an elk can transmit. Information that is always conveniently left out for the buffalo.

02/25/11- Elk positive for disease exposure in Ruby Valley (Yellowstone bison mention), KHQ - Spokane, Northern Idaho

02/24/11- Chronicle Editorial: Thumbs up to ban on bison slaughter, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/24/11- The fight continues to free the bison held captive in Stephens Creek trap (BFC quoted, links), Examiner

02/24/11- New Yellowstone chief says bison a priority, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/24/11- Oregon tribes pursue first bison hunt in centuries, NPR

02/24/11- Native Americans get Yellowstone bison, Kansas Outdoors

02/23/11- Obama Administration denies protection for plains bison, Center for Biological Diversity

02/23/11- USFWS Will not conduct in-depth review to consider listing the wild plains bison (w/ link to finding), US Fish & Wildlife Service

02/23/11- Yellowstone Bison Citizens' Working Group meets for first time in
hopes of addressing bison issues
, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/23/11- Bison citizens working group forms in Bozeman, KBZK - Bozeman

02/23/11- US Fish & Wildlife Service propose rule to reclassify wood bison, Lexology

2/22/11- Guest Editorial: Montana Legislature supports failed bison management plan Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/22/11- The return of bison, Banff Crag & Canyon (Alberta)

02/22/11- Bison deaths another blow to Fort Smith ranchers, Billings Gazette

02/21/11- Farm Bureau on Bison Slaughter (w/ mp3), AgInfo

02/20/11- Time for a new direction? (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/20/11- LETTER: Welcome the gift of bison (Glenn Hockett!!), Billings Gazette

02/20/11- Ups & Downs: Yellowstone Bison, Billings Gazette

02/20/11- Trying to buffalo buffalo, East Oregonian News

02/20/11- Going to buffalo, East Oregonian News

02/18/11- Yellowstone bison get Montana governor's pardon (BFC quoted), Environmental News Network

02/18/11- Yellowstone bison slaughter blocked (BFC quoted), New West

02/18/11- Montana governor blocks Yellowstone bison slaughter (WWP quoted), Las Vegas Sun

02/17/11- Guest Editorial: Bison abuse merits harsh criticism (Dr. Brian L. Horejsi), The Wildlife News

02/17/11- Lawmakers vote to keep wild bison off Montana land, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/17/11- Montana governor bars brucellosis-infected Yellowstone bison (WWP and BFC quoted), Environmental News Service

02/17/11- Citizens group forming to discuss Yellowstone bison, KXLF - Butte

02/17/11- Bison, cattle at odds (BFC quoted and photo), Outpost (Billings Gazette)

02/16/11- Montana governor grants reprieve for Yellowstone bison (BFC quoted), Reuters

02/16/11- Montana Governor Schweitzer bars Park Service from slaughtering bison (BFC quoted), Politics Daily

02/16/11- Montana gov. stops bison slaughter plan (BFC quoted), Jackson Hole News & Guide

02/16/11- Schweitzer halts bison slaughter (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/16/11- Judge allows Yellowstone bison slaughter, The Enterprise - Brockton, MA

02/16/11- Montana gov. to block buffalo slaughter, Ecoworld

02/16/11- Relaxed disease rules mean bison should roam - but when?, OnEarth Magazine (NRDC)

02/16/11- Chronicle Editorial: Time to fix gruesome cycle for park bison, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/15/11- Montana governor Brian Schweitzer blocks Yellowstone bison slaughter (WWP quoted), Huffington Post (AP)

02/15/11- Montana: Governor blocks bison slaughter, New York Times

02/15/11- Ruling allows slaughter of 500 Yellowstone bison (BFC quoted), Grant Daily

02/15/11- Judge: Yellowstone bison slaughter can proceed (WWP quoted), MSNBC

02/15/11- Radio Interview - Mike Mease of BFC, Culture Shocks

02/15/11- Park Service can proceed to kill wayward bison (links to 2/7 article re: injunction)
Courthouse News Service

02/14/11- Judge says Yellowstone bison slaughter won't hurt species long-term and can proceed, The Canadian Press

02/14/11- Feds ease sanctions for brucellosis in livestock, Forbes

02/13/11- Sanctions for brucellosis in livestock eased, CNBC

02/11/11- Let Buffalo Roam - Wildlife Management is an Oxymoron (BFC's Peter Bogusko!!), InfoShop

02/11/11- Interior asks Montana judge to allow bison slaughter, News from Indian Country

02/11/11- Last bison from Yellowstone habitat program shot, KHQ Right Now - NBC

02/10/11- Brucellosis testing begins for southwest Montana elk, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/10/11- Another suspected brucellosis case in Park County, Wyoming, Billings Gazette

02/10/11- Wildlife advocates ask federal judge to halt slaughter of Yellowstone bison (BFC photo), Boston Globe

02/10/11- Bison: Kill Crisis (BFC quoted), Missoula Independent

02/10/11- Groups fight to save over 500 Yellowstone bison on death row (BFC mention), Change.org

02/10/11- Is Gardiner, Montana the Selma, Alabama of Wildlife Conservation? (BFC mention), New West - George Wuerthner

02/10/11- Yellowstone bison slaughter debated in court, Yellowstone Insider

02/09/11- URGENT: Yellowstone bison face imminent slaughter, Planet Save

02/08/11- Widespread Mitochondrial Disease in North American Bison, BFC Press Release

02/08/11- FWP personnell begin trapping elk for study, Billings Gazette

02/08/11- Feds ask judge to stay out of bison slaughter issue, KPAX Missoula

02/08/11- Yellowstone's bison in danger of being slaughtered, This Dish is Veg

02/08/11- Officials halt plan to slaughter brucellosis-afflicted Yellowstone bison after activists file court challenge (BFC photo), L.A. Times

02/08/11- Study links Yellowstone bison fate to genetic flaw, Reuters

02/08/11- Department of the Interior asks judge to allow bison slaughter (BFC photo), Billings Gazette

02/07/11- Bison slaughter smokescreen for livestock industry, New West - George Wuerthner!

02/07/11- Interior asks Montana judge to allow bison slaughter, San Jose Mercury News

02/07/11- Wildlife groups challenge Park's slaughter of bison, Court House News

02/07/11- Why we should be hunting bison (links to 2005 bison hunt story), Field & Stream - Hal Herring

02/07/11- Advocates speak out against Yellowstone bison slaughter (BFC quote, link)
About.com - Lauren's National & State Park News

02/07/11- Pro-wildlife groups file injunction to stop slaughter of Yellowstone bison (BFC quoted), New West

02/07/11- Animal advocates fight to stop slaughter of Yellowstone bison (BFC quotes, link), Examiner

02/07/11- Groups speaking out against bison plan, NBC Montana

02/07/11- Beleaguered bison back from brink, The Pueblo Chieftain

02/06/11- Bison slaughter on hold as park reviews lawsuit (BFC photo), Stamford Advocate

02/06/11- Recreationists reminded of presence of bison hunters, West Yellowstone News

02/06/11- NRDC: With Yellowstone's bison, why aren't times a'changin, Huffington Post

02/05/11- Plan to slaughter stray Yellowstone bison ignites furor, Reuters

02/04/11- Bison slaughter challenged as habit effort flops, The Daily Caller

02/04/11- Conservationists seek emergency injunction to prevent slaughter of Yellowstone bison (Group Press Rls), Trading Charts

02/04/11- Groups ask judge to stay killing of Yellowstone bison, Reuters

02/04/11- Hard winter spells hard times for Yellowstone bison (BFC mentions), Island Park News

02/03/11- In Montana, court asked to stop Yellowstone bison slaughter (BFC photo), Syracuse.com

02/03/11- Court asked to stop Yellowstone bison slaughter (BFC photo), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/03/11- Government prepares for bison slaughter, Atlanta Journal Constitution

02/02/11- Yellowstone bison slaughter could begin this week, Idaho State Journal

02/02/11- 300 Yellowstone bison captured, face slaughter (BFC quoted), Beaumont Enterprise

02/02/11- Bison lives spared, allowed to migrate into Montana (1st time since 1800s), PlanetSave.com

02/01/11- 300 Yellowstone bison captured leaving park (BFC quoted), Victoria Advocate

01/31/10- Gardiner-area ranchers weigh in on nearby bison, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/30/11- Wittich bill would require DOL to ask for property access, West Yellowstone News

01/30/11- Umatillas to hunt Yellowstone bison, Tri City Herald

01/30/11- Bison hunters, recreationists near West Yellowstone warned to be alert, Billings Gazette

01/29/11- Oh how the bison will roam, About.com - Lauren's National & State Park News

01/29/11- Yellowstone's roaming buffalo stray into trouble (BFC quoted), Independent (London!)

01/29/11- Bison in program shipped back to Yellowstone (scroll down a bit), Arizona Central

01/28/11- Texas discoveres new cattle brucellosis infected herd, CattleNetwork.com

01/28/11- Bison in US program shipped back to Yellowstone after repeatedly roaming off grazing area, The Canadian Press

01/28/11- Stephens Creek bison released after concerns they could be slaughtered (BFC quoted, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/28/11- Yellowstone Park managers release 62 bison (BFC quoted), Reuters

01/28/11- Fears over bison lead to several more Montana bills, Victoria Advocate

01/27/11- Recently released bison causing problems for officials, KXLF Butte, MT

01/26/11- Death of a U.S. bison sparks conservation debate (BFC quoted), Reuters

01/26/11- Feeding wild bison is option in efforts to keep them on public lands, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/26/11- Death of Yellowstone bison sparks conservation debate (BFC quoted), WKZO (Reuters)

01/25/11- GYC Op-Ed: Icon of the West: Bison deserve homes on the Montana range, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/25/11- Agents kill Yellowstone bison allowed to roam into Montana for experiment (BFC quoted), Great Falls Tribune

01/24/11- MT livestock agents shoot Yellowstone bison, KIVI TV Boise

01/24/11- Tribes return to hunt Yellowstone Park bison, Billings Gazette

01/24/11- Spared slaughter, some bison migrate into Montana, toward private property, Native American Times

01/23/11- Tribe builds new fence in hope of getting disease-free Yellowstone buffalo, Billings Gazette

01/09/11- FWP to consider managing bison as big game (BFC quoted), West Yellowstone News

01/08/11- Yellowstone bison corralled for release outside park, New West

01/07/11- Radio! Buffalo Field Campaign Interview (Go Justine!), Morning Magazine: KGNU Bolder, Colorado (about 15 min. into program)

01/07/11- Groups split on bison project (BFC quoted), Jackson Hole News and Guide

01/07/11- Legislative committee grills FWP (bison bill, Y2Y), Billings Gazette

01/07/11- Syracuse University and NPS partner to study bison grazing, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/07/11- Bison, wolves and lawyers (BFC mention), Outdoor Photography/JWYNET (blog)

01/07/11- LETTER: Buffalo "hunt" a mockery (Jen Nitz), Billings Gazette

01/06/11- Bison being corralled, tested, to be released (BFC quoted), Billings Gazette

01/06/11- Bison move to Royal Teton Ranch could be days away (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/06/11- Radio Interview: Buffalo Field Campaign, WBAI First Voices Indigenous Radio w/ Tiokasin Ghosthorse

01/06/11- Finding Yellowstone bison new home has challenges, experts say, Missoulian

01/06/11- Ecosystem "Save" list includes Greater Yellowstone, Public News Service

01/06/11- 4-year waiting period for either-sex elk permits on FWP Commission's agenda (bison mention), Billings Gazette

01/05/11- FWP eyes state land for bison (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/05/11- State may put at least 50 bison on Spotted Dog land (BFC mention), Helena Independent Record

01/05/11- FWP considers transplanting bison to Bob Marshall Wilderness (BFC mention), Missoulian

01/05/11- Shift in Yellowstone bison management in place for 2011 (BFC mention, links), Yellowstone Insider

01/04/11- Montana examines relocating some Yellowstone bison (CHECK OUT Stockgrowers quote!), NECN Comcast Network

01/04/11- State considering relocating brucellosis-free bison on various WMAs (BFC mention), Helena Independent Record

01/04/11- Montana examines relocating some Yellowstone bison, The Dickinson Press (AP)

01/04/11- Officials look at bison relocation, KXLF - Butte

01/04/11- Plan would allow bison to be relocated in Montana, Billings Gazette

01/04/11- State considers relocating bison to wildlife management areas, Great Falls Tribune

01/04/11- Early start to elk, bison feeding in Jackson Hole, Billings Gazette

01/03/11- Minimum wage and brucellosis (you can download report and listen to program), Ag Information Network

01/02/11- 2011 legislative session begins Monday, many bills target fish, wildlife, hunting (bison mention), Billings Gazette

12/31/10- Montana tribes waiting to rescue herd of Yellowstone bison (BFC photo credit), Natural Unseen Hazards (blog)

12/24/10- American buffalo being forced from natural habitat (BFC quoted and clip to CNN interview), Mountain Seer (blog)

12/24/10- Ken Salazar announces restoration of wilderness for public lands, The Huffington Post

12/23/10- BFC's Mike Mease on Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell

12/22/10- Late bison calf stopping traffic in Yellowstone, Examiner

12/22/10- National Elk Refuge works on new management plan beyond elk and bison, Billings Gazette

12/21/10- Yellowstone National Park takes on long-term bison study, EcoWorld.com

12/20/10- SU biologist partners with NPS to studing bison grazing in Yellowstone, Physorg.com

12/19/10- LTE: Bison management groups lack intelligent plan (BFC volunteer, Tony Reed!), West Yellowstone News

12/15/10- MCA hosts speakers from Department of Livestock at summit, The Prairie Star

12/14/10- Snow conditions could force bison from Yellowstone National Park, Billings Gazette

12/09/10- USDA opts for brucellosis surveillance, Food Safety News

11/17/10- Wyoming awaits brucellosis test results, Cattle News Network
NOTE: The ranch in question is *not* near any elk feedgrounds.

11/17/10- Born Free: An unusual deal restores a marquee species on privateland (Summer quoted), Field Notes ~ Audubon Society

11/04/10- Brucellosis tests continue on 14 cattle herds in Meeteetse, Cody Enterprise
NOTABLE QUOTE: [WY State Vet Jim] Logan said infected wildlife from Yellowstone is "probably the most logical source" for the infection in the Meeteetse herd, although only comparing DNA tests after successful cultures can prove that.

11/02/10- Meeteetse brucellosis testing continues, Powell Tribune

11/01/10- Brucellosis found in bison herd on Ted Turner's Bozeman area ranch,
KXLF - Butte

11/01/10- Brucellosis found on Flying D, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

11/01/10- Brucellosis found in domestic bison herd, DOL Press Release

10/30/10- Montana officials plan to capture 500 elk for brucellosis testing, The Missoulian

10/29/10- Montana plans to capture 500 elk for disease testing, Victoria Advocate

10/29/10- Wyoming briefs: State plans to test up to 3,000 cattle (scroll down for story)
Casper Star-Tribune

10/28/10- Wyoming cattle test positive for brucellosis, Billings Gazette

10/27/10- Public meetings set for brucellosis Designated Surveillance Area rule, Helena Independent Record

10/27/10- Wyoming cattle test positive for brucellosis, Billings Gazette

10/27/10- New film chronicles history of bison and men, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

10/27/10- Bison brucellosis draft may be made permanent (this is for *cattle* management), Helena Independent Record

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