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Weekly Update from the Field October 14, 2004
* Update From the Field -- The DOL and their Henchmen are at it again
* Take Action -- No Habitat, No Hunt!
* Wood, wood, wood, and many thanks to all
* East Coast Road Show Underway

* Update From the Field
Montana Department of Livestock (DOL) agents along with National Park rangers and a host of law enforcement officers hazed at least 5 bull buffalo into Yellowstone National Park yesterday. Three of the buffalo were grazing peacefully on the Horse Butte Peninsula where local residents enjoy the presence of these gentle giants. Our patrol witnessed the buffalo crossing Highway 191 hundreds of yards away from where the cops were set up to block the road. After we alerted them to their mistake, the cops rushed over to direct traffic and only narrowly averted a disaster of their own making as cars and trucks passed by the three buffalo on the road. As many as 20 bull buffalo have been seen around the Park border and more are sure to follow in the coming months. If you have been thinking about visiting the BFC and have some time on your hands, please give us a call or send an email. There are still many projects that need to get done before winter settles in and we are out in the field with the buffalo every day. 
* Take Action -- NO HABITAT - NO HUNT!
On Thursday, October 7, 2004, the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) Commission modified and approved the agency's proposal for "hunting" Yellowstone buffalo at the Park's border this winter. FWP managers initially presented a plan for five permits in the Jardine area on the Park's northern boundary and the Grayling Creek area on the western boundary. However, the Commissioners, led by John Brenden from Scobey, Montana, raised the permit number to 25 stating that he would like to see the number go up to at least 250. "I personally do not care if somebody from New York City doesn't like our hunting," Brenden said. "I personally think this idea for one to 25 permits is ludicrous. This isn't going to make a dent on an elephant's posterior to managing the buffalo problem." Brenden also stated that he would eventually like to see 1000 buffalo killed by "hunters" adding that past controversy over bison hunts should not dictate current actions.

The current proposal does not provide any additional habitat for buffalo in Montana. In fact, the plan calls for killing buffalo in the only area where they are tolerated in Montana, the Eagle Creek Special Management area near Gardiner. It will leave the Montana Department Of Livestock in charge of "managing" buffalo who will continue to haze, capture, slaughter and shoot buffalo on the west side of the Park while "hunters" kill them on the north side. The vast majority of the 891 comments, including those from hunting organizations, received on the Draft Environmental Assessment opposed buffalo hunting as proposed. One simple phase summarizes the main issue; "No habitat, No hunt."

Whether the FWP commission likes it or not, Montana will get a huge black-eye if buffalo are once again gunned down at Yellowstone's borders by "hunters". The bad reputation that our state will get for this rushed and foolish policy will impact the entire outfitting/hunting industry that is entirely dependant on visitors from out of state for their survival. The fact is that out-of-stater's, whether they are hunters or tourists, contribute significantly to the Montana economy by hiring local guides/outfitters, staying in local hotels, eating in local restaurants, and purchasing any number of items in local shops. Clearly, Brenden and his fellow commissioners are not concerned with the livelihood of Montanans living in the gateway communities who are 100% dependant on the tourist economy. 
Take Action!
FWP will be accepting public comments on the decision to "hunt" buffalo until late November and the Commission will give their final approval in December. Their plan is to hold a one-month season from January 15 to Feb. 15, 2005. Please take the time to let FWP and Commissioner Brenden know what a terrible decision "buffalo hunting" will be at this time. Call Commissioner Brenden at 406-783-5394; call or email FWP headquarters at (406) 444-3186; http://fwp.state.mt.us/contact/default.aspx. Check out our website at http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/legislative/bisonhuntingbill.html for more info on the hunt.  
My ears still ring with the sound of chainsaws even though they all stopped Monday. 30 cords are all bucked, stacked and covered for the Winter and a special thanks is in order to all that made it happen. Thank you.
We would also like to take the time to thank everyone that help us make the West Coast Road Show such a success.
It all started in Salt Lake City, Utah where Stephanie and Kevin from the Utah Environmental Congress set up a show at Brewvies. Thanks to Dave Movits and the Mease's as well. Next we had the honor of meeting Kelly, Larry and Anthony in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Reno, NV reunited us with our family at Patagonia, Ron, Rob, Kaitlin and the entire staff. Menlo Park, CA. The Couperus Family, Carol Anne and the nice woman that helped gather signatures for the buffalo, sorry I forgot your name. A very special thanks to my sister Kristen and her husband Kevin for housing us and letting us have a home in the Bay Area for weeks. Santa Barbara, CA: Jennifer, Wes and Jay. Santa Monica, CA: the folks at Patagonia, Brian for setting up the farmers market. Nancie for helping at the table. Carol, Deb, Lauren for the house party. San Luis Obispo, CA thanks to Miranda and Malik, it was fun camping with you both. Berkeley, CA thanks KP, Beck, Kirk and all of the fine people at the Ecology Center, KPFA, Brother Tondre, Alexson, Alesia, John, Katrina, Julia B., Sylvia, Anne D., Elizabeth W. and the Common Council Foundation. Santa Cruz, CA thanks and nice to meet Dennis and Free Radio Santa Cruz, Ray and Family, Cynthia and the twins Jim and George. Los Altos, CA: Ravi and the Bay Leaf Cafe and Ron. Sept. 11 Power to the Peaceful Festival: thanks to Cory, Alexson, the Solar Bus, for free power for the buffaloon, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Amy Goodman, Madonna and Pablo, Bre and all the kids that made the buffaloon come to life. Eugene, OR: Thanks Josh and Cascadia Wildlands Project, Kris & Saxon, Mick & Cindy, Tony & Mirium, Anne and the Growers Market. Portland, OR: thanks to Thomas, the Liberty Hall, Sara', Greg and Beth. Newport, OR thanks to Andrew & Michelle, Sneaker Wave Productions and the cast of "Wizard of Oil", the Visual Arts Center and an extra special thanks to all of the great white sharks that did not eat me while I learned to surf. Olympia, WA: Thanks to Dirt, Rick, Tom, Abby, Lizard, Warren,Media Island, Traditions Fair Trade Coffee House and Evergreen College. Port Townsend, WA: thanks to Jayna & Hunter, Tracey and the Community Center. Seattle, WA: thanks to Carol, Yolanda and the Wilburforce Foundation. Issaquah, WA: thanks to Pam, Joe D., Jonathan, Kat, Issaquah Farmers Market, Greg and partner and Amy and the Burke Museum of Natural History. Spokane, WA: thanks to Bea, Teressa, Hal, Collen, Terry and April. I am sorry if I forgot anyone.
Thanks again to everyone who made this trip such a great success. Please come visit if you can. After 6,000 miles, 20,000 newsletters, and thousands of people it is nice to be home, back with the Buffalo. We are rejuvenated and ready to fight for the Buffalo for yet another year.
Back with the Buffalo,
Mike Mease & Josh Osher
* East Coast Road Show Underway
BFC is now on the East Coast sharing the buffalo's message. We gave a talk last night in Fredericksburg, VA and spent all day with high school classes in Arlington, VA. In a few hours we'll give a presentation at the Georgetown Patagonia store. Talks are planned in the coming days for VA, MD, PA, NY, MA, and ME and are adding new shows every day. Please check our web site for the schedule and we'll see you there. Tell your friends to come too! http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/aboutus/roadshows2004.html

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