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Weekly Update from the Field November 4, 2004
* Update From the Field--11 Bull Buffalo Hazed from Public Lands
* Montana Elects New Governor
* BFC Needs Volunteers
* Action Alerts--Help us stop the buffalo hunt and quarantine!
* Plug into the BFC Network and Thank You for the Donations!
* BFC Wish List

* Update from the Field
The Montana Department of Livestock's attention shifted from Yellowstone's native buffalo to the more appropriate domestic cattle for a few days this week. On Wednesday morning, however, once the agents were done removing the few last cattle from private land in the area, the buffalo hazing and harassment resumed. 
Two bulls that had been grazing peacefully on Horse Butte and nine on Fir Ridge fell victim to the DOL's intolerance. While the DOL maintains that brucellosis is the reason for their "management" of wild buffalo, it is well known that bulls pose no risk of transmission. Further, with the removal of the last cattle from the area earlier in the week, there is no livestock to supposedly threaten.

The nine majestic Fir Ridge bulls, who had barely crossed the park's boundary, were relentlessly hazed from their chosen ground back to the park by agents in trucks and on horses. Before the operation, the DOL was overheard talking about doing some "practice slammin' and bangin'" on the nine bullls. Such talk is a perfect example of why the country's last wild buffalo should not be entrusted to a livestock agency.
As I write this on Thursday morning, a second BFC patrol has just been called into the field to help the volunteers already there to document the hazing operation. With no cows anywhere near the area why is the state of Montana so insistent on wasting tax dollars to harass buffalo? 

Today's operation is a stark reminder that the current buffalo slaughter and harassment have nothing whatsoever to do with brucellosis. Rather, they are a result of the livestock industry's greed for grass.

A big THANK YOU to those of you who are calling in to report buffalo sightings and DOL actions in your areas. All tips are appreciated. After all, it's our community - and America's last wild buffalo - that are under attack, and we need to band together to make it stop. We thank you, and the buffalo thank you!

With the Buffalo,
Katie Flynn
Office Coordinator
* Montana Elects New Governor
Congratulations to Brian Schweitzer! We are expecting big changes in the buffalo situation. Governor-elect Schweitzer has expressed his disdain for the way things are going now, and we look to him to keep his word and put a stop to the atrocious treatment of the buffalo. Schweitzer has stated that he would like to see more tolerance for buffalo migrating into Montana to alleviate the black eye the state has received over the past two decades. Schweitzer, a farmer and rancher, said that management should be guided by "science, not hyperbole", and that the DOL is "ill-equipped" to manage buffalo in Montana. He went on to say that significant changes would be made to both Montana's Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission and the Board of Livestock to give more balance to these agencies. While not committing to a full recovery program for buffalo in Montana, Schweitzer's statements indicate that at the very least, the slaughter at the park border would be a thing of the past if he were elected governor in November.
* BFC Needs Volunteers
We are running full-time patrols, producing all the cabin needs, and staying on top of all the agency actions, and getting quite a workout. Our crew of ten has thankfully grown to twelve today and we are grateful to the two new BFC volunteers! We need volunteers now through June, so if you can find some time to make it out, we would love to make you a part of our family. Write to buffaloatwildrockies.org for more information on volunteering.
* ACTION ALERTS--Help us stop the Buffalo hunt and quarantine!
The assault on our last wild buffalo has ratcheted up in the past several months with numerous new programs designed to kill and domesticate the buffalo. Two particular proposals are up for public comment right now. The state of Montana is once again trying to "hunt" buffalo that leave Yellowstone's border. The last time Montana made this monumental mistake, the State received a huge black-eye that is still sore fifteen years later. If buffalo are once again gunned down at the Park's borders, there is no doubt that Montana along with all of the State's hunters and outfitting industry will be negatively affected and will once again be on the defensive. Comments on Montana's giant step backward are due November 26. Comment information is available on our web site at http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/legislative/huntalert.html

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks along with USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service have released plans to capture, quarantine, and slaughter up to 200 buffalo calves in the next two years. The plan is test a hypothesis about the effectiveness of brucellosis serologic tests. We must let the agencies know that Yellowstone's wild buffalo are not available for science experiments. Comments are due to Montana, Fish Wildlife and Parks by November 11. Comment information is available on our website at http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/legislative/quarantine.html.

Please take the time to comment on these plans today. Both the hunt and quarantine proposals are simply efforts by the agencies to sidestep around providing habitat for Yellowstone buffalo within the ecosystem. Both programs will end up costing Montana and federal taxpayers large sums of money and neither will do anything to accomplish long-term cooperative solutions. 
* Plug into the BFC Network and Thank You for the Donations!
This is a critical time as winter season is running full time and daily hazing and harassment of the last wild buffalo continues. We have a great crew at camp - dedicated to donating their time and energies to doing the patrols that are so important so that the American public can stay informed about what is happening to the majestic creatures of the beautiful Yellowstone ecosystem.

If you can't make it down to camp but still want to get involved we can definitely use your help. Each of us has a unique set of skills and talents that we can contribute. Perhaps you can set up a fundraiser or video showing in your community? Letters to the editor of local papers as well as newsletter distribution is always needed! Can you spare a few bucks or maybe send a donation to purchase one of the items on our wish list? We are frugal and stretch every dollar to it's fullest but still need those contributions to keep volunteers fed and housed, video cameras rolling, and to keep up our efforts on the legislative, research and legal fronts.

Recycling computer ink cartridges is very simple - just go to http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/support/recycleprint.html or call our recycling "coach" Sean at 1-888-317-9148, or E-mail him at Sean@CartridgeFundraising.com and he'll get you going! If you would like to set up a rally in your town or just want to get the word out by sending this update to ten other friends with a personal request at the top for them to subscribe to the updates or visit our info packed web site - every effort helps!

Together we will make a difference and Buffalo Field Campaign is a unique organization that is truly grassroots!! Each one of us are an important part of the buffalo family and we will all be honored to celebrate the day when the buffalo are truly protected for future generations. Give us a shout with any ideas or requests and let your colleagues know that a donation to BFC is one of the greatest holiday gifts that they can give you! It's easy to donate securely on-line or send a donation to BFC, POB 957, West Yellowstone, MT 59758 and it's tax deductible!
Thanks for all your concerted efforts and support for the wild buffalo and the buffalo protectors!

In recent weeks BFC has received some very nice gear, thoughtful cabin items, donated gifts to raise funds on our web site, nourishing food and treats, and lots of love.
We would like to express gratitude for the generosity, thoughtfulness, time, and energy put into getting these packages together and shipping them out. Please know we are using the gifts you have sent and appreciate them very much. We are a grassroots organization getting a lot of work done on precious little resources, so it is a real treat to get these donations!

For those wild ones,
* BFC Wish List
Needed items:
* Air Compressor - we currently have to drive 16 miles to West Yellowstone just to fill a tire with air. Help us save time and money.
* DVD burner - all of our media currently goes out on VHS. DVD's are higher quality and cheaper to send.
* Recycled paper - we would love to use only 100% post consumer paper, however, the cost is significantly higher. Consider a gift certificate or a mail order for office supplies to help us be greener.
* Medicinal herbs - our supplies are running low, we need natural medicines to keep us healthy and strong through the long Yellowstone winters.
* High capacity wet/dry shop vac - you wouldn't believe how many times big wet things spill.
* Large, long lasting candles and lamp oil - our power isn't very consistent during the winter and our tipis are non-electric. Lamp oil should be for indoor use and freeze proof.
* Snowshoes, cross country skis, bindings, boots and wax - our stock of winter travel items is getting old and haggard.
* Polypro or silk long underwear (no cotton please) - help us stay warm and dry.
* Sorrel style winter boots, liners, and wool socks - cold feet make for miserable volunteers.
* Heavy wool pants - our rule here is cotton kills. We need wool pants to stay warm and dry and our volunteers come in all shapes and sizes.
* Warm hats and gloves - most of your body heat leaves through your head.
* Moosewood and other cookbooks - our cooks do the best they can to keep our meals creative, but a few new recipes would be greatly appreciated by all.
Please call or email us if you have other stuff that you think would be useful.
"If the beasts were gone, we would die from a great loneliness of Spirit."
--Attributed to Chief Seattle

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