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Weekly Update from the Field December 23, 2004
~ Farewell to Jesse Stovall
* Update from the Field
* Action Alerts: Buffalo Hunt & DOL Vaccination Comments
* Last Words

~ Farewell to Jesse Stovall
On December 19, 2004 at the age of 94, Jesse Stovall passed away. A heartfelt sorrow goes out to Joanne, Ann, and the rest of the Stovall family. I have had the honor of knowing this great man for the last ten years. When the Buffalo Field Campaign came to town in 1997, the Stovall family took us in. Joanne and Jesse have been our surrogate Grandparents ever since.

Never worrying about what anyone thought, Jesse was always there for us with advise and wisdom. He was strong, bull-headed, and stuck to his opinions, unless Joanne had to set him straight. His love for the wild and beauty of Montana was steadfast, and was the backbone of all his decisions. This love made him angry at the treatment of his friends, the buffalo. Even with his history as a Montana rancher he never bought the Montana Department of Livestock's (DOL) lies and created Buffalo safe zones of his and surrounding properties. The DOL, not wanting to cross Jesse's path or earn his wrath, never did cross these boundaries.

"The Buffalo are the fastest moving, slow animal I've ever seen," said Jesse, and they are the only animal that will face into a storm and feed in it, and they've got the clothes to do it." Jesse made his mark on the world and will never be forgotten. His life was an inspiration to all who had the honor of meeting him and his advise guides me on a daily basis. His family is my family.
I look forward to joining you, my friend, in the happy hunting grounds above.

With the Buffalo,
Michael S. Mease
* Update from the Field
As the Winter Solstice came and went, so did a few agents from the Department of Livestock. We were ready for full-fledged hazing or capture operations as two out-of-town agents, along with the local DOL, arrived at Koelzer's on Tuesday to rev up their snowmobiles, zip noisily around our national forest land, and waste a lot of our money; all in a sorry attempt to justify their budget, existence, and self-importance. The agents went on a few motorized joy rides to look for "wandering" buffalo, found none, had a few hot meals on "US," then, after a few days of cowboy camaraderie, finally left the area.

Peace on Earth has been the buffalo's enjoyment this week. Bright blessings and many thanks to Scott for leading us in beautiful ceremony, and to Marcia, George, JoAnne, Ann, Karrie and Barb for being with us. To Jesse who couldn't be with us in person, but donated the tobacco that carried our prayers, and who the very next day left this realm for the next - it is hard to say thank you and good-bye, and you will forever be with us. And though we know hard times will come, we continue our strong prayers for the buffalo and their right to living in peace on their ancestral lands. May our prayers manifest in our actions, and our hopes and visions become the reality.

Winter Greetings and Happy Holidays to everyone from the Buffalo Field Campaign.
* Action Alerts: Buffalo Hunt & DOL Vaccination Program
Buffalo Hunt: Thanks to all who have put their name in the drawing for a buffalo "hunt" permit, all with the intention of not using it to kill a buffalo. We greatly appreciate the support from buffalo advocates everywhere who are contacting friends and relatives and others to help the buffalo in this particular situation.

SPECIAL NOTE: You do need to have a Montana conservation (hunting) license to apply for a buffalo hunt permit, and these - as well as buffalo permit applications - can be obtained at https://app.discoveringmontana.com/elicensesales/.

We also have some great news: Patagonia has agreed to pay the $75 fee for every buffalo kill permit secured by a BFC supporter that isn't used. THANK YOU PATAGONIA for always coming through for the buffalo! Applications must be turned in to Fish, Widllife and Parks no later than 5:00 pm MST on January 3, 2005. The drawing takes place on January 7, 2005, and if your name is drawn, you will receive a phone call from FWP. Stay in touch with us! For FWP's information on the canned hunt visit http://fwp.state.mt.us/news/article_3245.aspx.

To learn more about why a buffalo hunt at this time is a very bad idea, visit http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/legislative/bisonhuntingbill.html

DOL Vaccination Program: January 5, 2005 is the deadline for comments on the Department of Livestock's malicious plan to vaccinate wild buffalo with a livestock vaccine for brucellosis. Please take the time during the holidays to write your own comments, urging the DOL to choose the "no action" alternative. Background info, talking points, and contact information to help build your comments can all be found on our web site at http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/science/vacdolcomments.html. For more information contact Josh at bfc-advocate"at"wildrockies.org.
* Last Words
"They're the only wild animal that's not afraid of you. They're not afraid of anything and they've got no reason to be. They're big enough to take care of themselves and they do."
--Jesse Stovall

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