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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Weekly Update from the Field November 11, 2005
* Update from the Field
* Take Action to Oppose the Bison Hunt - Contact Governor Schweitzer
* Organic Rewards for November's Most Generous Supporter
* Last Words--a Bison Hunter Speaks

* Update from the Field
As more snow fell in West Yellowstone this week the Montana Department of Livestock was up to its usual dirty tricks, hazing and harassing native buffalo from the Horse Butte Peninsula back into Yellowstone National Park. For the moment the DOL has left town, but we expect them back again at least once before the newest arsenal in Montana's war against wild buffalo, a so-called "hunt" of Yellowstone buffalo as they migrate from the park, begins next week. 

With the hunt set to start on Tuesday the 15th, we are anxiously preparing to show the world what a buffalo hunt actually looks like. We'll have patrols in both the Gardiner and West Yellowstone areas documenting the hunt and guiding newspaper, radio, and television crews onto the killing fields as part of our efforts to expose and catalyze opposition to the hunt. For the past three years the Buffalo Field Campaign and our supporters have done all we can to oppose Montana's ill-fated plans for this hunt. Stubbornly, the state refused to learn from its past mistakes and ignored the concerns of citizens throughout Montana, across the country, and around the world.     
In order to run two camps simultaneously and show the world how Montana "welcomes" America's only continuously wild buffalo, we're going to need good, reliable equipment. Thanks to those of you who have generously supported our efforts we were recently able to purchase a new video camera. But with so many hunters out at once across a wide geographical area, we need more volunteers and equipment to insure our effectiveness. If you want to volunteer, have access to any of the following items, or can make a tax-deductible monetary contribution to our efforts, please contact us today. 

Items of Particular Need:
Field Volunteers (room and board provided)
Digital Video Cameras
Mini DV Tapes
Digital Still Cameras
Two-Way FM Radios (contact us for info)
Wool Pants
Wool Socks
Long Underwear (no cotton please!)
Winter Boots

You can also help by contacting your local and national media in order to draw attention to Montana's big mistake. 

The Buffalo Field Campaign is for everyone, everywhere who cares about the Yellowstone buffalo and takes action on their behalf. Please join us today in speaking out for America's last wild buffalo.

Please check next week for a first-hand account of the hunt's opening days.

For the Buffalo,
BFC Volunteers and Coordinators
* Take Action to Oppose the Bison Hunt - Contact Governor Schweitzer
Less than four days from now, gunners will be at Yellowstone National Park's north and west boundary lines, waiting to shoot down buffalo that dare cross into Montana. 

Governor Brian Schweitzer, who campaigned for office making statements like "wild buffalo will enjoy more tolerance in Montana" and "the MDOL is ill-equipped to manage wild buffalo" has not only ok'd the hunt, but he put in for a permit himself. Schwitzer's words are empty shells.

Montana affords wild buffalo zero tolerance. They are not welcome in the state, they are not considered wildlife by the state, and they are aggressively mis-managed by the state's Department of Livestock when they migrate, crossing the man-made line into Montana. 
The "hunt" will be a fatal insult to the country's last wild buffalo, one added to the already serious injury of the current management scheme of hazing, capture, and slaughter.

CONTACT GOVERNOR SCHWEITZER TODAY and tell him to cancel this hunt before it begins. Tell him that the country's last wild buffalo deserve to be honored as a wildlife species in Montana. Tell him that livestock agents should inspect livestock and leave wildlife alone. Tell him that this hunt will be shown to the world, and Montana will suffer another huge public relations nightmare should it go forward. Tell him that Montana's tourism industry depends heavily on dollars from the so-called "outsiders" who want these buffalo protected, and that those much-needed dollars will not come from you while this buffalo harassment and slaughter continues.
Tell him the whole world is watching.

Help stop the bison hunt. Call Governor Schweitzer today and urge your friends to do so, too:
Phone: 406-444-3111
Fax: 406-444-5529
Web: http://governor.mt.gov/contact/comments.asp
Mail: State Capitol, P.O. Box 200801, Helena, MT 59620-0801
* Organic Rewards for the Month's Most Generous Supporter
October's Organic Rewards go to Mark, a long-time BFC supporter from Wyoming who has generously contributed to our efforts opposing the hunt, both financially and through the donation of his truck and video equipment. Thank you Mark!  

For years BFC volunteers have been nourished by the delicious organic goodies of Living Tree Community Foods thanks to the generous donations of this amazing company. Now Living Tree would like to spread that nourishment to our supporters.

Whoever makes the largest donation to BFC in November will receive:

One Sweet n'Kind, Pumpkin Sesame Butter
One Heart n'Sol, Walnut Sesame Halvah
One Dream of Paradise, Chocolate Ecstasy

For more information on these tasty and healthy rewards:
* Last Words
"To be able to hunt something that was almost extinct, what a great honor and a thrill. Just THINK about it," he said, as he waited to buy his hunting license."
Bison Hunter Mike Rossi, quoted in AP story

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