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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Weekly Update from the Field January 4, 2007
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* Update From the Field
Dear Buffalo Friends,
As I stepped out of my lodge this morning, I was greeted by the nearly full moon setting in the western sky against a background of mountains lit up by the dawn sun. It is a helpful reminder that the world we live in is a magical and beautiful place that should not be taken for granted. Sometimes, it is easy to get wrapped up in all of the wrongs and injustices that people have heaped up on the planet and its other inhabitants. It is easy to forget to take time to let in the sacred when facing the challenges of daily life. However, meeting this challenge is one of the great lessons of our time here with the buffalo, and especially our time here with each other. We are truly blessed to have this opportunity and we give thanks to all who help make it possible through your love, prayers, contributions and eternal dedication to the protection of our buffalo brothers and sisters. 

The buffalo "hunt" continued this week with the beginning of the next two-week season and the final days of the first six-week season. Unfortunately, with hordes of hunters in town and one last shot at filling their tags, one of the four bulls we had been watching in the Yellowstone Village housing area was shot after he wandered onto nearby National Forest lands. It is the nature of the buffalo to roam and it is also their right as living beings on earth to have that freedom. In mourning our lost friend, we remember that he was living according to an age-old tradition of wandering wild buffalo. No other buffalo were killed in the West Yellowstone area this week and there are no signs of any buffalo other than the three that remain in Yellowstone Village. Twenty either sex (trophy bull) tags were issued for this hunt period, along with five cow/calf tags. 

Opening day of the buffalo "hunt" in Gardiner was quite a different story. Four big buffalo bulls were shot in the Eagle Creek area near Yellowstone's border. The buffalo were together as a group of six mature bulls utilizing winter range that had formerly been protected. One by one, four of the buffalo were shot until only two remained. Those two remaining bulls, without their four brethren, are no longer in the Eagle Creek area, deciding to leave the killing fields for the time being. One more "either sex" tag remains for Gardiner along with five "cow/calf" tags. There are not, nor have their recently been, any mixed groups of buffalo in the Eagle Creek area. 

As it is our duty to be the eyes and ears for the world about the slaughter of America's only continuously free roaming, genetically strong, wild buffalo, BFC volunteers will continue to report on the details of the buffalo "hunt." However, this hunt is only one, albeit egregious, aspect of the overall plan to harass, kill and otherwise control wild buffalo in the United States. The hunt is just "one more tool in the toolbox" to prevent buffalo from roaming into Montana and re-establishing their historic right to the land. Let us not ever forget that over the last twenty years, nearly 5,000 buffalo have been killed at the hands of the Montana Department of Livestock and the National Park Service. Thus far, in one and a half years of hunting, 54 buffalo have been killed. It is fair to say that many of these buffalo would still have been killed at the hands of government agents if there were no buffalo hunt. The only exception is the Eagle Creek area that was formerly a so-called safe zone. 

Let us be perfectly clear and straightforward about the buffalo "hunt. Buffalo Field Campaign stands in total opposition to this hunt. Wild buffalo are so far from being a viably hunted species that it is not even appropriate to discuss hunting as part of a management scenario at this time. However, and this is the difficult part to explain, we recognize that many of the individual hunters have been misled or are otherwise uninformed about the actual state of wild buffalo and the overall management scenario. We have taken it upon ourselves, therefore, to educate hunters about the real situation and try to cultivate advocates for the buffalo through civil communication and honest dialogue. This task is never easy as we witness our friends, the buffalo, being killed at the very hands of these people whom we are trying to connect with. This is our challenge and we do not always succeed yet we will continue to try.

With the Buffalo,
* For the Love of Buffalo ~ Valentine's Day Cards Available!
Valentine's Day is on the horizon, and once again BFC offers you the opportunity to send an original, hand-crafted card to the special people in your life. Your parents, grandparents, best friend, sweetheart, favorite teacher, the grumpy guy next door who obviously needs extra kindness...our card is appropriate for all relationships. Added bonus: It lets the recipient(s) know that you are a person of compassion and good heart, and it raises funds for BFC, allowing us to continue the important work of defending America's last free-roaming, wild bison.

Two cards are available. For a $10 contribution, a 4-1/4" X 5-1/2" bison card (copy of hand-drawn original); for a $35 contribution, a larger hand-made photo card featuring Yellowstone bison. Both contain brief information on BFC and our work, and bear the sentiment: "A gift has been made in your honor by _________ for the love of wild bison. Happy Valentine's Day! 'Nature never did betray the heart that loved her...' Wordsworth"

Card orders must be received by Saturday February 3; please order early. We'll time the mailing to arrive by Valentine's Day.

To order, just click on this link: https://secure.groundspring.org/dn/index.php?id=1807, specify the donation amount for the type of card you are ordering, scroll down to "Special Valentine's Card," select the card you want, then move below to the "Valentine Info Box" and write the recipient's name and address as well as how you would like the card signed. To complete, scroll down to fill in general and credit card info into the secure server.

If you'd rather pay through the mail, send a check along with the name and address of your Valentine to: BFC, PO Box 957, West Yellowstone, MT 59758.
* Colorado Ski Package Auction to Benefit BFC!
Support Buffalo Field Campaign by bidding on a February ski trip to Crested Butte, Colorado. Auction includes a week of free lodging in a slopeside condominium, 8 free lift tickets courtesy of Crested Butte Mountain Resort, free ski jackets and hats courtesy of Patagonia, and gift certificates courtesy of Crested Butte and Gunnison businesses.

Auction runs until January 11. View the auction and place a bid at:
* BFC Wish List
Your generous monetary and in-kind donations make it possible for BFC to be in the field with the last wild buffalo, bearing witness and telling their story. Winter is here and new volunteers of various shapes and sizes are always arriving. Please help keep BFC warm, dry and safe in the field. Some priority items we are currently in need of include:
* Cross Country Ski poles
* Ski boots (especially size 9 and up)
* Pack Boots (i.e. Sorrel size 9 and up)

To view BFC's complete Wish List visit http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/aboutus/wishlist.html. Donation items may be sent to Buffalo Field Campaign, P.O. Box 957, West Yellowstone, Montana, 59758.

Thank you for keeping us in the field, ensuring that America's last wild buffalo always have someone looking out for them. 
* Last Words
I'm the mad cosmic
Stones plants mountains
Greet me Bee rats
Lions and eagles
Stars twilight dawns
Rivers and jungles all ask me
What's new How you doing?
And while stars waves have something to say
It's through my mouth they'll say it.
~ Viiicente Huidobro

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