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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Special Update from the Field June 13, 2007
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* Special Update: Bull Bison Spared; Hazing Continues

Dear Buffalo Friends,

All of the buffalo captured in West Yellowstone on Friday - 52 total - were released Sunday morning.  This includes the 16 bulls that the Montana Department of Livestock and Yellowstone National Park had intended to slaughter.


In less than two weeks, your calls and emails to Governor Schweitzer and Yellowstone National Park saved the lives of hundreds of buffalo and have brought an incredible amount of media attention to the issue.

While there is a relatively happy ending, these 52 buffalo endured an ordeal. Not only was their migration forcefully choked, they were captured, moms and calves were separated, family groups were broken apart, they were loaded onto livestock trailers, unloaded at the Duck Creek bison trap, re-loaded onto livestock trailers and hauled over 150 miles to the northern boundary of Yellowstone National Park. Then they were placed in the Stephens Creek bison trap where they spent a few days before being hazed deeper into Yellowstone. Agents released them at 5:30 in the morning. Starting that early indicates that there was something they didn't want the public to see. You can see a short BFC video clip of the capture on our home page: http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org.

Over the weekend and up through today, the agents have been continuously harassing wild bison in Montana and Yellowstone National Park.  Park visitors witnessed the shameful spectacle of the Interagency Bison Management Plan participants hazing wild bison from horseback and with a helicopter inside Yellowstone's boundaries.  One Park ranger explained to outraged tourists today that they were witnessing "a buffalo drive."  Welcome to the world's first national park.

Wild buffalo are being managed like livestock and treated as vermin under pressure from Montana's cattle industry.  The agencies and media have been describing wild, migrating buffalo with words like "renegade," "wandering" and "recalcitrant."  These same terms never apply to migrating whales, salmon, birds or other animals; why does Montana insist on such misnomers for wild bison?  Native to nearly the entire North American continent, wild buffalo roam.  Buffalo are doing exactly what they evolved to do.   They are attempting to naturally restore themselves and while this should be cause for enormous celebration, government and industry punish them.
Year-round habitat for wild buffalo in Montana is the solution.

Keep the pressure on the decision-makers and the vision of wild, free-roaming buffalo alive.  We will make it happen.

Roam Free!
Buffalo Field Campaign

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