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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Weekly Update from the Field October 19, 2006
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* Update from the Field ~ Special Announcement:
Protecting the Land for the Wild Yellowstone Buffalo
* West Coast Road Show Wrap Up
* Last Words

* Special Announcement: Protecting the Land for the Wild Yellowstone Buffalo

Dear Buffalo Friends,
Last spring, in the midst of the worst buffalo slaughter in Buffalo Field Campaign history, we learned that our landlord, whom we've been renting from for nearly ten years, had plans to sell our headquarters, the historic Hebgen Lake Lodge and the ten acres on which it sits, to a developer.  Not only would the planned subdivision and trophy homes forever destroy critical deer, elk, and bison habitat, but it would leave BFC without a base of operations from which to carry out our critical work for the buffalo.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of some of our key supporters who wanted to protect habitat and keep the Buffalo Field Campaign strong and in the field, we were able to enter into negotiations with the property owner, reach an agreement to purchase the property, and come up with a considerable down payment.  After working all summer to conduct our due diligence, we recently closed on the property, guaranteeing a BFC presence--and a small but important bison safe zone--in the Yellowstone Ecosystem for as long as we need to be here with the bison.

The property, located in the heart of the bison and elk's migration corridor between Yellowstone Park and the lush Madison Valley, is essential to the mission and purpose of BFC, which is to stop the slaughter of Yellowstone's wild buffalo herd, protect the habitat of wild free roaming buffalo and native wildlife, and to work with people of all nations to honor the sacredness of wild buffalo.

Last winter five separate groups of bison walked through this corridor and past the property seeking lower elevation habitat.  One group of more than 30 buffalo even spent the night on the property, which borders 242,000 acres of roadless National Forest land, including the Lee Metcalf Wilderness.

Also included with the property, in addition to BFC's main lodge and our media and office cabins, are six small cabins.  Bringing these cabins into the fold will allow us to increase the amount of work we accomplish for the buffalo.  In the near future we plan on converting some of these cabins for use as additional office space, a video editing suite, housing for BFC coordinators, a bison resource library, and cozy accommodations for supporters who wish to experience firsthand the beauty of the Yellowstone Ecosystem, the powerful presence of America's only continuously wild bison herd, and the important work of the Buffalo Field Campaign.

With the purchase of the property BFC further establishes itself as a long-term presence for the buffalo.  Even after we stop the slaughter and help to earn the buffalo the tolerance and respect they deserve there will be a need to continue to educate people from around the world on the importance--historical, cultural, and scientific--of this unique species.  There is no better place to carry on this work than from the heart of their habitat.

Purchasing our headquarters is the first step in BFC's new Habitat Protection Project, aimed at identifying, prioritizing, and permanently protecting, through conservation easement and outright purchase, critical habitat and migration corridors within the Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Please Help BFC Achieve Our Vision: Send your Support Today!

Entering into property ownership is a huge step for BFC, and while there is no question that it was a right and necessary step that will exponentially increase our effectiveness, the purchase and related costs will also have a significant impact on our expenses.  Please consider making a contribution today in support of this new and exciting phase of our tireless work on behalf of the wild bison.  Please contact us for more information or make a secure online donation by clicking here or clicking Donate Now from the Buffalo Field Campaign web site.

Thank you all for making our presence in the field -and every aspect of our work on behalf of the Yellowstone buffalo- possible!

For the Buffalo,
Buffalo Field Campaign
* West Coast Road Show Wrap-Up
After over six weeks on the road, the West Coast road show has finally made it home!  We travelled the west coast from Friday Harbor, Washington, through Oregon and along the California coast to our southern show finale with John Trudell!  It was an amazing journey as so many beautiful people attended our shows to take in the story of the last remaining wild bison.  Everywhere we went, we were received with good will and kindness, as folks gave what they could to allow our quest to continue down the coast.  We are grateful for those gifts of fresh fruit and great food, safe places to rest, and for the feeling of kinship that we all now share.

This year, we were blessed with the incredible live music of our close friend Goodshield!  Goodshield was with us at almost every show and sacrificed time with his family to be with us and to spread the powerful messages woven within the lyrics of his songs. 

Thank you Goodshield Family.  We'll see you soon!   Tayamni

Thanks to Tom in Missoula; Shawn and Arden in Seattle; the Whale Museum, Mary, Linda, Tony and Megan in Friday Harbor; Tulalip Youth Radio Club & Tulalip Tribes Prevention Department, Tulalip Boys and Girls Club, Robin, Angel, and Stephen on Tulalip Indian Reservation; Fair Trade Coffee House, Deane, Derrick Jensen, Rick and family in Olympia; City Repair, Motion, Rain, and Rebecca in Portland; Visual Arts Center, Andrew and Michelle in Newport; Bulb Ranch, Saxton, Kris, Anne, Becky and Cindy, and Grizzly Granola in Eugene; K.S. Wild, Stephanie, Alicia, Tony, and Lilia, and Pioneer Hall in Ashland; Grizz, Scott and family, JoAnn Rand, Arcata Farmerís Market, Redwood
Peace and Justice Center, Amber, Sundog, Cove, and Jasper, Sam, and Kira in Arcata; Garberville Civic Center, Callaughn, and Jared in Garberville; Santa Cruz Farmers Market, Uncle Dennis, Louden Nelson Center, Ray, Cat, and Karen in Santa Cruz; Kristen and Kevin, Amanda, Heather, Alex and Allison, Shipi, Michael Franti and Power to the Peaceful in San Francisco; Ecology Center and Karen in Berkeley; Indian Health Center in Sacramento; Peace and Justice Center, Randy, and Linda in Stockton; Leonard Peltier Support Group/ South Bay, Native Voice TV, Center for Training & Careers/ Work NET El Observador, Rose and Sampson in San Jose; Nancy, Jetze and Sheila in Menlo Park; Randy and Fayrue in Monterey; Miranda in San Luis Obisbo; Chipper, Jim, and Patagonia in Ventura; Lorin, Andrew and family, special thanks to John Trudell and Faye in Malibu; and Ron and Patagonia in Reno.

Also, thank you to everyone else who helped make this road show such a success!!

Back with the buffalo,
2006 West Coast Road Show Crew
Jesse, Mike, and Seamus

* Last Words
"Without habitat, there is no wildlife. It's that simple."
 ~ Wildlife Habitat Canada

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