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Weekly Update from the Field October 4, 2007
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* Update from the Field
* TAKE ACTION: Help List Yellowstone Bison as Endangered!
* BFC Meets Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!
* West Coast Road Show a Huge Success
* Last Words - Montana's Largest Buffalo Safe Zone

* Update from the Field
Dear Buffalo Friends,
Wild buffalo will soon begin their seasonal migration from Yellowstone National Park's high country to lower elevation habitat within Montana. Gigantic bulls going solo or in the company of bachelor groups are typically the first to make the journey, followed by mixed family groups later in the season. In making these ancient treks, as they have for thousands of years, violent challenges await them. Once wild buffalo step foot into Montana they are threatened with harassment, hunting, capture, quarantine and slaughter. Currently, misguided cattle politics rule the landscape and the law.

Like the migration of salmon, geese, whales, and butterflies, the buffalo's ancient instincts carry them across the lands of their ancestors. Only in and around Yellowstone have wild buffalo survived continuously since prehistoric times, and only these genetically and behaviorally unique buffalo continue to follow their migratory instincts. The man-made border delineating Yellowstone from Montana means absolutely nothing to them; they listen only to their timeless natural instincts. When they follow the path evolution has gifted them with, state and federal government agents will be there to try and stop it. They will harass and kill them, and will enlist the help of hunters to keep Montana free of their presence. Through it all Buffalo Field Campaign will be there to bear witness, standing with the buffalo on their native habitat, telling the world what is happening to them, and advocating for their lasting protection.

As winter and buffalo migration season approaches, BFC is busy getting ready for this year's frontlines work. One big job at the moment is cutting and stacking all the gathered firewood that will keep BFC volunteers warm through the intensely frigid months. This weekend, October 6 & 7, is Woodcut Weekend. If you're able to join us in person, please consider coming to BFC headquarters in beautiful West Yellowstone. Room and board will be provided and you're bound to have a great time with great people in a majestic landscape. Please come if you can!
It doesn't stop there, though. There is so much you can do from wherever you may roam to help the last wild buffalo. Please join us in supporting Endangered Species Protection for the last wild buffalo, and read on to learn about an incredible evening with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! We also send our heartfelt thanks to those who made the West Coast Road Show so successful, and we have some good news to share with you regarding the wild buffalo's chosen calving grounds on Horse Butte.

Thank you for being with us and for the buffalo. Buffalo Field Campaign is everyone, everywhere who cares about wild buffalo and takes action on their behalf. Together we will make the buffalo dreams come true.

Roam Free,
* TAKE ACTION: Help List Yellowstone Bison as Endangered!
On August 15, 2007 the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service issued its finding in response to a hand-written petition submitted by a citizen from Minnesota, Mr. James Horsley, on January 5, 1999, urging the government to protect the Yellowstone population - the last wild bison left in America - under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

The USFWS found that the wild population of American bison currently occupying its native range in and around Yellowstone National Park is a Distinct Vertebrate Population Segment. Buffalo Field Campaign has been circulating a petition for years to bolster public support for protecting the Yellowstone population - America's last wild bison - as a Distinct Population Segment. We encourage you to download the petition and gather support in your local community by collecting signatures and submitting them to BFC. We will collect these petitions and deliver them to the USFWS.

USFWS acknowledges that Yellowstone National Park is the only place in the U.S. where wild bison have continuously existed since prehistoric times.  Please contact the USFWS today! Let them know you support James Horsley's petition. Urge them to grant Endangered Species Act protections to the Yellowstone bison as a Distinct Vertebrate Population Segment, and strongly encourage them to reconsider their current position not to protect wild bison and their habitat under the ESA.

USFWS' finding, however, is deficient and lacking serious scientific consideration of the full range of threats that imperil the wild American bison's survival. The agency must be encouraged to gather and use the "best available science" when making their decision. Please help identify important and substantial information that clearly demonstrates that the last wild bison, those remaining in Yellowstone, and their native, historic range, deserve full protection under the ESA. Include any information you feel is important to the history and future of wild bison in America. Submit stories, maps, books, papers - any information we can submit to the USFWS to help them realize that the Yellowstone herd is, indeed, endangered, and deserving of ESA protection.

* Scientific, legal, historical, literary articles and books.
* Indigenous story lines on bison occupying the Plains and Mountain ecosystems in the Greater Yellowstone region.
* Video, audio and photos.
* Population surveys, habitat maps, genetic and biological data.
* Petitions (Download BFC's ESA PETITION: http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/science/buffaloesapetition.pdf), send letters, faxes, emails, and phone calls of support to the USFWS can make a difference for America's last wild bison!

The USFWS ignored any cultural significance of the bison to indigenous peoples. First Nations must be heard. Help us fill in the storylines of yesterday! Many Americans have only a contemporary understanding of the bison's historic range. Tribal members from the Indigenous Cultures who evolved and coexisted with the bison can contribute significantly, helping to fill in the many gaps that still exist, by sharing stories, songs, and indigenous knowledge of the bison's ancestral landscape and significance, what the people and the land have suffered in their absence, and what their return would mean.

Michael Stempel
Assistant Regional Director, Ecological Services
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
134 Union Boulevard
Suite 645
Lakewood, CO 80228
(Phone) 303-236-4253
(Fax) 303-236-0027
For more information contact Darrell at z@wildrockies.org. Please stay tuned for a Special Alert announcing BFC's comprehensive ESA web page that will help you build your case to the USFWS.
* BFC Meets Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!
Thanks to all of the BFC family who made possible our visit with Amy Goodman last week in New York City. We met up with Amy on a busy street outside HBO's studio for the premiere of a documentary on the revolutionary Civil Rights event that came to be known as the Little Rock 9. Earlier that morning Amy had been in Atlanta conducting a long sought after interview with Jimmy Carter. Now she was meeting with the film-makers and the star of this controversial documentary. They were to be featured on Democracy Now! the next morning. Roman and I enjoyed the film and the opportunity to hear the debate that followed.

We arrived at the restaurant where we were to have dinner with Amy Goodman about two hours late but no one seemed to mind as she was well known and well liked. Amy is a strong and vibrant woman. Obviously tired from her busy day of travel, interviews, and premieres, she still had plenty of attention to give to us and to the buffalo. She was not too familiar with the issue but was very interested in Native American involvement and perspective as well as personal stories from the field. She asked about the roles of the government and the cattle industry in the buffalo slaughter. She quickly embraced the issue and asked thought-provoking questions. When she learned that BFC values her time as much as we do, she was embarrassed that we had gone to such lengths just to share our ideas. Roman and I felt humbled by her tireless work ethic, her interest in us and the buffalo, and her willingness to be fully present with us. We left our evening feeling we had truly been in the presence of a great and powerful woman.

The next morning we watched a live taping of Democracy Now!, had a picture taken with Amy and Juan Gonzalez, and received a hug from the amazing Minnie Brown, one of the original Little Rock 9. Minnie's story reminded us of the buffalo. Fifty years ago she walked across an imaginary line of segregation and discrimination. Today she is a strong and beautiful warrior for civil rights. The buffalo continue to walk across that same imaginary line…segregated from their native lands and discriminated against like no other wild animal in the ecosystem. It was truly an honor to meet two modern-day heroines and stand proudly with them as buffalo warriors.
We left poems and articles about the buffalo and have followed up this week with an email to continue our conversation with Amy and for the wild buffalo!

For the Buffalo,
Justine, Roman, and Japhy Sanchez
* West Coast Road Show a Huge Success
Thanks to all who made the 2007 West Coast Road Show a great trip. With so many people helping in so many ways, please forgive me if I forget to mention you by name. I have nothing but thanks for all who helped make the tour so fantastic.

First off a big Buffalo hug to Genevive, Joe, Scott and their Dad. On with the hugs to Madonna and Pablo. Continued love to Allisun, Alisia, Alex, Phonenix & After Buffalo, Hermon, KP, Jill, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Guerrilla Management, John, Kitrina, Berkeley Ecology Center, the Berkeley Tree Sitters, Seconds on End, the Stars and Plough, Patty, Patagonia Palo Alto, Jen and the crew, Sampson, Crysta, Goodshield and family, Maryjane, Leonard Peltier Support Group-South Bay, Santa Cruz Indian Council, Reno Patagonia, Ron and Katlyn.

You all are great and thanks again for your never ending generosity. The Buffalo will prevail.
Back with the Buffalo,
Mike Mease
Jumbo (Chris)
* Last Words - Montana's Largest Buffalo Safe Zone
Since a picture speaks a thousand words, we thought these photos would be a great way to let you know that a privately-owned area of Horse Butte, previously the Munns' Ranch, is now going to be the largest Buffalo Safe Zone in Montana! Nearly 800 acres of prime buffalo habitat (their chosen calving grounds) has been sold to the buffalo-friendly folks of Yellowstone Ranch Preserve. Though there will be a small amount of development (we are told no more than five houses) all of the land will be a safe haven for our wild brother and sister buffalo and other wildlife. Even the DOL and other buffalo-harassing agencies have been warned that buffalo are welcome, but the agents are not. See for yourself where the buffalo are welcome to roam:

Many thanks to long-time Horse Butte resident and dear family of BFC, Ann Stovall, for taking these photos and allowing us to share them with you.

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