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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Weekly Update from the Field December 27, 2007
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* Update from the Field
Dear Buffalo Friends,
Eight more buffalo have been killed since we last wrote to you, bringing the total killed since November 15 to twenty-eight. Seven were killed near West Yellowstone and one near Gardiner. All of the state tags for the Gardiner area have now been filled for this first period of the hunt, which ends on December 31.

Two of the buffalo that were killed near West Yellowstone yesterday, right next to Highway 191 along the Madison River, were females with calves. Patrols witnessed the calves this morning, acting very distressed. They were not with the near-by herd, but instead with the remains of their mothers. They were acting frantically, making heart-wrenching bellowing sounds, running back and forth and coming back to the kill sites. They must feel so incredibly lost right now. These little calves are just six months old and still nursing. What will they do now that their mothers have been killed? Luckily buffalo are very family oriented so there's a chance they could rejoin a nearby herd who will offer them at least company and some sort of protection through the harsh winter, but it's hard to say what the fate of these little ones will be.

This hunt is wrong. It is not a hunt at all, but part of Montana's wild buffalo eradication program. The hunt doesn't replace any of the hazing, capture, slaughter or quarantine. It is just one more way to kill wild buffalo that migrate into Montana. After three years of killing America's last wild buffalo in the name of hunting, buffalo still have no year-round habitat in Montana and livestock interests are still calling the shots. Once the hunt is over, buffalo that didn't get killed but remain in Montana will be subjected to aggressive hazing, capture, slaughter and quarantine, all to serve the economic interests of Montana's cattle industry.

The wild buffalo living in and around Yellowstone National Park are very special animals. They are the last of their kind in all of the United States, and fewer than 4,700 remain. While it sometimes feels that this is a never-ending battle, we must all remember that we are up against very powerful odds - government and industry - but if we take our lessons from the buffalo, incorporate into our own lives and actions their strength to persist, resist and endure centuries of harassment, humiliation and death, we will prevail for them. If we can save the buffalo, we can perhaps save ourselves.

Roam Free,
* A Call for Volunteers
Volunteers are standing in the cold with the buffalo every day, from sunrise to sunset. We are running two camps in both Gardiner and West Yellowstone, covering a lot of ground. The buffalo's migration is keeping us very busy monitoring this huge area, and we could use some more volunteers to help us in the field. If you have ever thought about joining us, now would be a great time. BFC provides room, board, gear, and training to all who answer the call to defend America's last wild buffalo. If you'd like to join our amazing buffalo family here in Montana, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Stuart, for more information or to make travel arrangements. Stuart can be reached at 406-646-0070 or by emailing him at stedrick84@aol.com. See you on the front lines with the last wild buffalo!

Learn more about BFC volunteer opportunities at http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/aboutus/volunteeringatcamp.html
* BFC Wish List: Woolies, Mittens & Ski Boots
Over 3,000 people have joined us on the front lines in defense of the last wild buffalo. As you can imagine, BFC volunteers represent a beautiful diversity of compassionate humans and come in all varieties of shapes and sizes. Currently we are in dire need of wool pants (sizes 38-42) and 3-pin ski boots (sizes 12-13) that fit larger folks. We are also in need of mittens and mitten shells, so that field patrols don't suffer frostbite while standing with the buffalo. If you can help us with these items or any of the other needs posted on our Wish List, you will be making a huge difference for our front lines volunteers.

Any in-kind donations can be mailed to BFC, P.O. Box 957, West Yellowstone, MT 59758. You can also call 406-646-0070 and ask to speak with our Gear Coordinator if you have questions or need more information.

To view BFC's Wish List, please go to http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/aboutus/wishlist.html.

Thank you for keeping us warm and dry in the field with the last wild buffalo!
* Colorado Ski Vacation Auction Up and Running!
Not a skier? Pass this notice along to one! Auction ends 12/31.
BFC's second annual Crested Butte Ski Vacation is currently being auctioned on eBay. This trip includes a week's stay in a four bedroom (sleeps 8) condominium at the base of the mountain, more than $800 worth of Patagonia ski apparel, eight free lift tickets, and gift certificates to area restaurants and stores. The total value of the package is $6,330. Last year's trip sold for just about half of that, one hundred percent of which went directly to Buffalo Field Campaign's frontlines work for the buffalo.

View the auction and place a bid by clicking on this link:
* They're Here! BFC Newsletters & Note Cards
Last Tuesday, after several attempts, the semi-truck with our newsletters made it partially up our snowy drive. Thanks to all the volunteers and staff who off-loaded the cartons containing 85,000 newsletters!

Placing copies of newsletters in your favorite shops or your own business is a great way for supporters to help spread the word about the plight of the Yellowstone buffalo and what Buffalo Field Campaign has been doing over the past year and our future plans to protect these animals.

If you would like copies for distribution please send an email to me at: buffaloatwildrockies.org or send a note to my attention at: P.O. Box 957, West Yellowstone MT 59758-0957. Contributions to help defray the cost of postage are most welcomed.

This week we also received our new note cards and they are just stunning. You can view the card "Tatanka 2" by artist and long-time supporter Marian Osher at this link on our web site: http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org/bisonmerchandise/bisoncards.html

The cards are ten for $15.00 and can be ordered securely online at:

You can also order cards by sending a check or money order (no cash please) to my attention at: P.O. Box 957, West Yellowstone MT 59758-0957.

barb abramo
Office Coordinator
* Photo of the Week
With the Buffalo ~ Another day in Paradise

Long time buffalo warrior woman, Amani, returned to camp for some days surrounding the Winter Solstice and got to spend some high quality time with the buffalo during her stay. In this photo, there were buffalo in every direction we could see and everything was right with the world.

We look forward to your return in '08 Amani!!
* Last Words
Staying Power
Many wish us gone;
But we go on--we go on--
Love is the answer.
--Iris Robinson

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