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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Weekly Update from the Field September 24, 2009
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* Update from the Field
Yellowstone National Park recently released its estimate on the current bison population size. According to the estimate, which is based on flyovers conducted this summer, there are currently approximately 3,300 wild bison in Yellowstone. The number, thanks to the slaughter of thousands of bison by the National Park Service and Montana Departmet of Livestock, is down sharply from 2005 when the population was estimated to be close to 5,000. According to provisions in the Interagency Bison Management Plan, more than 1,000 bison could be killed this winter if they attempt to migrate from Yellowstone, the world's first national park.
Here in West Yellowstone, Buffalo Field Campaign has been preparing for the coming winter, making plans, setting strategies, raising much-needed funds, and even collecting firewood to keep our volunteers warm in one on America's most frigid climates. Please read on for more information on how you can help us prepare to protect the bison this winter, including a quick and easy way you can help us raise $10,000!
* Cast a Vote for BFC and Help us Win $10,000 in Charity Contest
The Christie Cookie Company is holding a contest for nonprofits and we need your help to win the prize! The nonprofit receiving the most votes will win a check for $10,000. The runner-up wins $5,000, and the next ten will receive $1,000 each. It takes less than two minutes to vote.

Please take a moment to vote today by clicking on the link below and help BFC raise much-needed funds to protect the bison. If you can't find us in the pull-down list just type in Buffalo Field Campaign from West Yellowstone, Montana to help us win.

Please forward this email and tell everyone you know to vote for Buffalo Field Campaign in West Yellowstone, Montana!

While the contest has been going on for months, we were just entered yesterday. This means we are counting on you, our supporters, to cast a vote today and help us spread the word. Votes must be cast by October 15, 2009.

Only one vote can be cast per email address.
VOTE HERE to help BFC raise $10,000!
* Woodcut Thanks
One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is the constant contact with people who are willing to put their lives on hold and give their all for nothing more than room and board, a pat on the back, and the knowledge that they are helping protect America's only continuously wild buffalo. Every fall, volunteers suffer nonstop sweat and sore muscles to make sure we have enough wood to heat our seven cabins, tipis, and yurt through the long and bitter Montana winter.

For the past month we have been hard at work, cutting, hauling, chopping, and stacking wood from nearby private and public lands and I would like to thank everyone who has been helping with this monumental endeavor. Noah, Jumbo, Chip, Lobo, and I pulled in the majority of the wood to begin the process. On the side of a mountain a quarter mile up stood 30 beetle-killed Douglas Fir trees. After dropping these giants with respect, reverence, and honor we de-limbed, bucked to long lengths and rolled them down the mountain.
Once down to the road we loaded the heavy logs onto our truck and trailer and brought them home. Adam came all the way from Omaha, Nebraska, Lorin and Matt shared part of their honeymoon having traveled from Southern California, Kingman and Jackie joined us from Berkeley, California, long-time family member Rachel, our BAB buddy Jim Macdonald, and Andrew all joined us from Montana and Laura and Benjamin joined us in the end to help complete the task. Three great men from the Yaak--Mike, Dave, and Paul--showed up and demonstrated how to use a chainsaw to maximum effect.

Thanks also to all of the local help: Barb helped feed us from her great garden and Joe, Aaron, Butch, Jillian and Amy all provided much-needed assistance. Thanks to Uncle Darrell who took on driving all of the loads, loading and unloading. barb who less than a week before had surgery helped make sure we were all fed and taken care for the week. The memories, bumps, bruises, and friendships will be in my heart every time I put a log on the fire this winter. All of the best to everyone who made this happen. Please know that without your help we could not have gotten it done.

For the Buffalo,
Mike Mease
* West Coast Roadshow Announced
BFC co-founder and Campaign Coordinator Mike Mease will be on the road on the West Coast in October to share the buffalo's story. Joining Mike will be special guests, including Good Shield, Phoenex and After Buffalo, Sampson Wolfe, and the Galanis Band. Award winning author Derrick Jensen will join us for a special night in Arcata. If you live near any of the following California towns or know people who do, here is the schedule:

Saturday 10/3
8:00 PM
with Good Shield & Phoenix and After Buffalo
5 Cemetary Road
Contact: Phoenix 510-910-8877

Monday 10/5
11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
with Good Shield
College of the Redwoods Quad

Monday 10/5
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
with Good Shield
College of the Redwoods
7351 Tompkins Hill Road
Contact: Nikiya 707-476-4581

Tuesday 10/6
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
with Good Shield
Humboldt State University Quad

Tuesday 10/6
6:00 PM
with Derrick Jensen & Good Shield
Old Arcata Creamery Building
1251 9th Street

Wednesday 10/7
7:00 PM
with Good Shield
Chico State University
Contact: Susanna 845-750-3300

Thursday 10/8
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
with Good Shield
Sacramento City Collage Quad
3835 Freeport Blvd.

Friday 10/9
7:00 PM
with Good Shield, Luke Thomas Trio (LT3), and Phoenix and After Buffalo featuring Uriah Duffy
1317 San Pablo Ave.
Contact: Phoenix 510-910-8877

Saturday 10/10
7:00 PM
with Good Shield, Sampson Wolfe & Phoenix and After Buffalo
Inter Tribal Friendship House
523 International Blvd
Contact: Sampson 408-590-1347

Wednesday 10/14
7:00 PM
with Galanis Band
Jameson Brown Coffee
260 N Allen Ave
Contact: Zachary 801-599-6178
* Last Words
"The thing that bothers me the most is the recklessness and greed of the local ranchers, who run too many cattle back here, choking with waste the creek that runs through my property. .... Them #$%&*@s piss me off. if you gotta mess up the ecology of the world in order to raise a bunch of cows, well eat somethin else. I'm not a fan of the cowboys."

- Merle Haggard, Rolling Stone, 10/1/09

Do you have submissions for Last Words? Send them to bfc-media"at"wildrockies.org. Thank you all for the poems, songs and stories you have been sending; you'll see them here!
* Kill Tally
AMERICAN BISON ELIMINATED from the last wild population in the U.S.
2008-2009 Total: 22
2008-2009 Slaughter: 3
2008-2009 Hunt: 1
2008-2009 Quarantine: 0
2008-2009 Shot by Agents: 2
2008-2009 Highway Mortality: 16
2007-2008 Total: 1,631
Total Since 2000: 3,702*
*includes lethal government action, quarantine, hunts, highway mortalities
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