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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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           Weekly Update from the Field June 9, 2011
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BFC Extends Buffalo Protection Patrols into June‏
* NEW BFC Video! Buffalo Hazing Abuse 2011
* Update from the Field
* A Big BuffaLove Thank You to Kerry Masters!
* Buffalo in the News
* By the Numbers
* Last Words ~ Vicky Millspaugh, Horse Butte Resident

* NEW BFC Video! Buffalo Hazing Abuse 2011

Click on image to play BFC's new video.

This new video from Buffalo Field Campaign shows state and federal agencies abusing members of America's last wild bison population, as they 'haze' (chase) them out of Montana, into Yellowstone National Park. Bison, including newborn calves, are run for many miles, chased by horsemen and a deafening helicopter, and forced out of their native Montana into Yellowstone National Park. These harmful and unnecessary actions, funded with your federal tax dollars, take place because of the greed and stubborn intolerance of Montana's livestock industry.

* Update from the Field

Pushed east off their chosen habitat. Here are just some of the hundereds of wild buffalo that have been abused by government hazing operations. This view is from Cougar Knoll inside Yellowstone National Park. BFC file photo by Elizabeth Robertson. Click photo for larger image.

For the past two weeks hundreds of native wild buffalo have been forced off of the prime spring habitat of Horse Butte and surrounding Gallatin National Forest lands, where grass was becoming rich and plentiful, and calves were being born healthy and strong. There are never any cattle on these lands, and no reason that native wild buffalo should be forced to flee. The winter was so severe that a lot of the buffalo died trying to reach these lower-elevation areas, and those that survived have now been rudely forced to vacate.

Since June 1st, scores of native wild buffalo, including many newborn calves, have been aggressively forced out of Montana by state and federal government agencies serving Montana's livestock interests. Wild bison should never be forced to flee the lands that are their birthright, especially not for the likes of invasive (and invisible) cattle. BFC file photo by Stephany. Click photo for larger image.

There are hardly any wild buffalo remaining in Montana. They have been chased deep into Yellowstone where grass is still late to grow, and, as BFC's new video shows, much of it is under water due to severe flooding. BFC remains in the field later than usual this year because actions against the buffalo are still occurring.

The frighented eye of this mother buffalo says clearly what words cannot. During hazes, wild buffalo are made to move quickly for many miles over deadfall, through swollen rivers, thick forests, muddy marshes, and other difficult and dangerous terrain. Many buffalo are harmed - sometimes fatally - by these unnecessary and abusive government actions. Mother buffalo often stop, turn to face the agents and stand their ground, bluff charging horsemen in defense of their little calves. BFC file photo by Stephany. Click photo for larger image.

These hazing operations, in which buffalo are pushed for many miles over difficult terrain and flooded waterways, are extremely long and grueling. Tiny calves try desperately to keep up with moms who are themselves trying to escape screaming agents, galloping horses, and the incessant pounding of helicopter rotors right over their heads. The buffalo try to stick together because their safety is in the herd. Calves are often separated from their mothers and buffalo are injured or run to exhaustion as they are forced from the lands that are their birthright.

The buffalo's future is in our hands. Please continue to stand with us for these sacred beings as we move closer towards positive change. Photo by Heather Callin. Heather volunteered with BFC this spring and is a sister-warrior from our friends and ocean-heroes, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Click photo for larger image.

As you will read in some of the articles below, sentiment is waxing strong in favor of ending these abusive and unnecessary actions. Voices are joining with yours, rising ever louder for the buffalo and their right to roam. While the abhorrent mistreatment of America's last wild buffalo population has yet to end, there is an end in sight. For the first time in BFC's history 800 wild buffalo walked away from the Stephens Creek trap, and though it should never happen at all, Yellowstone National Park forbid the Montana Department of Livestock from conducting hazing operations until much later in the spring. The pendulum of change is also swinging towards more habitat for wild buffalo in both the Gardiner and Hebgen Basins, discussions that have been a long time coming but will hopefully manifest this coming winter and spring. You are making the difference. Endless pressure, endlessly applied is forcing the necessary change. Stay strong because the buffalo need you, Buffalo Field Campaign needs you, and we all need the buffalo.

Having been so active during such a long and heavy winter running simultaneous field patrols on both Yellowstone's north and western boundaries, working to change policy in both the state and federal capitals, and having successfully prevented the slaughter of hundreds of buffalo through our legal actions and grassroots campaigns, Buffalo Field Campaign is in real need of your financial support. We have always received the majority of our funding from individual donations and we need your support now more than ever. If you value the wild buffalo of Yellowstone country and believe in our work on their behalf, please make a tax-deductible contribution today and help keep us strong in the field and on every level of the policy front. We literally can not do it without you. Thank you!

Roam Free!!

* A Big BuffaLove Thank You to Kerry Masters!

Buffalo Field Campaign sends out a big buffalove thank you to Kerry Masters for making a timely and generous contribution to Buffalo Field Campaign for a new computer. On the same day Kerry made her donation our habitat coordinator's computer experienced a complete power failure. Thank you for stepping up Kerry in a discouraging moment and lending a hand! Your support has made possible a new computer and repair of another to keep BFC up and running. THANK YOU!

* Buffalo in the News

Buffalo Battle: It's Time to Stop the Slaughter, Halt the Hazing
by George Ochenski
Missoula Independent, Montana

Guest Column: Montana's wild buffalo deserve our honor, appreciation
by Buffalo Field Campaign
Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Montana

Letter: Bison in Trouble
The Spokesman Review, Spokane, Washington

Judge tosses temporary restraining order over helicopter bison hazing
Helena Independent Record, Montana

Wildlife activists protest Yellowstone bison experiments
By Laura Zuckerman, Reuters

350 Bison hazed back into Yellowstone National Park
Includes video
KXLF, Butte, Montana


Take these government agencies head-on and press on for a respectful world for native wild buffalo! BFC file photo by Darrell Geist. Click photo for larger image.

1. Contact Gallatin National Forest Supervisor Mary Erickson and ask her how, after allowing the state of Montana to chase wild buffalo off the National Forest, she is fulfilling the Forest Service's legal mandate to provide habitat for viable populations of native wild buffalo, and why she allows wild bison to be forced off of public lands habitat where there are never any cattle. TAKE ACTION!

2. Contact Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk and USDA APHIS Western Regional Director Brian McCluskey and tell them that it is not acceptable for wild buffalo, which are ecologically extinct, to be surrendered without public notice or input for experiments (LINK to press release) with chemical sterilization. Learn more and then TAKE ACTION: Email Superintendent Wenk and Email Director McCluskey.

3. Contact your members of Congress and urge them to bring an end to the Interagency Bison Management Plan and re-direct federal funding towards habitat-based solutions for wild buffalo. If your members of Congress are unfamiliar with this issue, urge them to contact Buffalo Field Campaign. TAKE ACTION!

4. Write Letters to the Editor in support of protecting America's last wild buffalo. TAKE ACTION!

5. Buffalo Field Campaign is dependent upon contributions from our supporters for our survival. Please make a donation of whatever amount you can afford and ensure that we remain the buffalo's most powerful voice in the field and in the policy arena.

Thank You! Spread the word to save these herds! Please share these action links on FaceBook, blogs, etc.

* By the Numbers

AMERICAN BUFFALO ELIMINATED from the last wild population in the U.S. The last wild population is currently estimated at fewer than 3,600 individual buffalo.

2010-2011 Total Buffalo Killed: 227

2010-2011 Government Capture: 770
2010-2011 Government Slaughter: 0
2010-2011 Held for Government Experiment: 53
2010-2011 Died In Government Trap: 3
2010-2011 Miscarriage in Government Trap: 1
2010-2011 State & Treaty Hunts: 211
2010-2011 Quarantine: 0
2010-2011 Shot by Agents: 3
2010-2011: Killed by Angry Residents: 2
2010-2011 Highway Mortality: 11

2009-2010 Total: 7
2008-2009 Total: 22
2007-2008 Total: 1,631

* Total Since 2000: 3,986*

*includes lethal government action, trap-related fatalities, quarantine, hunts, highway mortality

* Last Words ~ Vicky Millspaugh

I nteragency
B uffalo
M olestation & Madness
P harse
Courtesy..Dept of Livestock
to protect..Phantom Cattle
to provide..Phat paychecks
to rule..Yellowstone Nat'l Park
to waste..public resources
to erase Wildlife
from the
and that's a Phact!

~ Vicky Millspaugh, Horse Butte resident

Do you have submissions for Last Words? Send them to Stephany. Thank you for all the poems, songs, quotes, and stories you have been sending; you'll see them here!

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