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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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           November 1, 2013
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Letter: Buffalo Hunt Moratorium Appeal to Indian Nations
from James St. Goddard, EE-SUK-YAH, Holy Paint Gatherer, one of the ancient Blackfeet


The buffalo EE-NEE-WAH have asked me to convey this message.

We know you respect the buffalo. We know you have the right to hunt the buffalo. But the ancient buffalo in Yellowstone have been decimated and have not recovered.

ln the Hayden and Pelican valleys in the Central lnterior of Yellowstone National park, the buffalo have felt the brunt of this slaughter. Their population is well under half of what it was just a few winters ago.

We need to send a message to the whites, we need to send a message to the white Governments: to let this ancient buffalo herd regenerate itself.

Your own Tribal policies and laws allow you to step back and reassess the situation.

We have to get away from the thinking that if we don't do anything we will lose our Treaty rights.

Done properly, a resolution by the Tribes to place a moratorium on hunting the buffalo will strengthen our Treaty and
cultural rights.

ln a sacred way, we ask that you adopt a one or two year moratorium on hunting the buffalo to be set by your cultural leadership, specifically your Tribal government.

This year and next year our cultures will grow, the buffalo will recover, and our children will learn that there is a way to bring the EE-NEE-WAH back.

Your treaty rights will always be in place to hunt on public lands.

To see and let our sacred animal grow again, multiply for the future generations, I ask this in the Blackfeet NA-SIST-AA-PEE - real people - way.

I want to share this message with the Tribal leaders that will accept this moratorium on the Yellowstone buffalo herd.

ln February of 2012 I met with Senator Daniel lnouye in Washington D.C. Daniel asked me what the Tribes could do to stay stronger. And he said just one thing that the Tribes could do, that no one could ever break not even the U.S. government, is for the Tribes to stand together with their traditions. I just wanted to share his message with you, Tribal leader, the late senator Daniel Inouye said for us to stand together with our traditions.

There also is a sacred 8 or 9-year old bull in the herd that must be protected.

I ask you as the former culture chairman of the Blackfeet Tribe, and ongoing spiritual leader of the Eloise Cobell case.

I also want to reintroduce myself to your honorable Council, that I am one of the spiritual leaders of the Blackfoot Confederacy that encompasses the U.S. and Canada.

I am in no way influenced by the U.S. government or any other entity that has not understood our ancient traditional ways. I have been through most or all of the Eloise Cobell case. I have survived the Bush administration. I carry on our ancient traditions for my people.

I ask that your brilliant cultural minds implement this moratorium to save our sacred buffalo, and pray that this resolution or moratorium be implemented as soon as possible.

James St. Goddard EE-SUK-YAH Holy Paint Gatherer, one of the ancient Blackfeet


The Blackfeet People & Blackfoot Confederacy Emissary
The United States of America & Canada

Phone: (406) 564-3054

Email : 4eesukyah@gmail.com

James St. Goddard "EE-Suk-Yah" (Holy Paint Gatherer) Blackfeet

Mr. St. Goddard was born on the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana and raised as a traditional Blackfeet by his grandfather and elders in his cornmunity.

Mr. St. Goddard first met Mrs. Eloise Cobell in 1980 when his father, Archie St. Goddard, served as Vice-Chair of the Blackfeet Tribal Council.

Mr. St. Goddard worked with the Eloise Cobell Trust Case since its initiation in 1996 through its resolution in 2O12. Mr. St. Goddard served as National Representative for the Eloise Cobell Trust Case from 2006-2O12.

On December 20,2010, Eroise Cobell nominated and endorsed James st. Goddard to be the Head Chief of the Blackfeet Nation.

ln 1995, Mr. St. Goddard was elected to the Blackfeet Tribal Council and served in many capacities until 2006:

  • Council Vice-Chair.
  • Cultural Chair.
  • Chair of five of the nine Blackfeet Nation committees.
  • Member of all nine Blackfeet Nation committees. Member of the Montana-Wyoming-Idaho Tribal Leaders Council (MWITLC).
  • Member of the Delegation to Reorganize the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).
  • Chair of the MWITLC Corrections committee on lndigenous People from 2002-2006.

As a rnember of the Blackfoot Confederacy of the USA and Canada, Mr. St. Goddard serves as a Delegate to the National Congress of American Indians Implementing President Obama's united Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2010-present.


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