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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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           Weekly Update from the Field August 13, 2015
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Habitat Is Where It's At: Update from the Field‏
* Update from the Field: BFC Restores Habitat, Speaks for Wovles (and Bison), is Honored by Tribes
* West Coast Road Show Schedule
* Save the Date, 10/23/15! Denver Gala and Art Auction to Benefit Buffalo Field Campaign
* Mark Your Calendars: Wood Cut Week August 31 - September 4
* Spread the Word to Save the Herds: Distribute BFC’s Newsletter in Your Community!
* By the Numbers
* Last Words of Buffalo Inspiration

* BFC Restores Habitat, Speaks for Wovles (and Bison), is Honored by Tribes

Update from the Field
Although it's summer and most buffalo are deep within the relative safety of Yellowstone National Park, BFC remains incredibly busy in our work to protect this iconic species. As you'll see below, we've been advocating for the buffalo, protecting habitat, organizing events, cutting firewood for the coming winter, distributing our latest newsletter, and submitting offical comments on issues affecting the bison. At a time of year when donations are down, all of these activities take a heavy toll on our budget. While there are lots of ways for you to help with each of these initiatives, your financial support can keep the Campaign strong, vibrant, and effective. Whether you give $5 or $5,000, each and ever contribution is essential to our continued work. Please take a moment and:

Thank you for playing such a crucial role in the work of Buffalo Field Campaign to permanently protect America's only continuously wild bison population!

Speaking for Wovles (and Bison)
This year’s Speak for Wolves event in West Yellowstone, MT was a wonderful success. Great minds and passionate hearts gathered on behalf of our wild relatives. We were among many of our heroes, got to put faces to names, reconnected with old friends, and made many new ones. Incredible presentations were given, including Oliver Starr who spoke devotedly about the wolves of Denali who are being shot along the borders of the National Park; Brian Ertz of WildLands Defense gave an eloquent and impassioned account of the McKittrick Policy which has been altered so it protects humans who “mistakenly” kill endangered species from suffering any consequence; the incredible journalist Christopher Ketcham shared a brief but intense story about Echo, the wolf who made it all the way to the Grand Canyon only to be shot three months later on her journey back north, having been “mistaken” for a coyote by a known anti-wolf hunter; anti-livestock author George Wuerther and Camilla Fox from the Center for Biological Diversity helped educate folks about the brutal predator killing contests that are running amok in the country; our very own and extremely charismatic Mike Mease, co-founder of Buffalo Field Campaign, shared stories about the buffalo, showed some of our footage from the field, and encouraged us all to work together and stop the in-fighting that is harming our already too small environmental community; and Natalie Ertz of WildLands Defense and Rod Coronado of Wolf Patrol demonstrated how to release an animal from a leg-hold trap. There were many other wonderful presenters, lots of great question and answer sessions, important films, and incredible opportunities to do some serious networking. Many huge, heartfelt thanks go to Brett Haverstick of Friends of the Clearwater who has started the Speak for Wolves conferences — he put so much work into pulling this event together and it was a grand success! We also must thank Brett for inviting wild buffalo and Buffalo Field Campaign to participate in this event which is largely for wild canids. Solidarity!

BFC volunteers and West Yellowstone community members work together to remove barbed wire fencing from the buffalo's habitat on Horse Butte.

Rewilding the Landscape
Last week the volunteers here at BFC teamed up with members of the West Yellowstone community to remove an old barbed wire fence from the Horse Butte Peninsula, favorite spring habitat and calving grounds of wild buffalo. The removal of the fence allows unimpeded access for bison and other wildlife to move to other lands where they are safe from harassment or hunting, thanks to BFC's “Buffalo Safe Zone" signs and the help of local buffalo-friendly landowners. It was an incredibly rewarding experience to reach out to the community, and also a great feeling to know we were helping free the land, prevent wildlife injuries, and allowing more bison to reach the safe zones.

BFC Honored at Hays Community Pow Wow
On the weekend of Aug 8-9 two BFC members traveled to the home of fellow buffalo warrior and dear friend, Catcher Cuts the Rope and his beautiful family. Catcher invited us to attend the Hays Community Pow Wow in Hays, MT, located on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, home to the Aaniih and Nakoda people. There he intended to honor Buffalo Field Campaign's work to protect the last wild bison. Catcher presented BFC with a coup stick, a very high honor marking BFC as warriors for the buffalo, and showed solidarity in the fight for wild bison returning to their ancestral lands. BFC helped raise awareness in the Hays community by speaking to the public about the issues facing the Yellowstone buffalo; as well as distributing BFC's newsletter. To Catcher and his tribe, the return of the buffalo is a hope for a bright future and a way for his people, and all people to heal from the past and help reverse our recent (and ongoing) detriment to Mother Earth. Its always an honor to visit our buffalo family in Hays. The Cuts the Rope family and the community of Hays are proving to be strong allies in our fight for the buffalo's right to roam.

Wild is the Way!

* BFC's West Coast Road Show Schedule

Click here to view the schedule and to download posters you can distribute in your community! Poster design by BFC's Cindy Rosin.

BFC will be on the West Coast from September 12 through October 10, building awareness about the needs of our native bison through presentations and concerts in many west coast communities.

Mike Mease will be joined by the incredible musicians and eco-warriors, Goodshield Aguilar and Mignon Geli. Join this amazing trio for music and stories from the front lines. These wonderful buffalo warriors will inspire you to take action on behalf of America’s last wild, migratory buffalo. This year we're honored to be doing some events with Pearl Jam and John Trudell, and there may be a few more surprises along the way, so please join us in a town near you!

Check the schedule and download posters that you can distribute in your community HERE.

* Gala & Art Auction to Benefit BFC in Denver


We are pleased to announce that Red Shoes Studio is sponsoring a very special evening in support of BFC's work to protect America's last wild herds of native bison. Gormet food and live music will be served, followed silent and live auctions. Please plan on attending and help BFC spread the word about this very special event.

For tickets, click HERE

* Mark Your Calendars: Wood Cut Week August 31 - September 4

Join BFC for our annual Wood Cut Week, August 31 - September 4. Please join us at our headquarters near West Yellowstone as we haul, cut, and stack the wood that will keep our field volunteers warm this winter. We will provide a place to stay and tasty meals.

Please email or call Mike, mease@wildrockies.org or (406) 646-0070 if you are interested in helping.

* Take Action! Distribute BFC Newsletters in Your Community

Help spread the word to save the herds! If you would like us to send you a stack of newsletters to place around your community, Tara can help you with that, too. We love that we have supporters who are willing to distribute our annual newsletter, spreading the word to save the herds is one of our main tenets and we are thrilled to have so many volunteers! Shipping can be costly, so please let Tara know an exact number that you feel you are able to distribute and she will happily get them to you ASAP!

If your address has changed, or if you are new and would like to be added to our mailing list,
please contact Tara at buffalo@wildrockies.org.

*By the Numbers

The last wild, migratory buffalo populations are currently estimated at fewer than 4,200 individual animals, living in and around Yellowstone National Park. Wild, migratory bison are ecologically extinct throughout their native range in North America.

Total Buffalo Killed: 740
Government Capture: 507
Buffalo Released from Capture: 0
Government Slaughter:
Tribal - ITBC & CSKT Slaughter: 507
Died in Government Trap: 4
Died in Government Research Facility**:
Miscarriage in Government Trap:
State Hunt: 41
State Damage Hunts: 4
Treaty Hunts: 172
Unknown Hunts:
Poached in Yellowstone:
Sent to Quarantine:
Sent to APHIS Research Facility: 7
Shot by Agents:
Shot by Landowner:
Shot by Idaho: 1
Highway Mortality: 4
Cause of Death Unknown:

Total Killed in Previous Years*
2012-2013: 653
2012-2013: 261
2011-2012: 33
2010-2011: 227
2009-2010: 7
2008-2009: 22
2007-2008: 1,631
Total Killed Since 2000: 5,647
* includes lethal government action, trap-related fatalities, quarantine/experiments, hunts, and highway deaths
** bison stolen from the wild and placed in APHIS research facilities (such as for GonaCon) have already been counted as being "eliminated from the population" so bison that have died in a government research facility are not reflected in the total.

* Last Words of Buffalo Inspiration ~

"In the face of Montana's ongoing hostility to a revered species missing from our expansive state, Buffalo Field Campaign remains committed to pursuing all avenues available to gaining permanent protections for America's last wild buffalo and the ecosystems upon which they depend for survival."

~ from Buffalo Field Campaign's official comments on Montana's Bison Conservation and Management in Montana Draft Environmental Impact Statement. Read BFC's complete comments HERE [pdf].

Please keep sending quotes, poems and other words of buffalo wisdom. You'll see them here!

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