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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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           Weekly Update from the Field February 11, 2016
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Take Action Against Quarantine! Week of Action Kicks Off Monday!
* OPPOSE QUARANTINE! Submit Your Comments to Yellowstone National Park
* BFC Week of Action February 15 - 21, 2016
* By the Numbers
* Last Words of Buffalo Inspiration ~ Rosalie Little Thunder & Darrell Geist

* OPPOSE QUARANTINE! Submit Your Comments to Yellowstone National Park


Stand in solidarity with wild, migratory buffalo! Speak out against the domestication, commercialization, and slaughter of the Yellowstone herds! Yellowstone National Park has released an Environmental Assessment (EA) for a fifty-year quarantine program which seriously threatens America’s last wild, migratory bison. There is nothing in this EA for bison advocates to support, as even the “no action” alternative maintains the Park’s ongoing capture-for-slaughter program.

Comments are due by midnight MST February 15, 2016.

Please click the button or visit our Take Action Alert to learn more and send your comments. We have provided a sample letter, but please write in your own words to make the biggest impact. Speak from your heart, with what you know, to address the adverse impacts of quarantining wild bison and the Park’s ongoing capture for slaughter operations. Don’t allow Yellowstone National Park to domesticate wild, migratory bison! Thank you for taking this important action!

* BFC Week of Action! February 15 - 21, 2016

Join Buffalo Field Campaign for our upcoming Week of Action! We are planning events in southwest Montana towns, and there will be one event that everyone, everywhere will be able to participate in. The Week of Action will kick-off on Monday, February 15 and last through Sunday, February 21.

This week is full of promise! Our Helena event with Native allies is shaping up to be a very powerful gathering. There are important people from many tribes coming, and we need to show them great honor and help sponsor their journey here and make sure they have a warm place to stay for the night in Helena. From the Nez Perce (Nimiipuu): Brooklyn Baptiste, former Tribal Council member along with a current Tribal Council Member; From the Blackfeet Confederacy: Jimmy St. Goddard, Sacred Paint Gatherer; Nikos Pastos from the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes; Goodshield Aguilar from the Lakota Nation; From Ft. Belknap, Catcher Cuts the Rope of the Aaniiih People and part of the Hays Warrior Society, Tuffy Hegelsen, Nakoda Chief and Spiritual Leader, along with the sacred drummers from the Hays Lodgepole High School, and their traditional Buffalo Dancer, and others representing indigenous buffalo cultures. It is critical that we make a strong show of solidarity in making their journey as easy and welcoming as possible. If you can contribute any amount towards gas money and lodging, this will go a very long way.

Here is the schedule of events:

  • Monday, Feb 15, 10-5 - Bozeman: Rally and tabling in Bozeman, Montana. We will have info/take action tables at the Bozeman Co-Op and Bozeman Public Library from 10am-5pm, and rally through Downtown Bozeman mid-day. The Bozeman Co-op is located at 908 West Main Street, Bozeman. The library is located at 626 East Main Street, Bozeman.

  • Tuesday, Feb 16, 10-7 - Mammoth YNP & Beattie Gulch, Gardiner: Protest outside Yellowstone National Park Headquarters in Mammoth, Yellowstone National Park, followed by a candlelight vigil beginning at Mammoth, convoy to the Stephens Creek bison trap entrance, ending with a vigil/ceremony at Yellowstone’s north boundary, Beattie Gulch, along the Old Yellowstone Trail.

  • Wednesday, Feb 17, all day - Everywhere: National Call-In Day (targets to be announced that day; we will send you a Special Alert)

  • Thursday, Feb 18, 1:00-4:00 - Helena, MT: BFC & Native Allies Rally in Helena! Rotunda of the Capitol Building from 1-4pm. Join BFC along with members of the Nez Perce, White Clay (Aaniiih), Nakoda, Assiniboine, Blackfeet, Lakota, and Confederated Salish & Kootenai tribes, as we honor Governor Bullock for opening year-round habitat for wild buffalo on Horse Butte, urge him to expand the lands where wild buffalo roam, and repeal MCA 81-2-120! We will also pay a visit to the Montana Department of Livestock offices to let them know how we feel about their maltreatment of America’s last wild buffalo. Afterwards, join us for a working-in-solidarity dinner from 4:30-8:00. The Capitol is located at 1301 E. 6th Avenue, Helena. The Dinner will be held at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, 80 E. Lawrence Street, Helena. Please help us honor our indigenous friends by sponsoring their journey here!

  • Friday, Feb 19, 12:00-5:00 - West Yellowstone, MT: Join us in the Yellowstone gateway community of West Yellowstone for a march through town, ending with a rally at the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Meet at Buffalo Spirit, located at 14 N. Canyon Street, West Yellowstone.

  • Saturday, Feb 20, 10:00-5:00 - Big Sky, MT: Join us in Big Sky for a rally and march through Montana’s famed ski resort.

  • Sunday, Feb 21, 5:00-7:00 - BFC: Join us at BFC headquarters in West Yellowstone for an open house and community meal to celebrate year-round bison habitat on Horse Butte! Bring a dessert or appetizer and please RSVP for this specific event by calling our office at 406-646-0070, and if you need directions we can give them to you when you call.

Please join us at any or all events! Tell your friends and bring them with you! If you are able to come for the full week and would like to stay with us, please RSVP with Stephany or Natalie so that we can make accommodations for sleeping spaces and food. Please bring bedding!

*By the Numbers

The last wild, migratory buffalo populations are currently estimated at fewer than 4,600 individual animals, living in and around Yellowstone National Park. Wild, migratory bison once existed in the tens of millions yet are now ecologically extinct throughout their native range in North America.

Total Buffalo Killed: 372
Government Capture:
Buffalo Released from Capture:
Government Slaughter:
Tribal - ITBC & CSKT Slaughter:
Died in Government Trap:
Died in Government Research Facility**:
Miscarriage in Government Trap:
State Hunt: 24
State “Damage" Hunts:
Treaty Hunts: 304
Unknown Hunts: 2
Known Wounded in Hunt: 12
Wounded & Shot by NPS: 1
Poached in Yellowstone:
Sent to Quarantine:
Sent to APHIS Research Facility:
Shot by Agents:
Shot by Landowner:
Shot by Idaho:
Highway Mortality: 2
Cause of Death Unknown:

Total Killed in Previous Years*
2014-2015: 740
2013-2014: 653
2012-2013: 261
2011-2012: 33
2010-2011: 227
2009-2010: 7
2008-2009: 22
2007-2008: 1,631

Total Killed Since 2000: 6,003

* includes lethal government action, trap-related fatalities, quarantine/experiments, hunts, and highway deaths
** bison stolen from the wild and placed in APHIS research facilities (such as for GonaCon) have already been counted as being "eliminated from the population" so bison that have died in a government research facility are not reflected in the total.

* Last Words of Buffalo Inspiration ~ Rosalie Little Thunder & Darrell Geist

"The Park is pursuing similar arrangements with other Tribal governments to set-up an operational quarantine – a livestock factory – to domesticate wild buffalo. Backing a trailer up to a trap in Yellowstone Park where buffalo are confined and transporting them to slaughter has nothing to do with tradition or the sacred or sovereign rights of tribes.

Our tribal councils and leaders are occupied with many challenges and do not have ready access to adequate information about the Yellowstone buffalo herd’s fate. Oftentimes decision-makers are distanced from their own councils and advisers, traditional and spiritual. Unfortunately, the decisions made on wild buffalo continue to serve the interests of the Montana Department of Livestock and the National Park Service first."

~ Rosalie Little Thunder, Pte Oyate & Darrell Geist, Buffalo Field Campaign. From An Open Letter to Tribal Leaders and the American People, 2014

Please keep sending quotes, poems and other words of buffalo wisdom. You'll see them here!

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