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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Yellowstone Bison Slaughter
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Yellowstone Bison Hunt & Haze Video 2012/2013
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Buffalo Field Campaign 6/18/13

Wild Yellowstone Buffalo
Harassment Continues in June 2013

Harassment of wild buffalo continues on the Yellowstone border and in Montana. The impacts of this taxpayer funded buffalo assault are shown in the video as yet another buffalo mom is separated from her calf. Although she searches for her calf for hours, they never reunite. The result is certain death for the calf.

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Buffalo Field Campaign 5/23/13

Buffalo Abuse Continues
The tax payer funded assault on America's last, wild genetically pure and free ranging Buffalo continues this week. This week's low lights include the Montana Department of Livestock agents shooting the Buffalo with paint balls. All the agents push the Buffalo families into the fast moving Madison river. Hard on the whole herd after being hazed up to 5 miles before being forced in the river.

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Buffalo Field Campaign 5/16/13

Buffalo Nightmare: 3 Days
Straight of Helicopter Hazing

May 13, 14 and 15 a tax payer funded helicopter harassed the Yellowstone ecosystem. Flying at times 20 feet above the earth and Madison river the management actions disrupted all in the area. Pregnant buffalo Moms and new born calves where ran up to 12 miles in the hazing operation.

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Buffalo Field Campaign 5/9/13

Buffalo Wild
A poem by John Trudell, put to music by Good Shield and Mignon Geli and video produced by Mike Mease of Buffalo Field Campaign. A powerful anthem to the wisdom of the buffalo.

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Buffalo Field Campaign 4/24/13

41 Resisters: Wild Buffalo Migration Memory Can't Be Killed
On Friday, April 12, 2012 the Montana Dept. of Livestock found out about a wild bull bison that had migrated deeper into his ancestral lands, but out of Montana's "tolerance zone." They killed him, trying to kill the buffalo's migratory memory. Two days later, forty-one buffalo caught his scent trail, and after being harassed by the government, they headed up towards Dome Mountain where the bull was shot. No bullets can erase this ancestral memory.

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Buffalo Field Campaign 4/17/13

BFC Supporter-Made Video:
Prayer for the Bison

A prayer for the bison of Yellowstone, who are threatened for roaming outside of the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park. We pray they may find peace in their ancestral home.

Video by wild buffalo advocate Debbie Noyes.

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Buffalo Field Campaign 4/11/13

Buffalo Families
Volunteer Sharla and Indigo Laurin tell their story about coming and being at the Buffalo Field Campaign (BFC). The interview in the middle of Horse Butte housing area shows how Buffalo live together with local residents. Also how important Family is to both the Buffalo and BFC.

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Buffalo Field Campaign 3/27/13

The Bears are Back
Buffalo Field Campaign celebrates the annual return of black bears and grizzlies in our newest short video.

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Buffalo Field Campaign 3/6/13

A short glimpse into the deep relationships the Buffalo have with
one another. All Buffalo matter to
each other as shown in this video.

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Buffalo Field Campaign PSA 2/14/13

Yellowstone Park Plans to Kill
Hundreds of Buffalo

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Buffalo Field Campaign PSA 2/14/13

Montana is a Bad Neighbor to
Yellowstone National Park

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