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Updates 2000-2001

(the only Group Working in Yellowstone 365 days a year!)

Current Winter Campaign updates

You can receive these weekly...

9/19/01: From the Field// A Prayer // In Memory

9/06/01: A Note about our mailing lists// Update From the Field// Roadshow Wrap up

8/31/01: Update from the Field// Several bison which have wandered into Idaho have been immobilized with Carfentanil, a drug in the opiate family. So we did a little investigating.... from our research department..

8/23/01: Update from the Field //Greetings from the sandy beaches of Ventura, California // Crosby, Stills & Nash rockin' for the last wild buffalo! & your chance to meet them! - the 10/4 Club

8/17/01: Update from the Field// Montana Department of Livestock sued for illegally withholding public records// Court Update

Several bison which have wandered into Idaho have been immobilized with Carfentanil, a drug in the opiate family. Read our preliminary research on this...

08/08/01: Update from the Field// California Roadshow

7/26/01: News from the Field- from the only group protecting the last wild free roaming buffalo 365 days a year!// Comments needed for Jackson Bison and Elk NATIONAL herds - Please take 5 minutes// California here we come (& Reno)

7/23/01: From the Field// Return to Buffalo// Update on Jackson Hole

7/11/01: Montana Violates Citizen's Right-To-Know ; Montana Department of Livestock illegally withholding public records// California - "Here we come" - join us!

06/28/01: Bull Buffalo Shot// AGENCIES ANNOUNCE MEETINGS FOR BISON AND ELK PLAN- Scoping Comments Needed

06/23/01: Idaho Officials Capture 4 Wild Bison and Transport them to Yellowstone// Update From the Field //Congrats to the Shapiro's - Winner of Renee Still Day art

06/11/01: From the Field Hazing Continues - Summer tabling begins// New Newsletter online...// Judy, Judy, Judy - What you can do!

05/25/01: From the Field// Horse Butte Complaint //Do you like the email updates?// Did you get a letter from us recently?

5/11/01: From the Field Montana // Department of Livestock's Buffalo Management Plan Endangers Yellowstone's Wildlife; Environmental Groups File Suit // Thanks!

05/04/01: From the Field// Article //Dale - are you hearing? //Volunteer Voices

04/27/01: From the Field// Constant, Reckless Hazing Thwarted By Persistent Bison// Dale - Dale : Speak out// BFC volunteers save neighbors House from Fire Authorities continue hazing...

04/19/01: From the Field // Call of the Week// Department of Livestock Helicopter keeps busy... In memory

04/13/01: From the Field// Fifth Bison Helicopter Haze in the Greater Yellowstone Area

3/30/01: From the Field// 3/22/01 clip online //Thanks!// National Geo covers buffalo issue// Press Release - Helicopter Hazing Continues....

3/26/01: Week of Action Follow-up

3/22/01: Week of Action News from the Field (Seven Bulls Captured)/ /How you can be a part of the Week Action via Online// Press regarding buffalo captured today - awaiting slaughter & arrests

03/15/01: Buffalo captured & Sent to Slaughter/Wildlife Harassed/Volunteers jailed

THE WEEK OF ACTION IS NEXT WEEK - Please come down!!

03/08/01: Update from the Field/THANKS!

03/01/01: Update from the field//You can be in the field with us (via technology...)//A Challenge//Video showings around the nation

02/22/01: Update// Buffalo Field Campaign Week of Action - March 19th to the 25th //Video showings: 33 showings in 21 states/1 prov.: OH,ME,WA,VT,CA,SC,TX,NV,IL,VA,MT,GA,NH,MI,NY,PA,CO,FL,DC,MA, ONT. //THANKS!


02/08/01: Update from the Buffalo Field Campaign// Duck Creek - a poem// press release to forward to your local papers

02/01/01: Update from the Buffalo Field Campaign - "the only group in the field with the buffalo 365 days a year"/ "A Chorus of Buffalo"/ What can you do?

01/25/01: Update from the Field/ DOL gearing up to capture.../ Prayer Day on Saturday....// Thanks!

01/18/00: Update From the Field/ Babbitt's final words...

01/12/01: News from the Field// Groups File Notice of Intent to Sue Montana State and Federal Government Over Endangered Species Act Violations

01/04/01: Update from the Field;Three Activists Block Road to Bison Trap Site; Two Arrested / legal action because of activists field work.... // Haven't heard from down/ /Buffalo Protectors Rally At Inauguration of Montana's new Governor/ Give the new gov a call....

National Park Service Releases 2001 Edition of "Management Policies"

12/28/00: Update from the Field/ Record of Decision Info & Analysis/ THANKS!

12/22/00: From the Field - the insanity continues...

12/20/00: Government's Bison Management Plan for the State of Montana and Yellowstone National Park Wastes Taxpayer Dollars and Threatens Last Wild Herd of Bison in the United States

12/15/00: Update from the Field/ Urgent Plea for Action (Horse Butte)

12/6/00: Field Update (hazing)/Day of Prayer Report/ Thanks!

11/28/00: Update from the Field/Great Book for the Winter Holidays! / Study Session for the buffalo!

11/17/00; Update from the Field/ December 3 Day of Prayer/ Montana buffalo "plan" released

11/11/00: News from the Field// Wish List/ Volunteer Info// Where/What is Horse Butte?// What can you do? Homework for the concerned buffalo supporter. // White Buffalo News

10/23/00: Stop-the-Slaughter/ Buffalo-Talk List Serve Info/ Update from the Field/ Puzzle Winner

10/12/00: THANKS!!/ FEIS Comments due 10/17 / WoodCut Weekend

October, 2000:
Tour Calls for Environmental Justice for Native People in the 21st century
: Save the Yellowstone Buffalo Honor the Earth Tour

September 20, 2000: Public support needed for 60-day extension of Public Review and Comment Period on the FEIS for Bison Management in Yellowstone and Montana

9/12/00: Update from the Field; Summer tabling/ Firewood// Save the Buffalo/ Rock the Vote! Montana Tour// Final EIS out - all 13 pounds of it - (Did they listen to the 67,000 people on the first round? - NO!)

August 15th, 2000 - Summer tabling/Forest Fires; New newsletters; Poacher gets off; Truck needed


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