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  • An Update from the Field
  • Third Annual Tatanka benefit in Boise, Idaho: February 23, 2002
  • International Buffalo Network
  • Week of Action, National Day of Action and Day of Prayer for the Buffalo
  • Request for gear
  • Recycle printer cartridges for the buffalo!
  • Thanks

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*Update from the Field

The last two uncaptured bull buffalo have been hiding out in the low land flats of the Madison river, just outside Yellowstone, on our national forest. These older bulls have watched 21 of their brothers be needlessly killed and 8 others be captured, tortured, shaved, painted, tagged and released in the same area they where captured. These released bulls share the sad story with the few that have escaped.

After too many years of harassment these old bulls have grown wise to the ways of the Montana Department of Livestock. On the morning of February 20 the only unmarked buffalo out of the Park with another that had gone through the capture torture process grazed along the Madison River. The 3 big bulls started their wisdom filled walk toward the Park and I had the joy of skiing along with them. As we migrated the mile or so out of the national forest, where the buffalo prefer to graze in winter, the highway was crossed before the MDOL had the chance to wake up and start wasting taxpayer's money. After the 3 bulls made it into the almost safe Yellowstone National Park they were greeted by 9 new buffalo including 3 yearlings, some moms and younger bulls.

Although it is always nice to see them, it is sad to think of how many buffalo will die in the coming months when the herd comes out for spring.

Just when I started to feel the buffalo were safe and a pleasant day lay ahead, a MDOL posse consisting of 7 or 8 snowmobiles, 6 or 7 4x4 trucks (representing 4 or 5 different law enforcement) and a MDOL HELICOPTER, showed up. All of this at taxpayers expense for buffalo that are inside Yellowstone. The snowmobiles went up both sides of the Madison River to the Park border disturbing all in their path. Then the Helicopter flew over, scaring the buffalo back further into the park.

Unhappy with not being able to kill any buffalo, the orders were given for the helicopter to fly at least 8 miles back into the Park and do a recon of all 3 drainage's (Duck Creek, Cougar Creek and the Madison River). After disturbing the entire west side of the Yellowstone ecosystem, the MDOL got in their (our) brand new 4x4 trucks, one per vehicle and journed home to Helena, Montana, 3 hours away.

Although we are once again happy for the live and well buffalo, our hearts feel empty that the buffalo still have no place to roam.

With the Buffalo,

Mike Mease

*Tatanka 2002

The third annual Tatanka 2002 benefit for BFC will be held this Saturday, February 23rd at the First Presbyterian Church on 9th and State Streets in Boise, Idaho. Doors open at 4:00 PM. This years entertainment will be provided by Tim Andrea and Time Salad. An awesome vegetarian dinner will be served, a silent auction will be held, and Mike Mease, co-founder of BFC, will share stories from the field. If you are anywhere near Boise, make sure you get down to this fun and inspiring yearly event.

* International Buffalo Network

In the past we have asked our friends and supporters to help us with donations of supplies, money, to write letters and to sign petitions. We are asking you now to make a deeper commitment in saving the last wild buffalo herd. We cannot stop the wanton and unjustified slaughter of the buffalo through our efforts in the field alone and we need your help. We feel that the whole world needs to know what is happening here in Montana.

The United States and Montana state governments need to know that citizens throughout the world want the slaughter to stop. Buffalo Field Campaign is asking for you to form a buffalo support group in your community. Your new group can help buffalo by organizing video showings, tabling with education materials and conducting demonstrations at your local federal building or federal agency office.

Our goal is to organize an International Buffalo Network that will educate the public and organize demonstrations all across the world. Buffalo Field Campaign will provide you with an organizing packet including all the info you need to get your group up and running. If you are interested in starting such a group please call the office at 406-646-0070 and ask for Mike B or Anna or email buffaloatwildrockies.org.

*Week of Action, National Day of Action and Day of Prayer for the Buffalo

We are organizing our third annual Week of Action for the Yellowstone Buffalo and need your help. This year's Week of Action is scheduled for March 18-24 and will include a variety of workshops, non-violent direct action, and ceremonies. Please come if you can.

We are also helping to organize solidarity rallies across the country on March 23. An interdenominational prayer will be led by Ehnamani at noon on the 24th. Please join us in prayer, wherever you may be. If you are interested in helping to organize the Day of Action in your community, please contact Dan Brister or Pete Leusch at bfc-media"at"wildrockies.org.

Here's a poster for you to use (PDF format)

*Request for gear

Our gear junkies are requesting donations of sunglasses, cross country or telemark skis, boots, poles, binoculars, cross country SKI WAX and snowshoes this week. If you have anything that looks half usable laying around in the basement or garage, mail it to us and we'll put it out in the field.

*Recycle for the Buffalo!

Do you recycle your printer cartridges or do they end up in the landfill? Can you collect (from friends and businesses in your community) 20 or more cartridges a month? Could you set up a collection box in your town?

You could recycle cartridges and at the same time generate donations for the important work that the Buffalo Field Campaign is doing! It's simple, easy and we can get you going soon. Please contact Su at mailto:bfc-programs@wildrockies.org for more information!

Thanks! For the Buffalo! .......... And a big thanks goes out to Renee for her help with this!!

*Thanks Thanks a bunch to Peter and Anne - we'll keep up the good fight! Thanks to all that have purchased the Crosby, Still, Nash and Young tickets - hope you enjoy the show! (There are still tickets available - info at http://www.guacfund.org). Gracious applause to Amy for all the hard work you and the volunteers working the info tables are doing! Together we can make a difference!

Many thanks to Bonnie Raitt for her generous donation and continued support!

Also, thanks to anyone who did a snow dance last week.We recieved a nice storm on Tuesday that dropped 5 inches of powder in the valleys and up to a foot in the higher elevations. Keep it up!

If you want to volunteer at camp this winter - contact us for more details - buffaloatwildrockies.org

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