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* Update From the Field

The crisp mornings of Fall have returned and we are busy at the Buffalo Field Campaign with gathering the wood that will keep us warm during the coming winter. Our preparations were put on hold the other morning when we learned that the Department of Livestock (DOL) was engaged in their first real operation of the season, hazing a lone bull buffalo from the Horse Butte Peninsula.

We knew that four bulls were seen on the Butte and we had seen three the day before, so it was no surprise to hear that the missing fourth was found. We rushed over to find five agents on horseback and two in vehicles searching for the bull they hazed and lost in the direction of the park border near Duck Creek. After regrouping from a self-proclaimed "successful operation" the government agents, including Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game wardens, Yellowstone National Park rangers, and the regular cast of DOL agents brought their circus to Horse Butte to find our three buffalo friends. After several hours of searching and no trace of buffalo, the agents hung their heads and returned home. On our way home, we happened to see the three bulls leisurely walking in the forest along the highway, once again outwitting the DOL.

With buffalo already coming out of the park and the DOL determined to keep them out of Montana, preparations for the winter season necessarily get delayed. We could really use your help right now in the forest gathering firewood and on the front lines defending buffalo. Please contact us if you want to help!

Buffalo Roadshow Updates

East Coast Schedule--The first ever BFC East Coast Road Show starts Wednesday night at 7pm with a show at the Washington, DC Patagonia store. During the months of October and November we'll visit communities from North Carolina to Vermont to share buffalo stories and gather support for their protection.
Here's the schedule:

--West Coast Thank You's--
Finally the wheels of "Running on Empty," the Suburban donated to the Buffalo Field Campaign by Jackson Browne and used on our West Coast road show, rolled home to Montana. The last few days have grounded us again, back home with the buffalo. I set my tipi up the other day and have been busy gathering firewood ever since.

After talking about buffalo for the last five weeks all over the Rockies and West Coast it is refreshing to be blessed again with their presence. I sit here now reflecting on all of the new family members, friends, experiences and adventures the tour brought. We met so many wonderful people along the way that it would be impossible to thank them all. The following list is an attempt. Forgive me in advance if I've forgotten your name, I may be forgetful but I am most grateful. Know your help is appreciated--without it there will be no change.

A crucial component of this Roadshow was made possible by: Jan Hartke, Nancy P., Gene Stilp, The Fund for Animals, and The Humane Society of the United States. These great people and groups enabled us to purchase the 25 foot inflatable buffalo that touched so many lives and drew such amazing crowds along the way. Thanks to Ad-Art Imaging, Mr. Roger Parchens, Big Bear Sign Co., Jim O. and HIP Inc. & Jim Coefield for your persistent support.

Thanks to Jim Morris & Environmental T-shirt Company for fronting us the t-shirts to pay for the shows; Stephanie and Dave for all the set-ups and the place in Denver; Shannon & Phil for your never ending giving; Mike & Brenda for opening your house to us; Vox Femina for your great work and the video projector; Possum Logic, Canine Unit, John McKay, Bruce Lish, Dave Solzberg & sound and support crews--without music what is life? Thanks to Becca, Amber, Brodie and Josh--you are family for life; Old Main Theatre and the Peace & Justice Center all your work is so needed, Utah Philips you are an inspiration, Food not Bombs so that no one goes hungry, Melissa & Higher Ground Music video taping and Betty your great work and the use of your fancy cell phone.

Denver: Thanks to Allyson Stone for sharing your wonderful students and bringing them up to camp for a week in December; Allison for your work with the kids and with the buffalo; Dan H. we are brothers for life; Jill for helping to spread the word; and to the Mecury Café and Larimer Street Market for hosting us.

Thanks to Alyssa & Chris for setting everything up and sharing your home with us; to the staff at the Tempe Buffalo Exchange store and to Michelle Livingston for driving all the way to meet us and for all of your work to help save the buffalo and spread the word.

San Diego:
Thanks to Doug & Cheryl; Thanks to Beth and The Buffalo Field Campaign Support Group of San Diego. It is always a pleasure to spend time with you. Thanks to all our long lost volunteer help along the tour, to Mission Trails Regional Park and to "the Kid brother from another mother."

Long Beach:
A huge thanks to the two long-time supporters who came and gathered petition signatures for hours. I'm so sorry I can't remember your names but thanks none the less and thanks also to the Long Beach Farmer's Market and the market manager.

Santa Barbara:
Thanks Jay and your housemates for treating us like family and spoiling us rotten, please come out and let us return the favor; thanks Jen just for being you; Cynthia thanks for your heart and buffalo energy; Patty the petition queen, you rock; Magic Man Greg for all of your help and video work and thank you Darlene.

Santa Monica:
Thanks Patagonia & Albert, Shawn, Brian and Julia, Lauren for all of your support for all the years we have been around, Deb & Carol & Tom of the Guacamole Fund what can I say other than family for life , Jackson Browne and Cree, Buddha, CJ & Dianna, Donald for always being there for the buffalo, and thanks to the wonderful community farmers market.
Ventura: Thank you Yvon, Michael, Shannon, Lisa, Marty, Julie Chippa Bro, Patagonia and staff for helping in every direction and for running the most admirable business I have ever seen.
Oxnard: Thank you Desiree, Oxnard Farmer's Market and the watermelon eating contest folks!
San Luis Obispo: Darren thank you for your hospitality and compassion, keep strong and know you are in our hearts and prayers. Thank you Marinda and Malike, our new family; San Luis Obispo public library.

Berkeley/Bay Area:
At this point of the show we were joined by BFC board members Sue and Darrell. Thanks for meeting up with us and for making the tour so successful. Thanks to Ernest Callenbach for presenting with us at the Berkeley Ecology Center show and the Foundation for Deep Ecology show. We look forward to working with you in the future.
It was a true honor to meet the Callenbach family. Thank you for keeping the vision alive. Thanks Beck for all your help; all the great farmers' market staff and vendors; the Ecology Center for making everything happen, Kristen & Kevin & Manny my dear sister and brother in law, now Kevin you know the true meaning of brother in law, thanks for always being there. Thanks Alex, Allisun & Alisia you teach us the meaning of family; Sylvia for bailing us out once again and your love of the buffalo; Karen Pickett for all that you do and make happen you are always in our thoughts; Ann D. the wildcat, we will make a difference together; the Couperus Family where do I start, just please always keep up your ways because they are truly an inspiration to the world, and we love you; Casandra and the fish guy at the Menlo Park Farmers Market and the buffalo- supporting manager of the market, Nimond; thanks Benson's Radiator for fixing our car and keeping us on the road and Brenda & Ricky & Jesse Schwartz & Living Tree Community Foods--our bellies thank you already, Carolyn - supreme petition gatherer!, Bay Area Buffalo Committee.

Foundation for Deep Ecology & Tracee for organizing a show every time we come to the area. Thanks Sandy.

Point Arena:
Thank you Kim and the great high school class

Mendocino County:
Thanks to Chris Skyhawk our family beach side and the Fort Brag Library

Sacred Grounds Coffee--Beth & the wonderful staff; the North Coast Environmental Center & Tim thanks for being there; Felony for your endless energy.

Thank you Hemp Foods, Sundog, Amber & the lil' one, please come home soon; Thanks to The Tribal Stomp.

Anna thank you for making it happen; Lesley, Nuwandart Gallery; The Co-op; James; Caynor for all of your help along the way; Heartsong Chai LLC, Eddy

Griz your love for the buffalo sparked min--thanks for the guidance. Thank you Scott, Clary and Wiggy; Rain, Tatiana & Ivory; the People's Food Co-op; Liberty Hall; Greg & Beth for all of your work and photos, come visit, Roselle & Sarah however brief it is always a pleasure.

Kris & Saxon home again thanks; Jim Flynn blue berry dreams; Jim B & Melissa for putting us up and free radio, Dan, Cosmic Pizza, Lisa & Luca for a newfound smile and Bear & Familia.

Brenna & family nice to reunite and we will see you this Winter; Central Oregon Community College; and Josh.

Missoula: Thank you Katherine and Lance at Cold Mountain, Cold Rivers our other half and the University of Montana, my alma mater.

6,000 miles later I am glad to be home, but I will never forget any of you.
32,000 newsletters, 5,000 petition signatures, 2,000 bumpers stickers were distributed along the way. The message has been delivered, "Spread the word, Save the Yellowstone Buffalo Herd!!!"

Back With the Buffalo,

Mike Mease &
Robert Sanchez
* Last Words
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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