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    * Congress to Introduce "Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act"
    * East Coast Roadshow Gains Momentum in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine
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*Update from the Field


Over the past few weeks, we've been telling you about hazing operations by Montana Department of Livestock (DOL), National Park Service (NPS) and others targeting the four bull bison that have been wandering out of the Park. Thus far, the agents have been unsuccessful in keeping these bulls in the Park. Most of the time they have trouble even finding the elusive bulls. Last Thursday, however, the situation heated up. Even with all of the domestic cattle out of the area for the next nine months, DOL agents, along with the Park Service and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) agents brought out FWP's flatbed and winch. This only means one thing in our experience. They were intending to shoot the bulls if they got the chance. Fortunately, our buffalo friends once again outsmarted their pursuers and were nowhere to be found. 

On Sunday, at least 14 more bull bison joined the four buffalo peacefully grazing near the Duck Creek Capture Facility outside the Yellowstone boundary. At around 6PM Sunday evening, the local DOL agent arrived on the scene to haze the bulls back across the park boundary. These bulls have since remained in the park, but with at least 18 buffalo near the border, the situation is likely to heat up soon.Forest Service Taylor Fork Field Trip.

On Saturday, BFC volunteers were among about fifteen people who took part in a field trip sponsored by the Forest Service to discuss the renewal of a cattle grazing lease on public lands adjacent to Yellowstone National Park's northwest boundary. The Forest Service is proposing not only to renew the lease in the Taylor Fork drainage, but also to expand it by adding two new pastures and more cattle. The Taylor Fork area provides excellent habitat for a number of wildlife species including the endangered grizzly bear and grey wolf. It is a traditional migration corridor and winter range for elk and moose and is also historic bison and big horn sheep territory. The four creeks affected by the lease are all sensitive riparian areas that support native westslope cutthroat trout and, historically, arctic grayling. Although everyone present at the field trip, with the exception of the Forest Service representatives, opposed the proposal and supported a no grazing alternative, it seems the agency is set on continuing the lease. The field trip was part of a scoping process that will continue with a Draft Environmental Assessment. There will be further opportunities to comment on the proposal and express to the Forest Service that their first priority is to protect and promote wildlife habitat and not to provide cheap grazing land to distant ranchers.

for the Buffalo,
Josh Osher
Legal Coordinator
* Congress to Introduce "Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act"

Rep. Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) will introduce the Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act in the U.S. House of Representatives within the next few weeks. This bill calls for a moratorium on the hazing, capturing, and killing of Yellowstone bison on all federal public lands until conditions are met that include allowing buffalo to range freely in areas adjacent to Yellowstone National Park and returning management of bison inside YNP to the sole jurisdiction of the Park. 
Your support is needed now.

Please take the time to call or write your Representative and Senators urging them to support the Yellowstone Buffalo Preservation Act by becoming a co-sponsor of the bill. Tell them to contact Representative Hinchey's office for more information.  

* East Coast Roadshow Gains Momentum in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine

It feels like home out here on the road as everywhere I go, the snow seems to follow. Yesterday in New Hampshire and today in Maine the BFC roadshow was blessed with the first snowfalls of the season. In the past week I have shared the buffalo's story with more than 300 people. Audiences in Vermont, Boston, New Hampshire, and Maine have signed petitions, subscribed to our email updates, made plans to volunteer, and made donations to the Campaign after learning about the history of the Yellowstone herd, the present-day slaughter, and the work of the Buffalo Field Campaign. We are building a grassroots network of buffalo supporters with every stop on the tour. New England audiences have been extremely receptive to the buffalo's message.

A hearty thanks to everyone who has helped to make these events so successful and to each of you who has taken time from your busy lives to attend the presentations. There is no BFC without the people who support us, and we are grateful to each of you for all you are doing to help.
We'll be rolling into the following cities and towns in the coming weeks. Please join us!

October 26, 2pm
Barnstable, MA
Cape Cod Community College
Science Building, Lecture Hall B
contact: Tricia <tpanitz@cape.com>

October 27, 7pm
Boston, MA
Patagonia Store
346 Newbury Street
contact Stephanie <stephanie_long@patagonia.com>

October 28, 7pm
Providence, RI
Brown University
contact: Christine <crdavis@cs.brown.edu>

November 5, 12 noon
Williamsburg, VA
William and Mary College
Brown Bag Lunch Discussion
contact: Danielle <dmoret@wm.edu>

November 6, 7pm
Charlottesville, VA
University of Virginia
Rouss Hall, Room 202
Details TBA
contact: christina <shewulf@firstva.com>

November 8, 10am - 5pm
King William, VA
Upper Mattaponi Tribal Grounds
Veteran's Day Pow-Wow
contact: Jeannie Chewning
(804) 329-2652

November 9, 10am - 4pm
King William, VA
Upper Mattaponi Tribal Grounds
Veteran's Day Pow-Wow
contact: Jeannie Chewning
(804) 329-2652

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* Featured Need

The Buffalo Field Campaign is in desperate need of better refrigeration. Over the years, we've collected numerous old refrigerators that last about a season. We would love to end this cycle by getting a commercial grade refrigerator that will last a good long while. If you can help, either with a refrigerator or with a donation we can put toward a refrigerator, we would be most appreciative.
For a more complete list of items needed by the BFC as we prepare for winter, please contact buffaloatwildrockies.org
All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

* Last Words

"[The Yellowstone] bison herd is as important to this country as Old Faithful, as the Statue of Liberty, as the Grand Canyon. This particular bison herd is the most genetically pure bison herd we have in America today. They've not been interbred with cattle, they are exactly the way they were a thousand years ago."

Don Barry was the Assistant Secretary of Interior under the Clinton Administration.

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For the Buffalo,

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