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From Supporter to Supporter...Holiday gifts

Please pass this on to friends in honor of the wild buffalo that have been killed this winter and ask them to subscribe - it's simple just have them send an email to mailto:Stop-the-Slaughter-on@vortex.wildrockies.org and they can receive these updates - only 1/week!

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Greetings Buffalo Supporters!
This is the time of year when the days grow colder and shorter and buffalo start to move toward the park boundaries. Dedicated volunteers have been running daily patrols since early November, sacrificing time with family and friends to stand with the buffalo and protect them from slaughter.

December is a time of reflection and of paying thanks for our lives, our families, and our friends. It is the time of year when I pay special thanks for my involvement with a grassroots movement which brings together so many wonderful people to speak out for the wild creatures and future generations.

I know that the gross commercialization of this special time of year can grate on one's nerves. But it can be nice to give a meaningful gift or remembrance to friends and loved-ones. If you are looking for a special gift and you want to support our work for the buffalo in the process, our "supporter to supporter" gifts are perfect for you.

Our supporters are a creative lot and many are artists and sustainable business owners who give to the buffalo through donations of artwork. This year we have a beautiful array of buffalo-inspired works ranging from sculptures, jewelry, buffalo-nickel hair ties and even "Peace on Earth, Good Will to Buffalo" sweatshirts. Of course our classic Buffalo Field Campaign tee shirts and notecards are always available as well.

Drop in at http://www.wildrockies.org/Buffalo/pcshop/bazaar.html if you need a gift and would like to purchase one that supports our dedicated work. It's a quick surf over - so go ahead and browse....

Please check back regularly as we have limited items--like "Tears for the Buffalo--a beautiful sculpture from Judy at Feathers on the Wind Studio--and will be adding other one-of-a kind pieces until we close shop on December 20.

Another wonderful supporter, Melanie, is again offering an ebay auction of a handcrafted Father Christmas. This one-of-a-kind creation made just for the buffalo is even more beautiful than last year's, if that is possible. Check it out at http://www.OCeallaighOriginals.com/ and 100% of the proceeds will again go to the Buffalo Field Campaign. This auction only runs until December 10th so please take a look and make a bid!!

If you have an item you would like to share with other supporters over the next two weeks, send a message to bfc-programs@wildrockies.org and we'll see what we can work out.
Thanks for taking a look at our wares and for letting me use your time to promote this fundraiser. Thanks to all of you who have sent in donations - and if you have never contributed - be assured that every donation small or large is used frugally and effectively on the front lines of the struggle to secure the future of America's only continuously wild, genetically pure buffalo herd.

Thanks also to all of you who take the time to send a prayer or a card to the hard working volunteers at Camp. It is a difficult time of year for these activists to be away from home. Their dedication to protecting the buffalo is unfailing and without them the true plight of the Yellowstone buffalo would not be known.
Thanks so much!

For the Buffalo,
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Donations are tax deductible and go directly to front lines work. BFC is the only group in the field 365 days a year with the last, free roaming buffalo.

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All donations are tax-deductible and we thank you for your support! We
couldn't be here without you! Grassroots activism really does work--no
fancy offices or high paid staff--just passionate individuals joining
Feel free to contact me with any questions.
For the Buffalo,

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