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Please note Newspapers are categorized by Field Season- Approximately September through August. For more information please contact: bfc-media"at"wildrockies.org

04/13/12- The buffalo roam here, On Tap Today

04/12/12- Present music roams with the buffalo, Third Coast Digest

04/12/12- Attorney Corey Swanson talks bison relocation, KFBB - ABC 5

04/12/12- Judge upholds block on more bison transfers, Williston Herald

04/12/12- Ranchers without honor; When it comes to bison, they go back on their deals (Ochenski), Missoula Independent

04/12/12- Discouraging words for roaming bison, Spokesman Review

04/12/12- Judge upholds block on more Montana bison transfers, The Victoria Advocate

04/12/12- Buffalo could roam near boulder, CBS - Denver

04/12/12- Bison herd south of Boulder may go to city, KMGH ABC 7 - The Denver Channel

04/11/12- Montana bison transfers face courtroom test, Great Falls Tribune

04/11/12- Ted Turner's buffalo herd would cost Boulder up to $650K up front, $100K annually, Longmont Times Call

04/10/12- Boulder bison herd not welcomed by everyone, 9News - Colorado

04/09/12- Opinion: Old bones, McCook Daily Gazette

04/08/12- Where should the buffalo roam? Tribes, ranchers battle over buffalo, Fox News

04/05/12- Residents support plan to allow bison on Horse Butte year-round (Ann, and Ed quoted!), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

04/05/12- Herd mentality: 220 pure bison already roam free in Montana -- sort of, Missoula Independent

04/05/12- LETTER: Bison relocation is a good policy (NWF) Billings Gazette

04/04/12- MT Governor visits Bison Range to consider Yellowstone transplants, Missoulian >> The Buffalo Post

03/29/12- 62 Yellowstone bison freed on Indian Reservation in Montana (BFC quoted/photos/link), Environmental News Service

03/28/12- Meetings planned in Chinook to discuss bison relocation, Great Falls Tribune

03/27/12- Schweitzer talks bison, economy, travel in Missoula appearance, NBC Montana

03/26/12- Opinion: Bison transfer should be allowed, with conditions, Great Falls Tribune

03/26/12- Montana responds to lawsuit over bison relocation, KRTV - Great Falls

03/24/12- State releases bison memorandum of understanding, Billings Gazette

03/24/12- LETTER: Moving bison to reservation a good step, Billings Gazette

03/23/12- Video: Differing perspectives on bison relocation, MSNBC Nightly News

03/23/12- Bison return to Fort Peck: A special day, 200 years in the making, Indian Country Today

03/23/12- Judge halts further bison transfer to Ft. Peck, Great Falls Tribune

03/23/12- Tribes welcome home Yellowstone bison, Celebrate first relocation of only wild, free-roaming bison to tribal lands (NWF), Living Green Magazine

03/23/12- Beware of buffalo chips: bison covertly translocated for restoration to the west, National Geographic, NewsWatch (blog)

03/22/12- Montana judge issues restraining order against further bison transfers, Indian Country Today

03/22/12- Montana judge blocks more Yellowstone bison moves, Fox News

03/21/12- Endangered Yellowstone Bison Herd Saved, Moved to Montana, Global Animal

03/21/12- Landowners, Governor Schweitzer clash over bison move, KTVQ ~ Billings

03/21/12- Bison Update, Part 2, Ag Info Net

03/21/12- Court denies bid to stop Fort Peck bison transfer; 62 to be held in two-acre temp. corral (w/ photos), The Republic

03/20/12- Landowners upset over transfer of bison, KXLF - Butte

03/20/12- Yellowstone bison find new home at Fort Peck reservation, SCPR 89.3 KPCC (Southern California Public Radio)

03/20/12- Bison relocated to Fort Peck Reservation, despite legal challenge, Indian Country Today

03/20/12- Yellowstone bison arrive at Fort Peck, Billings Gazette

03/20/12- Yellowstone bison arrive at Ft Peck, Seattle Post Intelligencer

03/20/12- Plan to return bison to American plains begins, New Zeland Herald

03/20/12- Bison relocated in repopulation bid, Irish Examiner

03/20/12- Iconic bison returning to US West, Eyewitness News 9

03/19/12- Finally, a second herd of Yellowstone bison being reestablished at Fort Peck, Montana, The Wildlife News, **PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS PAGE!! Corridors, not quarantine! Quarantine is an damaging insult to both tribes and buffalo. Free-ranging buffalo is *not* a thing of the past, it is a once-and-future thing we will realize.

03/19/12- YNP bison move to Ft. Peck draws support and criticism, KTVQ Billings

03/19/12- Yellowstone bison arrive at Ft. Peck after deal signed between Tribes, Montana, The Washington Post

03/19/12- Deal signed, Yellowstone bison going to Fort Peck, Billings Gazette

03/19/12- Yellowstone bison headed to Fort Peck after deal signed between tribe, Montana, The Republic

03/18/12- LETTER: Scare tactics misinform public about bison (Karrie Taggart), Billings Gazette

03/18/12- LETTER: Montana Farm Bureau is spreading fear (Bonnie Lynn), Billings Gazette

03/18/12- LETTER: Bison proof, Fairbanks Daily News Miner

03/17/12- LETTER: Bison should roam free on Montana's public lands (Scott Hoeinghausen,"Osama bin buffaloes"), Billings Gazette

03/17/12- LETTER: Brucellosis debate is a moot point (Ann Stovall), Billings Gazette

03/17/12- LETTER: Free-roaming bison hurt no one's property (Sabina Strauss), Billings Gazette

03/17/12- LETTER: Free-roaming bison belong to all of us (Dr. Michael Mattson), Billings Gazette

03/16/12- LETTER: No birth control for America's last wild bison (Cynthia Cleveland), Boulder Daily Camera

03/16/12- Pure strain bison returning to Ft. Peck, Indian Country Today

03/16/12- Bison return to their roots, Sherwood Park News (Alberta)

03/16/12- Compensation for brucellosis losses revised, Wyoming Business Report

03/15/12- Advocates sue for bison contraceptive study docs, Courthouse News Service Environmental Law

03/15/12- Presidential candidates as rated by the anti's (Ron Paul Yell. bison mention), Ammoland

03/15/12- Bison is big, Chico News & Review

03/14/12- Montana wildlife group sues to get bison info (BFC)d, KIVI-TV, Boise

03/14/12- Are wolves interbreeding themselves to extinction? (bison mention), Discover Magazine

03/14/12- Stock Growers Ass. promotes cattle health warranty, Wyoming Public Media

03/14/12- More good news for Yellowstone wild buffalo (NRDC), NRDC blog

03/13/12- Montana wildlife group sues to get bison info (BFC), KHQ Right Now (Spokane, Northern Idaho)

03/13/12- Montana wildlife group sues to get bison info (BFC), Billings Gazette

03/13/12- An Army quartermaster's view of Yellowstone National Park in 1905, Yellowstone Gate

03/13/12- U.S. Army played critical role in protecting bison, Yellowstone Gate

03/10/12- Minimal bison migration has tribal hunters turning to elk, Billings Gazette

03/10/12- Opinion: Bison should not roam free in Montana (Bob Hansen, president of MT farm bureau), Billings Gazette

03/09/12- National Wildlife Federation launches bison web site, Billings Gazette

03/09/12- Elk Island bison return to Montana after 100 years, CBC Canada

03/08/12- Canadian bison released onto Montana preserve, Billings Gazette

03/08/12- Black Hills a place of memorials, monuments (buffalo mention), Journal & Topics Newspapers Online

03/08/12- [Water] Buffalo bushmeat linked to brucellosis in Botswana (Yellowstone bison mention), New Scientist

03/07/12- Agencies stick to plan to let bison roam Gardiner Basin, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

03/05/12- Yellowstone bison really two distinct subpopulations, KBTX (Texas)

03/04/12- Schweitzer considers moving Yellowstone bison to NW Montana, KTVQ - Billings

03/04/12- Lakotas launch hunger strike against Tar Sands Pipelines, EcoWatch

03/03/12- Yellowstone bison arrive at Fort Peck (AP rerun), Atlanta Journal

03/03/12- U.S. may have to allow imported bison trophies, Courthouse News Service
*Wood bison are listed as threatened but also hunted.....

03/02/12- Protestors converge on Fort Peck during Montana governor's Monday visit, Great Falls Tribune
*NOTE: There are actually some good (and entertaining) comments here, including some from Ann Stovall :)

03/02/12- Hearing on bison in Gardiner Basin rescheduled, Bozeman Daily Chronicle
"They see bison as a wild, free-roaming animal," Hertha Lund, attorney for the farm bureau, said while motioning toward the defendants. "We see them as infected with a bio-terrorism agent."

03/02/12- Bring back the wood bison, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

03/01/12- Groups take state of Montana to court over Yellowstone bison, NBC Montana

03/01/12- Wolves, bison win; snowmobiles lose in Yellowstone fight, Washington Examine

02/29/12- Visitors to Rockies parks spend more than $1 billion (Yellowstone/buffalo), Aspen Times

02/28/12- Montana Approves Bison Tolerance Zone Expansion, Billings Gazette

02/28/12- Montana approves bison tolerance zone expansion, Helena Independent Record

02/28/12- Montana agencies approve 75,000-acre expansion of bison tolerance zones, The Republic

02/28/12- Nine Gubernatorial candidates square off in Great Falls (bad news for buffalo!), KRTV - Great Falls

02/28/12- Montana gubernatorial candidates mix it up in Great Falls, Great Falls Tribune
"We need to go in and make the federal government be responsible and eradicate brucellosis ... not divide the state up and expand buffer zones," Miller said. "The last thing we want to do is expand bison with the goal of free-roaming buffalo across the state. That, along with wolves, are a direct attack on family farms." Candidate Ken Miller, Laurel, MT

02/28/12- Climate debate harkens back to days of the bison, High Country News (Ben Long)

02/25/12- New approaches,progress come out of Friday bison meeting, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

02/22/12- MT Wildlife Commission allows hunters to shoot bison that wander outside Yellowstone area, Outdoor Life Magazine

02/19/12- Tribes eagerly await pure bison from Yellowstone; Neighbors opposed, Great Falls Tribune

02/17/12- Montana's bison debacle continues, Jamestown Sun (ND)

02/17/12- FWP OKs shooting bison leaving tolerance sites, Helena Independent Record

02/17/12- FWP to allow hunters to enforce bison control line, Billings Gazette

02/16/12- Montana to allow hunters to shoot wandering Yellowstone bison, Missoulian

02/16/12- Montana to let hunters enforce bison control line, Helena Independent Record

02/16/12- Yellowstone wolf packs learning how to hunt bison, KTVQ ~ Billings

02/15/12- Too much to tackle: FWP holding work session today ahead of Thursday's meeting, Helena Independent Record

02/13/12- Montana Stockgrowers names bison management top priority for 2012, Prairie Star

02/08/12- Soil resource inventory of the National Park System (bison mention), Newswise

02/07/12- How globalization nearly exterminated the Buffalo, Global Economic Intersection
NOTE: Here is a link to the paper Taylor mentions in his article (it is not free)

02/07/12- Bison back in Banff. Burgers, anyone?, Macleans.CA

02/04/12- Yellowstone bison slaughter planned if change in weather prompts migration outside park, The Republic

02/04/12- Bison slaughter planned if migration occurs, Desert News

02/04/12- LETTER: Restoring North America's wild bison population (generated from BFC LTE web tool!), Times News

02/04/12- Editorial: The return of the plains bison to Banff, Banff Crag & Canyon

02/04/12- Bison slaughter planned if migration out of Yellowstone Park occurs, Billings Gazette

02/03/12- Citizens group discusses bison management issues, West Yellowstone News

02/02/12- LETTER: Buffalo kill program (generated from BFC's LTE web tool), Ventura County Star

02/02/12- Once key to life for native people, the bison endures as symbol of America, The Commercial Appeal (TN)

02/02/12- Consultation crucial in bison's return to Banff, The Epoch Times

01/30/12- What does a cattle disease look like in a human?, Farm & Ranch Guide: Livestock News

01/29/12- LETTER: Wild bison face snipers across park's borderline (generated from BFC's LTE web tool!), Standard Speaker

01/28/12- FWP Commission seeks comments on proposals (bison management harvest), Helena Independent Record

01/28/12- Public to weigh in on bison in Banff, Calgary Herald

01/27/12- Refuge protects way of life (bison/brucellosis mention), Valley Courier

01/27/12- Bison will be back in Banff, CTV Calgary

01/26/12- It's time to stop talking about the so-called rural "brain drain" (ITBC/bison mention), KY Forward

01/26/12- With winter on the way, battle over bison management rages on, Bozeman Chronicle

01/25/12- Residents address refuge plan (comment period, bison), Valley Courier (CO)

01/25/12- Wild bison could once again roam in Banff, CBC Canada

01/24/12- Cattleman's group: Bison management top 2012 issue, KAJ18 ~ Kallispell, MT

01/24/12- Yellowstone bison begin yearly migration (Hoppe quoted),NBC Montana

01/24/12- Elk-brucellosis group set to meet, Helena Independent Record

01/23/12- Commissioner Moody Interview on Bison/Wolf Hunts, Montana Public Radio

01/23/12- Museum photos: Mummified Ice-Age Bison, Boing Boing

01/22/12- Montana's policies raise ethical questions, Billings Gazette

01/22/12- Hunters or wildlife enforcers? Montana's policies raise ethical questions, The Republic

01/20/12- FWP commission OKs Helena deer cull plan; gives initial OK to bison, wolf plans (BFC quoted/photo), Helena Independent Record

01/20/12- FWP considers using hunters to kill stray bison (BFC quoted), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

01/20/12- Montana wildlife commission tentatively approves using hunters to kill stray Yellowstone bison (BFC quoted), The Republic

01/20/12- FWP Commission gives initial OK to extended Bitterroot wolf hunt, bison hunt (BFC quoted), Timber Wolf Information

01/20/12- FWP considers using hunters to kill stray bison, NBC Montana

01/20/12- FWP Commission gives initial OK to extended Bitterroot wolf hunt (bison mention, BFC quoted), Missoulian

01/20/12- FWP considers using hunters to kill stray bison (BFC quoted), Billings Gazette

01/20/12- Montana FWP considers using hunters to kill stray bison, Great Falls Tribune

01/20/12- FWP commission considers using hunters to kill stray biosn, expand wolf hunt, Gillete News Record

01/19/12- Wild bison advocates oppose FWP's bison management harvest (BFC's press release), Native American Times

01/19/12- Foundation importing bison from Canada to Montana (Yellowstone mention), The Washington Examiner

01/17/12- History through the lens of today: Native Americans (pretty good buffalo photo/mention), MSNBC

01/16/12- New harvests proposed for bison that wander beyond designated areas, Billings Gazette

01/16/12- New bison harvests proposed in Montana outside regular hunting season, The Republic

01/14/12- Bison relocation plan challenged in Montana court, Native American Times

01/12/12- Montana Landowners sue FWP over bison relocations plan, KPAX - Missoula

01/12/12- Landowners suing Montana FWP over Yellowstone bison relocation plan, KTVQ - Billings

01/12/12- Bison relocation plan challenged in Montana court, Washington Examiner

01/12/12- Canadian export: American Prairie Foundation augments Montana bison herd (Yellowstone mention), Billings Gazette

01/11/12- Bison relocation plan challenged in Montana court, Billings Gazette

01/10/12- Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2012 Protects Bighorn Sheep Throughout West (BFC quoted), The Wildlife News

01/06/12- Harsh conditions prove tough on area's winter wildlife (by Cavin Fitzsimmons, GNF), West Yellowstone News

01/05/12- Yellowstone bison move a good idea, Longmont Times (CA)

01/02/12- DeCook family seeks to revive native plants, wildlife (with bison), Journal Express

01/01/12- Editorial: Seeking compromise on Yellowstone Bison, Denver Post

01/01/12- LETTER: Bison transfer editorial poorly researched (Susan Ricci), Rapid City Journal

01/01/12- Bison herd return to northwest Missouri, Columbia Missourian

12/30/11- Bison herd return to northwest Missouri, The Republic

12/30/11- What good are wolves? (bison/brucellosis mention), The Wildlife News

12/27/11- Editorial: Accept only brucellosis-free bison, Rapid City Journal (SD)

12/26/11- Gazette Opinion: Find common ground on bison before snow piles on, Billings Gazette

12/26/11- Brucellosis, Ag Info Net

12/24/11- Bison return to Northwest, Missouri News Press (Missouri)

12/23/11- Ten small green groups that make a big difference (AWESOME BFC mention), Counter Punch (Jeffery St. Clair)

12/21/11- Schweitzer order could affect stocking of lakes with trout, Billings Gazette

12/17/11- Governor and FWP have proposals for bison debate, ABC KFBB - Montana

12/16/11- Montana plans to let bison back into Gardiner Basin outside Yellowstone Park, Billings Gazette

12/16/11- Stockgrowers advocate slaughter, other means to control bison, Billings Gazette

12/16/11- Stockgrowers group says more controls on diseased bison needed before increasing habitat, The Republic

12/16/11- Gov. Schweitzer outlines new proposal to relocate Yellowstone bison, NBC Montana

12/16/11- State and federal bison management separation, Beartooth NBC (Helena)

12/15/11- Badlands eyed for Yellowstone bison, Rapid City Journal

12/14/11- Colorado, South Dakota eyed for Yellowstone bison, Billings Gazette

12/13/11- FWP approves bison relocation to reservations, Native American Times

12/10/11- Victory! Genetically pure bison saved from slaughter (Defenders of Wildlife), Care 2
(NOTE: BFC has been in contact w/ Defenders regarding this alert)

12/09/11- After 150 years, tribes to welcome home wild bison, Yuba Net

12/09/11- Tribes, ranchers clash over MT's bison relocation plan, KXLH - Helena, MT

12/09/11- Montana OKs transfer of 68 Yellowstone bison to Fort Peck, Fort Belknap reservations, The Republic

12/09/11- Final decision due in proposal to move Yellowstone Park bison to reservations, Billings Gazette

12/09/11- FWP approves bison relocation to 2 reservations, Billings Gazette

12/09/11- Group to tackle brucellosis in Yellowstone elk, Great Falls Tribune

12/08/11- Bison: If the genes don't fit..., Missoula Independent

12/08/11- Group to tackle livestock disease in elk, KT Radio

12/08/11- Montana seeks new way to manage elk to guard against disease feard by livestock industry, The Republic

12/08/11- (Surprise!) Rancher has concerns about bison relocation, KRTV - Great Falls, MT

12/05/11- Schweitzer will not block bison relocation plan, Billings Gazette

12/05/11- Gazette Opinion: Let's stop wasting disease-free bison, Billings Gazette

12/04/11- Schweitzer: no bison shipments within Montana, Native American Times

12/03/11- Schweitzer says Montana will not allow wild bison shipments, Billings Gazette

12/02/11- Schweitzer: No bison shipments within the state, Missoulian

12/01/11- LETTER: No birth control for wild buffalo (Buffalo Field Campaign), Missoulian

12/01/11- Federal and Montana agencies hit deadlock on Yellowstone bison exodus (BFC quoted), Billings Gazette

11/30/11- Diverse group makes bison management recommendations (BFC quoted/interviewed - video clip avail.), NBC Montana

11/30/11- Green Day urges fans to use green gift guide (NRDC/buffalo mention), MTV

11/30/11- FWP recommends moving bison to Indian Reservations, Billings Gazette

11/30/11- Infected bull bison is from Ted Turner's ranch, Billings Gazette

11/30/11- Group seeks changes in Yellowstone bison handling, Billings Gazette

11/29/11- Bison management plan to be discussed at Chico, NBC Montana

11/22/11- Family planning on the range: The battle over bison contraceptives (BFC quoted), The Atlantic

11/22/11- Bison, birth control and the latest brucellosis solution (BFC quoted), Missoula Independent

11/22/11- Brucellosis testing and research expanding in Wyoming, University of Wyoming

11/22/11- Court restores federal protections for Yellowstone grizzly bears, L.A. Times

11/21/11- Yellowstone bison control plan could rid NP of 360 animals, International Business Times

11/21/11- Bison migration triggers annual hunting season, New Scientist

11/20/11- Officials seek new ways to cull bison, New York Times (Associated Press)

11/19/11- Yellowstone officials take park's vital signs, Casper Star Tribune

11/18/11- Bison hunt opens with one confirmed kill on the first day (BFC quoted), West Yellowstone News

11/18/11- State won't identify brucellosis bull type, Billings Gazette

11/17/11- Citizens' group to present recommendations for bison management Nov. 30, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

11/17/11- Madison County bull infected with brucellosis not likely to impact state's brucellosis-free status, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

11/16/11- Rural Economic Vitalization Act (REVA) Introduced in Congress (BFC quoted/participating in effort), Wildlife News

11/16/11- Brucellosis found in Madison County cattle herd, KTVQ - Billings

11/16/11- The quest for elk range, Jackson Hole News & Guide

11/15/11- Montana's 3-month bison season under way; hunting allowed in Gardiner Basin for first time (AP), The Republic (Columbus, Indiana)

11/15/11- Montana bison hunt begins near Yellowstone Park, Missoulian

11/11/11- Jent has campaign fundraiser kickoff in West Yellowstone (bison mentions), West Yellowstone News

11/11/11- What (not?) to do when you meet the last great wild buffalo?, National Public Radio

11/04/11- Birth control for wildlife may hold promise for population, disease control (BFC mention), Billngs Gazette

11/04/11- MSU grad student plans to use national fellowship to help reintroduce bison to reservation, Montana State University

11/03/11- Plan to relocate Yellowstone bison delayed, KXLF - Butte

11/03/11- Bison take back seat to elk, for now, Helena Independent Record

11/02/11- Montana FWP Commission delays Yellowstone bison relocation, Billings Gazette

11/02/11- State delays decision to relocate bison, KBZK Bozeman

11/02/11- Yellowstone bison relocation delayed in wake of objections from ranchers, The Republic

11/02/11- Canada's leading environmental education organizations unite to help save grassland ecosystem, Digital Journal

10/30/11- Citizen Turner: Billionaire makes homes in Montana where the buffalo can roam, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

10/27/11- Wild bison lawsuit enters settlement talks, KFBV News Channel 5 (Great Falls)

10/27/11- LTE: A common-sense fix to region's bison problem (Bob Lindstrom!), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

10/26/11- Wild bison debate continues in Montana, KFBB News Channel 5 (Great Falls)

10/26/11- Stockgrowers Association and Park County continue to hinder landmark Yellowstone bison deal, Wildlife News

10/26/11- Gazette Opinion: Bison belong on public, tribal land, Billings Gazette

10/24/11- LTE: Thoughts on bison, Helena Independent Record

10/21/11- Oh Give Me a Home Where the Buffalo Roam?, Montana Public Radio

10/20/11- Where will the buffalo roam?, Helena Independent Record

10/18/11- Council puts FWP in hot seat over bison, Helena Independent Record

10/18/11- Opinion: Keep state out of bison business, Helena Independent Record

10/17/11- Oh, give them a home, High Country News (blog)

10/17/11- Bison relocation proposal, Yellowstone National Park, Beartooth NBC

10/14/11- 2 New cases of brucellosis confirmed in Wyoming, Billings Gazette

10/13/11- Bringing back the bison: Group pushes reintroduction to Montana public lands, Billings Gazette

10/07/11- Shelby hearing on bison relocation brings out opponents to FWP plan, The Republic

10/07/11- Citizens pack Shelby hearing on bison relocation, Great Falls Tribune

10/07/11- Most at Shelby say no to bison relocation, Great Falls Tribune
NOTE: here's a new one, "hunters say they worry about the impact on big game..." and "we don't want escaped bison on the golf course!!!"

10/06/11- Wanted: A home for wild bison (BFC quoted), Public News Service
NOTE: This story was picked up by Clear Channel (460 stations) MT Statewide and distributed to 460 news talk stations across the country. Way to go Danny B!!!

10/06/11- Guest Column: Where the buffalo roam once more (GYC), Bozeman Daily Chronicle

10/06/11- Guest Commentary: The restoration of wild, free ranging buffalo (Jim Posewitz), MT Public Radio

10/06/11- Brucellosis in cattle, Hobby Farms

10/05/11- Montana starts public hearings on bison relocation, MSN Money (AP)

10/05/11- Ranchers could buffalo plans to relocate bison, Charleston Gazette

10/05/11- Bison relocation meeting set for Thursday in Shelby, Great Falls Tribune

09/29/11- A wild trick (George Ochenski, bison relocation), Missoula Independent

09/23/11- Brucellosis confirmed in Park County cows, Billings Gazette

09/23/11- Bison and borders, High Country News (subscription)

09/21/11- FWP lowers cost estimates to relocate bison, Billings Gazette

09/20/11- FWP extends comment period on bison relocation EA, KAJ- Kallispell

09/18/11- Montana could escape hit from cattle infections, Seattle Post Intelligencer

09/16/11- State won't lose brucellosis-free status over new infections, Belgrade News

09/15/11- Yellowstone bison relocation proposed in Montana, Houston Chronicle

09/15/11- Park County cattle test positive for brucellosis, NBC Montana

09/15/11- Wyoming Game and Fish annual testing focuses on moose, Casper Star-Tribune online

09/14/11- Montana cattle herd quarantined over brucellosis, Houston Chronicle

09/14/11- World Heritage team to visit Yellowstone, Houston Chronicle

09/07/11- Doc, my bison is lame: A veterinarians view from Yellowstone, Web Med
NOTE: BFC submitted comments to this blog

09/02/11- On the windswept plains of CO, the American Serengeti (Yell bison mention), The National
NOTE: The reporter was contacted and a correction was made re: the #of bison in and around Yellowstone

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