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06/15/17 - Buffalo Migrate to Summer Habitat inside Yellowstone


06/01/17 - BFC Closes Field Season with Amazing 20th Anniversary Celebration!


05/25/17 - After Twenty Years in the Field, We Strengthen Commitment to Remain as Long as it Takes


05/18/17 - A Week of Contrast: Wild Calves Frolic & Play, Injured Mama Shot


05/11/17 - Wild Buffalo Abused by Hazing in the Hebgen Basin


04/27/17 - In Celebration of Wild Buffalo Calves


04/20/17 - First Calf Arrives & Buffalo Are Dancing With No Snow to Hold them Back


04/13/17 - Just When We Thought the Killing Was Over


04/06/17 - Grizzly Bears Awakened With Buffalo Migration


03/30/17 - The Killing is Over and Spring Migration is On


03/23/17 - Bison Killing Season Drawing to a Close


03/16/17 - Yellowstone and Montana are Killing the Last Wild Buffalo


03/09/17 - Yellowstone & Montana Can Stop the Slaughter Today


03/02/17 - Yellowstone Buffalo Trap Media Tour Reveals Horrors of "Management"


02/23/17 - As Buffalo Slaughter Continues, Opposition & Solidarity Grow


02/09/17 - Buffalo Slaughter Begins in Yellowstone National Park


02/02/17 - 400 Wild Buffalo Await Slaughter in Yellowstone's Trap




01/19/17 - We Need More Buffalo on a Larger Landscape


01/05/17 - Yellowstone Starts Bison Capture for Slaughter


12/29/16 - Buffalo On the Move, Need You!


12/22/16 - Wild Buffalo Fall to Speeding Drivers, Hunters


12/15/16 - Update from the Field: Calm Before the Storm

12/08/16 - Agencies Planning Massive Bison Slaughter

12/01/16 - Update from the Field: Honored by Your Support

11/24/16 - Giving Thanks for Wild Bison

11/17/16 - Volunteers Needed as Bison Migration Begins

11/03/16 - 9 Wild Bison Killed in Montana

10/21/16 - Wild Bison Migration Begins Near West Yellowstone

10/7/14 - BFC Fights for Endangered Species Protection for Wild Bison

9/22/16 - Fate of 49 Yellowstone Bison Hangs in the Balance: Update from the Field‏

8/25/16 - BFC Road Show Ready to Roll West!

08/11/16 - Threats to Buffalo, and Now Elk, Increase in Yellowstone Country‏

07/28/16 - Celebrating the Buffalo Rut!‏

07/14/16 - BFC Takes Buffalo Battle to the Courts!‏


06/30/16 - Wounded Bull Found in Park and Killed; Support BFC's Billboard Campaign‏


06/16/16 - More Trapped Buffalo Killed; Decision Made on South Side Habitat‏


06/02/16 - Did the Dept. of Livestock Haze Illegally?‏


05/26/16 - Update from the Field: Second Haze on South Side


05/19/16 - Update from the Field


05/12/16 - Update from the Field: Buffalo Enjoy Year-Round Habitat‏


05/05/16 - Update from the Field: Bison Abuse in the Hebgen Basin


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BFC's goal is to stop the slaughter and harassment of Yellowstone's wild buffalo herds, protect the natural habitat of wild free-roaming buffalo and native wildlife, and to work with people of all Nations to honor the sacredness of wild buffalo. learn more yellow 2

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