billboard about MCA 81 2 120

Buffalo beware: the Montana legislature is still in session.

HB 332, a bill to prevent the reintroduction of buffalo as wildlife in Montana, passed the House 56 YEAS, 41 NAYS and will be heard in the Senate Agriculture, Livestock & Irrigation committee Tuesday, March 26 at 3 PM in Room 303 of the Capitol building.

Please contact your state senator in Montana to vote against HB 332, and speak out in favor of repealing MCA 81-2-120. Send a message to a Montana legislator. (Use arc gis mapping to locate your state senator).

Contact Governor Bullock and ask him to veto HB 332 if it reaches him.

Please do not pass HB 332. Oppose the sponsor’s attempt to cede state authority for wildlife to a board of county commissioners by requiring their approval before wild buffalo could be reintroduced in Montana.

Montana is a public trustee for all wildlife species. This duty should not be diminished by the Montana Legislature and, in the case of reintroducing wild buffalo, unlawfully delegated to a board of county commissioners.

In poll after poll, the majority of Montanan’s have made it clear that we favor recovering wild buffalo:

  • 70% of 400 registered Montana voters polled by Moore Information in 2011 (PDF) support restoring wild buffalo on the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Nearly eight in ten of 500 registered Montana voters polled by Tulchin Research in 2015 (PDF) support restoring wild buffalo populations on public lands (76% support) and on tribal lands (78% support).
  • By a vast majority, Montanan’s favor (72% support) wild buffalo being managed like deer, elk and other wildlife.

Join the herd! Let your voice be heard in the Montana Legislature!

Check the status of HB 332