No bill affecting wild buffalo or bison has been introduced yet. LC is a draft bill.
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    Bill: LC 0568
    Title: Revise bison laws
    Sponsor: Joshua Kassmier (R) HD 27
    Status: Draft on hold 1/07/2021

    Bill: LC 1109
    Title: Require county approval to relocate bison
    Sponsor: Joshua Kassmier (R) HD 27
    Status: Draft to Drafter - Edit Review 1/12/2021

    Bill: LC 1176
    Title: Clarify definition of bison
    Sponsor: Kenneth L Holmlund (R) HD 38
    Status: Draft to requester for review 12/17/2020

    Bill: LC 2878
    Title: Generally revise laws related to bison management funding
    Sponsor: Pat Flowers (D) SD 32
    Status: Draft request received 12/13/2020